Chapter 1485 Sacrificing Two Heavens

Zhou Yuan sat at the edge of the darkness with an impassive expression as he silently observed the deep darkness, undistracted by even the passing of time.

He had already stealthily extended all of his senses into the darkness, cautiously snooping around like a tiny creature.

Compared to the two enormous entities within, Zhou Yuan was indeed an insignificant existence.

As time passed, the darkness in Cangxuan Heaven’s core grew increasingly viscous as the two terrifying forces continued to slowly whittle each other down.

Zhou Yuan felt that this sealed area was akin to a giant boiling cauldron that was slowly cooking the Sacred God’s will and the God Annihilation Curse Poison.

These two entities were ultimate terrors in this world. Even the four prime sovereigns would be shocked stupid if they knew Zhou Yuan dared to have such thoug...

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