Chapter 1481 Stranger

The beautiful white dress fluttering on the top of the glass mountain created an ethereal atmosphere.

The beautiful figure’s appearance made the world suddenly become heavy as if an indescribable pressure was filling the surrounding Genesis Qi.

Everyone, whether a Saint or Law Domain expert, felt heart-chilling pressure surrounding their bodies and their Spirit quivering. 

Eyes filled with fear cast towards the beautiful figure. 


Su Youwei, Wu Yao, Zhao Mushen and others couldn’t help feeling a mixture of awe and fear when they saw the beautiful figure. Their faces tensed and their expressions changed. 

“Yaoyao?” Su Youwei's face turned solemn.

Wu Yao shook her head slightly, saying, “She’s not the Yaoyao you know.”

“Tuntun has now completely evolved into the Ancestor Taotie…” Zhao Mushen stared at the purple-gold beast in the distance with a complex gaze. “But he’s become more unfamiliar than before.”

Zhao Mushen had a special connection with Tuntun, but now the purple-gold beast felt very unfamiliar to him even if it had become much stronger  

Su Youwei whispered, “I heard that Ancestor Taotie is the third god’s guardian sacred beast. He has now completely awakened, which means…that person isn’t Yaoyao, but...the third god.”

She turned her head, peering in Zhou Yuan’s direction. Seeing him motionless like a stone statue, she felt incredibly anxious and worried. 

Of course she understood how Zhou Yuan felt.

“Only the awakened third god can easily suppress and kill a triple-lotus Saint.” Wu Yao sighed. 

“This is likely what countless people in the all-heaven are hoping for, but for that guy…perhaps it isn’t.”

Zhao Mushen pondered for a moment and said, “His emotions and feelings are opposite to the wishes of the all-heaven. This matter must be painful for him.”

Su Youwei bit her lips and clenched her hands tight. Wu Yao also kept quiet.

In another direction, Chu Qing, Li Chunjun, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Lu Luo and the others similarly watched on with complicated expressions.

They could imagine how tormenting it must be for Zhou Yuan.

The two people who were once engraved deep in each other’s hearts were now like strangers. This was the cruelest thing in the world.

Cang Yuan’s gaze paused on the stunning god-like figure and then he finally stepped forward and stopped hundreds of meters away from her. “Thank you for the third god's help earlier and for killing prime saint Zhang Lei,” he said respectfully. 

He swept his gaze around the area and his deep voice resounded, “Everyone, this is the third god. She is the all-heaven’ greatest hope of fighting the Sacred Race. Why don’t you all pay respect to her?!”

The many Saints and Law Domain experts exchanged glances with one another and immediately bowed down respectfully, “We all pay respect to the third god!”

Many people wore joyful and hopeful expressions. After all, they knew that the all-heaven’ disadvantaged situation would be reversed with the third god’s appearance. As everyone bowed to the beautiful woman in white dress, her face didn’t ripple in the slightest. Her eyes, as deep as the starry sky, indifferently scanned the thousands of people.  

Under her gaze, even Cang Yuan felt isolated and oppressed. 

It was the true pressure from a god. Even Saint power would be completely suppressed under that power of order.

The third god’s cold eyes paused on Cang Yuan, and an ethereal and majestic voice sounded, “Summon all the people in charge of the all-heaven.”

Her voice was as melodious and sweet-sounding as before, but there wasn’t a tinge of emotion and made many people shudder with fear. 

Cang Yuan nodded. He understood that the Sacred Race’s attack had failed when the third god awakened. The Sacred Race would undoubtedly choose to retreat and strongly defend the Sacred Race’s four heavens, quietly waiting for the Sacred God’s awakening. 

This was because only the Sacred God could contend with the third god.

“Third God, please wait a moment. The three prime sovereigns will come as soon as they receive the message,” said Cang Yuan. 

The third god nodded and put her beautiful hands behind her back. Her long lashes fluttered as her eyes drooped. 

Cang Yuan respectfully bowed again and then turned around to look at the injured troops. “Cangxuan Heaven is only able to withstand until now because of everyone risking their lives to fight. The battle has ended now. Please quickly treat your injuries.”

