Chapter 1483 Counteroffensive on the Sacred Race

News of the third god’s awakening swiftly spread to every corner of the all-heaven like the wind, causing countless people to cheer as their fear turned into hope.

The people might not actually understand who or what the third god was, but the Omega Shrine had proclaimed that she was the all-heaven’s final hope. Moreover, the originally fiercely attacking Sacred Race army had immediately retreated without hesitation when the third god awakened despite being so close to finally invading the all-heaven.

This was clearly a display of extreme wariness and fear towards the third god.

In contrast, the all-heaven’s morale was greatly boosted, especially when it was announced that the third god would be leading their army to launch a counteroffensive on the Sacred Race. Many people cried tears of happiness, their reverence towards the third god reaching its peak.

After all, the all-heaven had lived in anxiety and fear for years due to the Sacred Race’s invasion, always worried that they would one day breach the defensive lines and reach the all-heaven, turning it into a sea of corpses and blood.

The third god’s appearance had not only scared off the Sacred Race army, but she was even going to lead the usually disadvantaged all-heaven army to invade the Sacred Race’s territory. From this, one could see just how huge of a game-changer she was.

The shadow that had enveloped the all-heaven for years was finally showing signs of receding, causing the people to rejoice and celebrate.


The all-heaven army gathered mucher quicker than expected.

In ten days, an army composed of the all-heaven’s most powerful practitioners was assembled and ready to set off. The army was headed by the third god, followed by the four prime sovereigns, then the all-heaven Saint experts and the elite Law Domain cultivators.

This was the all-heaven’s peak fighting force that had taken thousands of years to accumulate.

On this day, the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array that protected the all-heaven was voluntarily opened.

Countless people kneeled and prayed as they gazed at the army of glowing figures in the sky. They hoped that this battle would be able to eradicate the disease that was the Sacred Race once for all, allowing the all-heaven to enjoy eternal peace.

Great Zhou City, a tall platform in the royal palace.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and stared at the sky. He could see streaks of light shooting into space, indicating that the all-heaven’s counterattack had already begun.

The third god...

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were somewhat dim. The third god looked exactly like Yaoyao, however, he could not sense even the slightest feeling of familiarity from her body.

Zhou Yuan did not know what had happened to Yaoyao’s human side. Had it been suppressed by her divinity or completely erased?

“Is this the power of a god?” Zhou Yuan’s hands slowly clenched tightly, refusing to accept this outcome. When facing the third god, even a sliver of her divine pressure was enough to make Saint experts understand the huge gap between them.

Footsteps suddenly sounded behind him, accompanied by a refreshing fragrance.

“Your highness.”

Upon hearing the gentle voice, Zhou Yuan withdrew his feelings and turned around to look at the peerlessly beautiful young lady. “Youwei, there’s not much going on here and you did not need to stay behind.”

Su Youwei lifted her head to gaze at the numerous Genesis Qi ripples left behind by the glowing figures as she revealed a faint smile and said, “With the third god leading the all-heaven army, a single person won’t make any difference. Even if I went, I’ll probably be relegated to cheering from the sidelines.”

Her words were rather direct, but was something everyone clearly understood. Everyone, including the four prime sovereigns, was mainly there for moral support. The only one who was actually going to do anything was the third god.

“Your highness, do you think we’ll be able to wipe out the Sacred Race?” asked Su Youwei.

Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment before he responded, “Although the third god awakened first, the Sacred God might have made some preparations of his own. In my opinion, the only way to exterminate the Sacred Race is to first eliminate the Sacred God.

“As for which god is stronger, it’s impossible to tell at this juncture.”

Su Youwei softly said, “Your highness, why did you accept the problematic task of dealing with the God Annihilation Curse Poison? I feel that your highness...seems to have given up.”

The God Annihilation Curse Poison was a terrifying entity that could threaten even the third god. Even the four prime sovereigns did not dare to receive it but Zhou Yuan had accepted the task of disposing of it. Many, including Su Youwei, felt that this was him giving in to despair.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned as deep as the abyss. He gently patted the stone pillar before him and calmly said, “The God Annihilation Curse Poison is the only power in this world that can threaten the gods. It is indeed very dangerous, but if used properly, it might become an unprecedented opportunity.”

Su Youwei’s face trembled, her eyes widening as she stared at Zhou Yuan. “Your highness intends to…”

“I wish to use it to attempt reaching the so-called...domain of the gods.” Each word was said with a noticeable pause in between.

At this moment, even Su Youwei was utterly shocked. She never imagined that Zhou Yuan’s seemingly self-destructive actions would instead contain such ambition.

The domain of the gods...

Since time immemorial, it was unknown how many exceptional heaven prides had poured all efforts into seeking this domain. However, no one had ever succeeded. Even prime sovereigns like Jin Luo, Di Long and Chi Ji could only gaze up at it from below.

And now, Zhou Yuan was saying he intended to give it a try.

If not for her blind faith in Zhou Yuan, even Su Youwei would have felt that he had gone crazy.

It was a long time later before Su Youwei finally recovered from the shock. She gritted her teeth and said with some difficulty, “Your highness...that is very risky, you will most likely die in nine out of ten attempts.”

Zhou Yuan was merely at the peak single lotus stage at the moment, and had not even achieved the triple lotus stage. Despite this, he had basically proclaimed he intended to ascend the heavens in a single step. Anyone else would believe that it was impossible.

Zhou Yuan chuckled and candidly said, “You’re being too conservative, even I feel that I will die for certain if I try.”

“Then why are you still trying!” Su Youwei grew somewhat anxious.

“Now that the third god has awakened, the all-heaven is no longer in danger. Why must you still insist on seeking out death itself!”

Zhou Yuan gazed at the heaven boundary. The Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array was slowly opening as the army flew further and further away. He seemed to see the beautiful figure in white leading the way.

Such strong divine pressure made all living things feel fear.

“I will not give up.” He softly said as fire began to burn deep in his eyes.

Zhou Yuan turned his head and smiled at Su Youwei. “I promised Yaoyao that if she is unable to fight her divinity, I will exhaust every possibility to help her.

“Hence, I will never give up whether I die nine out of ten or even ten out of ten times.”

Su Youwei’s eyes gradually turned moist as she observed the unshakable resolve in his smile.

However, she ultimately did not say anything else to try and stop him. Instead, she wiped away the tears that had gathered at the corners of her eyes and displayed a beautiful smile. “Then Youwei shall wish for your highness success.

“Your highness...I will always support you no matter what. Even if you choose to face the third god, I...I will be standing right behind you.”

Her eyes shone brighter than the stars as she stared at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan gazed at those bright eyes in silence for a moment. He seemed to want to say something, but ultimately gave a small wave before decisively turning around and stepping forward.

Space warped in front of him, turning into a black vortex that gave off a feeling of dread.

Zhou Yuan displayed no hesitation, allowing the vortex to gradually swallow his body.

Su Youwei watched his figure disappear before her soft voice sounded, “Your highness, Youwei wishes for nothing but your safe return.”

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