Chapter 1482 Deal with the Curse Poison

A few days had passed by the time Jin Luo, Di Long and Chi Ji arrived at the disorderly space. 

“Pay respect to the third god!”   

At the top of the glass mountain, the three prime sovereigns first glanced at prime Saint Zhang Lei suppressed inside the mountain and then they respectfully and solemnly bowed to the third god.

They could clearly feel the changes within her. 

In the past, Yaoyao also had a somewhat cold and detached personality but she still had human emotions. However, the person standing before them made them afraid of approaching. 

Her existence was like a blazing sun, a bottomless black hole, and it would melt and swallow one as one neared. 

It was the first time that prime sovereign Jin Luo and the other top experienced experts were so close to a god. And it was only after being so close to her that they finally understood the chasm-like gap between them and her.   

The three exchanged glances with each other, looking a little bitter. It turned out that a god was so strong and they could never reach that level. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo sighed inwardly and cast a glance towards the distance where Zhou Yuan was, only to see him sitting there like a stone statue, yet he could feel the sadness within him even from afar. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo could only sigh. He had always thought very highly of Zhou Yuan and he knew he had extraordinary potential and would no doubt reach the same level as the prime sovereigns in the future. But the all-heaven needed the third god…

Only the third god could save people in the all-heaven.

The third god’s white dress fluttered as the third god indifferently swept a glance over the three prime sovereigns. Pausing her gaze on prime sovereign Di Long, she said indifferently, “You were the one who wanted to refine me?”

Prime sovereign Di Long’s expression suddenly changed. He never thought the person in front of him would know about something that happened such a long time ago. But he didn’t dare to deny it and had to say respectfully, “I was too short-sighted. If the third god wants to reprimand someone, I am willing to take full responsibility.”

Now that the third god had fully awakened, she was the all-heaven’ hope. If she wanted to rake up the past, prime sovereign Di Long would be killed if he fought back. But his death would be worthwhile if she was willing to deal with the Sacred Race. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo and prime sovereign Chi Ji scrunched their brows in worry. But they didn’t dare to say anything at such a time for fear of angering the third god. They could only bow their heads low. 

The third god indifferently stared at prime sovereign Di Long. As she slowly lifted her jade-like hand, there wasn’t the slightest firework, but all three prime sovereigns instantly felt their heart palpitate with fear. 

Fortunately, what the three prime sovereigns feared didn’t happen. The third god stroked Ancestor Taotie’s scales, saying, “Keep your life for now. I was born from the will of the Ancestral Dragon but the Ancestral Dragon’s wish to protect has nothing to do with me.”

The three prime sovereigns’ hearts sank. Is she unwilling to fight the Sacred God for the all-heaven? If so, do the all-heaven have other hope?

“But I will fight the Sacred God. This isn’t for the all-heaven citizens but because the Sacred God will no doubt treat me as an enemy when he wakes up in order to be promoted to the first power of order. He and I can’t coexist.”

While the three prime sovereigns were panicking, the third god’s next sentence made them feel a sense of relief. Regardless of what reason the third god had to help them, the best outcome for them was to have her deal with the Sacred God!

“The all-heaven citizens will support the third god with all our strength!” Ignoring the cold sweats on his back, prime sovereign Jin Luo quickly declared his stance. 

Prime sovereign Chi Ji asked cautiously, “Now that the third god has awakened, shouldn’t we take advantage of this chance to attack the Sacred Race’s heavens? Sever their wings right away.”

The third god nodded. 

The three prime sovereigns lit up with joy and excitement. How many years had the Sacred Race suppressed the all-heaven? And now, the all-heaven had the chance to fight back. This was something unimaginable in the past. 

Although they were somewhat using a tiger’s might to intimate someone else, they didn’t care.  

“I will immediately make arrangements. We should try to launch a counterattack as soon as possible,” said prime sovereign Jin Luo hurriedly.

The third god nodded again. As she raised her jade-like hand, a black ball of light emerged from the palm of her hand and within that ball of light was an extremely malicious force distorting space.  

The three prime sovereigns drew back one after another when they felt the distorting force and their faces blanched because they even felt their mighty saint power seemingly dissolving. 

The black ball of light before them was clearly filled with extremely malicious distorting power.

“The third god, this…” The three asked cautiously and didn’t dare to near it. 

“This is the God Annihilation Cursed Poison. The Sacred God used this to try to corrode me but it instead accelerated my awakening. I have expelled the poison but it will still take some time to eliminate it.

“To eliminate this poison requires a place truly isolated from the world. Otherwise, if the poison erupts, the entire heaven will be corroded and destroyed.” The third god indifferently explained. Then, she looked at the three prime sovereigns. “Find me a suitable place to seal the poison there first and I will eliminate it later.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s and the others’ faces grew overcast and troubled. Even the third god found the God Annihilation Cursed Poison tricky to deal with. If an accident occurred while it was sealed, it would undoubtedly be an earthshaking catastrophe.

But under the third god’s gaze, they had to agree. They were in a dilemma for a good while.

However, while they didn’t know how to respond, someone interrupted, “Leave me to deal with the God Annihilation Cursed Poison.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo and the others turned their heads in shock, only to see Zhou Yuan had stood there without them knowing and was calmly looking at them and the third god. 

“Zhou Yuan, where do you plan to put that thing?” Cang Yuan anxiously asked.

“The deepest part of Cangxuan Heaven. It was polluted by the Sacred God and a wisp of his will still remains there. I plan to put the God Annihilation Cursed Poison there because the power of the God Annihilation Cursed Poison can also help erase that wisp of the Sacred God’s will that is invading Cangxuan Heaven,” explained Zhou Yuan.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo and the others pondered for a moment. They were aware of Cangxuan Heaven’s imperfection and knew that it would make everyone happy if it could be solved using the power of the God Annihilation Cursed Poison.

However, Cang Yuan said gravely, “Zhou Yuan, you are playing with fire. If you lose control or either the Sacred God’s will or the God Annihilation Cursed Poison, you will bear the brunt and will no doubt be killed.”

Prime sovereign Jin Luo and the others fell silent. The third god couldn’t get rid of the God Annihilation Cursed Poison for the time being and they also didn’t dare to take over, but Zhou Yuan took the initiative to take on the responsibility. It was as though Zhou Yuan had a death wish. 

Could it be because Yaoyao was gone and the third god had awakened?

Zhou Yuan met their gazes and said, “Everyone, my proposal is the best way to solve the God Annihilation Cursed Poison.”

He spoke calmly but the unwavering determination contained in his voice made it difficult for Cang Yuan to persuade him.

In the end, their eyes shifted to the third god.

At that moment, the third god was staring at Zhou Yuan with an indifferent gaze, but Zhou Yuan looked back at her with eyes as calm as a pool of still water. 

After a good while, the third god raised her beautiful hand, and the black ball of light containing the poison drifted over to Zhou Yuan.

“Here.” Her indifferent voice sounded.

Cang Yuan's eyes glinted with sadness while prime sovereign Jin Luo and the others let out a sigh. The third god’s lack of hesitation indicated that she didn’t have the least feeling even towards Zhou Yuan, the person closest to her,

They were completely certain that the person in front of them was the real third god and not the Yaoyao they knew. 

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