Everyone responded with a bow. Then, they immediately sat down weak and limp. Even many Saints couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief and slowly sat down to ease their physical and mental exhaustion. 

They finally survived the great war.

If that third god appeared any later, they really would have had to retreat into Cangxuan Heaven. 

Standing atop a collapsed mountain, Zhou Yuan was in no mood to rest or heal his injuries. His eyes were fixed on the beautiful figure that was so familiar that it was imprinted in his soul. 

The dress on her, based on the style and appearance, was the dress she wore for their wedding, but…the bright red had changed to a pure white color. 

Next to her sat Tuntun, no it was the purple-gold beast called Ancestor Taotie, who exuded terrifying oppressive power. 

He silently watched the woman and the beast. The three were once incredibly close and had been through many dangers and difficulties since they left the little Great Zhou Empire and their names finally resounded throughout the all-heaven.

But now, they were like strangers.    

Zhou Yuan twitched the corners of his mouth and finally forced a smile.

In the end, he drew a deep breath, as though made some sort of decision.

He stepped across the air, heading to where the third god and Ancestor Taotie were standing. 

His movement immediately drew the attention of many interested people on the battlefield, including Su Youwei, Wu Yao, Zuoqiu Qingyu and others.

One after another, gazes filled with complex emotions cast towards Zhou Yuan.

Cang Yuan also noticed Zhou Yuan’s movement and wanted to stop him. But after a moment of hesitation, he smiled wryly and let out a sigh.  

Under the many gazes, Zhou Yuan steadily neared the glass mountain where prime saint Zhang Lei was killed. 

The giant purple-gold beast lying next to the third god fixed his ferocious eyes on Zhou Yuan. 

Watching the man draw closer, a puzzled look crossed Ancestor Taotie’s beast eyes. He felt a strange closeness and familiarity with that man. 

That feeling made him forget to emit a warning growl and stop the man from approaching.  

Zhou Yuan got nearer and nearer and finally entered the radius of one hundred feet.

It was then that the third god, who stood with her beautiful hands clasped behind her back and her eyes closed, suddenly raised her jade-like face and her eyes snapped open.  

An extremely cold gaze fell on Zhou Yuan, making him immediately stiffen.

Zhou Yuan clenched his teeth. As his gaze met hers, he felt a bone-piercing chill that froze the mighty saint power circulating within his body. 

Those eyes that should be extremely familiar didn’t feel the slightest familiar to Zhou Yuan, and the unfamiliarity that the beautiful face, which was engraved in his heart, felt was as deep as ink. 

Her gaze was so indifferent like a god watching over the mortals.

Zhou Yuan even sensed a slight murderous intent in the depths of those eyes. 

That moment made everyone understand her identity.

The word Yaoyao was frozen on Zhou Yuan’s tongue before it could leave his mouth. As he gazed at the familiar jade-like face, his emotions slammed his heart like torrents. A lump came to his throat and his eyes welled up. 

He stood dazed, rooted to the spot, neither advancing or retreating.

Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Qingchan and the others, who were in the distance, also couldn't help but bow their heads.

Su Youwei clenched her hands tight and the veins on the back of her fair hands throbbed. She turned her head away, wiping the tears on the corners of her eye with the back of her hand. 

She felt her heart tearing apart when she saw that Zhou Yuan was not himself anymore. She had never seen Zhou Yuan like that. 

Sighing inwardly, Wu Yao patted her shoulder gently. She had seen how sweet Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao previously were so she knew how cruel this was to Zhou Yuan.

Many people on the battlefield fell silent as though aware of something.

The screaming wind muted.    

In the end, Cang Yuan gave a cupped fist salute and stepped forward to pull away Zhou Yuan, who was still standing dazedly. 

Ancestor  Taotie shook his huge head. As he watched the man being dragged away, for some reason, he couldn't help feeling sad. He let out a low roar and looked at the third god. 

However, the third god’s face didn’t ripple at all. Instead, she swept a cold glance over Ancestor Taotie and made a cold shiver run down his spine. He obediently lay down. 

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