Chapter 149 The Fisherman Waits and Reaps

Boom! Boom!

The sound of Genesis Qi blasting something continuously rang out in the remains of what was once a forest. Sharp earth spikes shot out of the ground one after another, gleaming with an icy sharpness.

Blood dripped from the Wind Thunder Beast’s enormous body as it struggled within the earth spike array. Its mutilated flesh a clear sign that it had been gravely injured.

However, the Saint Remains squad was not doing too well either. Although Xiao Tianxuan had used numerous trump cards to injure the Wind Thunder Beast, it was still a grade 4 Genesis Beast that was comparable to an Alpha-Origin expert.

Hence, its crazed counter attack had torn genius after genius to pieces.

The entire battlefield was an extremely wretched sight.

“Quick, it’s about to fall!” Howled...

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