Chapter 1484 The Patient Hunter

Zhou Yuan walked through the spatial passageway, his footsteps ultimately coming to a stop when he arrived before a darkness so deep that anyone who saw it would feel endless terror.

A will lay deep within the darkness like the bottomless abyss, giving off a pressure that would make even Saint experts tremble in fear, a divine pressure similar to the third god’s.

It was a fragment of the Sacred God’s will.

The will had contaminated Cangxuan Heaven, and was the main reason for Cangxuan Heaven’s decline over the past several thousand years.

Zhou Yuan had been here before, but had not dared to approach the Sacred God’s twisted will. He knew that even though this will was merely a fragment of the whole, it was not an entity that ordinary Saint experts could ever hope to match. If he got too close, he would most certainly be contaminated by its influence.

This was a place that even the four prime sovereigns did not dare to approach carelessly.

However, he only had feared it previously because there was a certain someone he had to return to. Now, Zhou Yuan was no longer afraid.

“The Sacred God’s will huh…” Zhou Yuan mumbled to himself. He stared at the deep squirming darkness as undulations filled with evilness seemed to slowly rise from within.

The Sacred God’s will was reacting to Zhou Yuan’s determination and his will to fight.

A chilling light gathered in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Soon after, he raised his hand and the black ball containing the God Annihilation Curse Poison rose from within.

Long ago, the Sacred God had once seeked to wipe out all life in this world. His actions had ultimately roused the Ancestral Dragon’s remnant will, which attacked and injured him, causing him to fall into a deep sleep of eternal darkness.

For thousands of years, the Sacred God was continuously ravaged and tormented by the Ancestral Dragon’s remnant will, experiencing endless pain.

The Sacred God ultimately endured the torture and removed the Ancestral Dragon’s power. He then fused it with all the suffering and evil thoughts he had experienced for thousands of years, creating the God Annihilation Curse Poison.

Hence, the curse poison contained both the Ancestral Dragon’s power and the evilness of the Sacred God. The fusion of these two entities made it the strongest poison in this world.

It was a poison that could annihilate even divinity.

“This was made by your main body. I hope that you have a good taste of it.” Zhou Yuan softly chuckled as his eyes turned resolute.

With a flick, the black ball was sent flying into the squirming darkness.

Meanwhile, he used the heaven master’s power to completely seal off the area, turning the darkness into a prison that could neither be entered or exited.

The black ball that contained the God Annihilation Curse Poison finally landed in the darkness and time abruptly froze.

Several breaths later, Zhou Yuan felt an indescribable twisted and evil power erupt like a volcano. Even from far away, he could feel his Spirit shivering uncontrollably, unable to restrain the fear he instinctively felt.

Due to the Sacred God’s will contamination, an extreme darkness had fallen over this area. As the God Annihilation Curse Poison erupted, the darkness grew even thicker, like ink that could never be erased.

The one to bear the brunt of the God Annihilation Curse Poison’s eruption was naturally the Sacred God’s will that entrenched itself in this place long ago.

Upon contact, the Sacred God’s will shook violently as a ripple of extreme rage spread from the darkness.

“You ant! How dare you!” A gaze filled with evilness seemingly looked towards Zhou Yuan, who was at the edge of the darkness.

However, Zhou Yuan did not take a single step into the darkness. The Sacred God’s will was unable to touch him due to being restrained to this location. More importantly, the Sacred God’s will had its hands full due to the extreme danger it sensed from the God Annihilation Curse Poison.

A giant face emerged from the endless darkness, observing the erupting God Annihilation Curse Poison as it cried out in bewilderment, “What is this? Why do I feel a familiar power?”

However, this fragment of the Sacred God’s will had been split off long ago and the Sacred God was naturally unable to send it any information due to being in a deep slumber. Hence, the Sacred God’s will did not know that the God Annihilation Curse Poison was actually its main body’s creation.

However, this did not stop the Sacred God’s will from sensing a fatal danger. Not daring to be negligent, the huge face opened its mouth, sending out a torrent of viscous liquid filled with endless evil.


The two terrifying entities clashed within the darkness. There was no thunderous noise, only the faint sizzling of two forces eroding each other.

This silent erosion, however, was exceptionally frightening.

Zhou Yuan was in no rush to interfere. He sat down at the edge of the darkness and continued to observe the two forces eating away at each other.

Both entities were currently at the peak of their power, and he would be instantly eliminated the moment he entered given his current power level. Hence, what he needed to do now was wait.

Only as the two forces gradually tired and weakened would he be able to begin carefully searching for that tiny sliver of hope and possibility.


While Zhou Yuan was sitting at the edge of the darkness and patiently waiting for his opportunity like a hunter, the all-heaven army led by the third god finally arrived outside the boundary of the four Sacred Race heavens.

It was to no surprise that the boundary was tightly shut. The army could see four giant black flags concealing the skies of the four heavens, covering the four heavens like four giant black curtains.

At closer inspection, one would see what appeared to be a blurry figure on the four flags that gave off a feeling of endless terror.

The figure sat on a throne. Although his face was blurred, a pair of indifferent eyes gave off torrential divine pressure that could devastate the land.

Fear surged in the eyes of prime sovereign Jin Luo and the numerous Saint experts when they saw the four black flags. From the divine pressure pulsing from the flags, they were obviously the handiwork of the Sacred God.

Although the Sacred God had yet to awaken, he had made some preparations.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo drifted forward. He gazed at the beautiful figure that also gave off a vast divine pressure and respectfully said, “Great goddess, it appears that the Sacred Race has prepared for our arrival.”

The third god’s indifferent starry-sky-like pupils stared at the four ancient flags. “Four divine flags dyed with the Sacred God’s blood, how willing of him. This must be a ploy to buy time.”

She shook her head, not saying anything else as she extended a finger. Divine light blossomed from her fingertip, and four flames descended a split second later.

The four flames burned with four different colors, red, black, white and gold. They rapidly grew, turning into four fire dragons as they shot towards the four divine flags.

They could be said to be divine flames of the four colors.


Everything began to burn as the four divine fire dragons descended. The four divine flags shook, spewing out surging black light that blotted out the sun and began tangling with the fire dragons. 

Genesis Qi rippled violently, spreading all the way to the all-heaven.

However, anyone could see that the divine fire dragons were being continuously supplied with power by the third god’s vast divine force reserves, while the divine flags had no power source. As time passed, the blurry divine figure on the flags began to fade away.

It was only a matter of time before the flags were burnt to ashes.

Shengzu Heaven, the Sacred Mountain’s peak.

The remaining four prime saints gravely raised their heads. They could see the four divine flags steadily being beaten back.

“The divine flags won’t last for long.” Prime sovereign Tian Zhan’s voice boomed like thunder.

Prime saint Nan Ming and prime saint Tian Shou looked towards prime saint Tai Mi. “Tai Mi, it’s time to make a decision.”

Prime saint Tai Mi closed his eyes. After a dozen breaths of silence, he opened them and said, “Is everything ready?”

The other three prime saints nodded.


Prime saint Tai Mi exhaled as a resolute light shone in his eyes, before a chilling voice carrying the pungent stench of blood sounded, “Then let’s begin. Sacrifice all of our people in Shengming Heaven and Shengling Heaven to summon our god and allow him to complete his awakening!

“I believe they will gladly sacrifice themselves for the Sacred Race’s future!”

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