Chapter 1480 Zhang Lei Suppressed and Killed

The purple-gold beast’s sudden appearance and the sight of him swallowing many Sacred Race experts in one mouthful made the battlefield that was filled with killing intent still for a moment. Countless people stared wide-eyed at the scene, shocked for a good while. 

The mighty Saint power and oppressive pressure surrounding the purple-gold beast’s tremendous body had clearly reached the triple-lotus stage, and no one in both the Sacred Race or the all-heaven possessed a sacred beast of such a level. 

Who was he?!      

Not only the Sacred Race army fell into panic, even the defenders on the Cangxuan Heaven’s side looked puzzled. They were afraid of the mysterious and powerful sacred beast suddenly launching an attack at them because that would make their already bad situation even worse. 

“A triple-lotus sacred beast?!”     

Saint Hei Sun, who was battling Zhou Yuan, scrunched his face in bewilderment and then his expression changed dramatically because he knew that no triple-lotus sacred beast existed within the all-heaven!

A triple-lotus sacred beast’s strength was comparable to a prime saint or prime sovereign. Therefore, the beast’s interference would no doubt have a huge impact on the war. Saint Hei Sun didn’t dare to move for a good while.

However, while the battlefield was stagnant, the three-lotus beast didn’t stop. His footsteps shook the mountains and quaked the earth, and he constantly unleashed ear-splitting roars and spewed out black light from his black-hole-like mouth. The black light engulfed the Sacred Race army, and amidst tragic screams, several Sacred Race experts were swallowed into the giant mouth. 

The morale on the Cangxuan Heaven’s side immediately soared. The situation was finally clear to them — the mysterious triple-lotus sacred beast was their reinforcement.  

Cheers broke out from them.      

On the other hand, the Sacred Race army was incomparably terrified. Then, several rays of light shot into the sky — they were all Sacred Race double-lotus Saints. Although they were aware of the terror of a triple-lotus sacred beast, the Sacred Race would suffer even greater casualties if they didn’t step forward. 

Several double-lotus Saints charged over to meet the triple-lotus sacred beast. An earthshaking battle immediately broke out. 

But everyone could tell the double-lotus saints had fallen into a disadvantaged situation from the very start and they couldn’t even stall the triple-lotus sacred beast a little. 


The Cangxuan Heaven defenders naturally wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity. Roaring, the great army charged forward like a torrent and once again collided with the Sacred Race army.

Morale shaken, the Sacred Race army showed signs of retreating. After all, no one could ignore the triple-lotus sacred beast roaring above after he had defeated so many double-lotus Saints.


Saint Hei Sun’s face turned livid as he roared in fury. He never thought their advantageous situation would become like this.

He cast a glance over the several double-lotus saints trying to stop the triple-lotus sacred beast but were constantly drawing back. He gritted his teeth as he made up his mind to go help them.


However, as soon as he moved, a white dragon-like torrent gushed towards him, crushing the surrounding space with mighty Saint power. 

Hei Sun’s face grew overcast but he didn’t dare to act careless. He immediately stopped and dealt with the Saint power first. Then, he glared at Zhou Yuan. “Zhou Yuan, do you want to die?!” 

Zhou Yuan's face remained indifferent but his attacks became increasingly fierce and ruthless. His Saint power surged like the tide and poured down from all over the world. 

Although enraged, Hei Sun couldn’t do anything with Zhou Yuan pestering him to the point he couldn't move.

In the end, he roared out loud, “Lord Zhang Lei!”

He wanted to inform prime saint Zhang Lei of the changes. 

Not long after Hei Sun cried out, terrifying Saint power erupted and collided, and then, everyone on the battlefield heard prime saint Zhang Lei’s panicked voice, “You—you are?!”

The panic and fear contained in that voice caused the hearts of Hei Sun and other Sacred Race Saints to sink. What happened in the battle outside the space?

“Sacred Race army, quickly retreat!”     


While they were bewildered, prime saint Zhang Lei’s voice turned sharp and an anguished scream quickly followed.


The Sacred Race army suddenly fell into chaos and everyone haphazardly attempted to flee. 

Even the many Saints chose to retreat when they found it difficult to stabilize the situation. 


While the Sacred Race army was suffering a defeat, outside the space, a meteor crashed down, smashing a pit of hundred thousand miles into the ground. 

As countless people looked over, their eyes widened in horror.

They saw a transparent glass-like mountain emerging in the center of the pit and a figure suppressed inside it. It was prime saint Zhang Lei of the Sacred Race!

The triple-lotus prime saint’s face was twisted with terror and his body frozen inside the glass mountain resembled an insect trapped in amber.  

Mysterious runes constantly flowed around the huge mountain, and the power it emitted made all Saints shudder with fear. 

That power was superior to Saint power. 

“Prime saint Zhang Lei is suppressed?!”    

Even more people stared in shocked disbelief at the frozen figure. The saints on both sides couldn't help trembling.  

A triple-lotus saint was suppressed and killed in such a short period?! 

They could feel prime saint Zhang Lei’s vitality had been completely severed. He wasn’t just suppressed but killed!

At this moment, no one could believe what had happened.      

Triple-lotus Saints could be called the strongest experts in the world in both the all-heaven and the Sacred Race.

But a triple-lotus Saint was suppressed and killed before their eyes within seconds. 

When had triple-lotus Saints ever been slaughtered like pigs?

In the face of such an abnormal scene, the Sacred Race army completely collapsed and frantically tried to flee. 

The Cangxuan Heaven defender troops also didn’t pursue after them because firstly, their condition didn’t allow them to do so, and secondly, they were also stunned and worried about the sudden change.

They didn’t know what was happening outside the space?

Could it be that Jin Luo, Di Long and Chi Ji had come to help? But even so, they couldn’t kill a triple-lotus Saint so easily, right?

While Cangxuan Heaven troops were troubled on what to do, a stream of light streaked down from outside the space and Cang Yuan appeared.

Cang Yuan stared dazedly at the giant glass mountain and the figure killed inside it. He eventually cast a complicated glance at Zhou Yuan.

Seeing Cang Yuan’s complex expression, Zhou Yuan’s hands trembled.

Others might not understand what had happened, but he knew that only two existences in the world could kill a triple-lotus Saint so easily.

The Sacred God and the third god.

Since the one suppressed and killed was prime saint Zhang Lei from the Sacred Race and that Tuntun also appeared, the answer was obvious.

Zhou Yuan rubbed his face forcefully with his hands and then, as though felt something, he shifted his gaze to the glass mountain summit, where a beautiful and graceful figure in white had unknowingly stood barefooted there.  

That beautiful figure was still as stunning…      

Still as familiar, still as unforgettable… 

But also unfamiliar…      

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