Chapter 148 Watching Tigers Fight


The Wind Thunder Beast’s roar was akin to thunder. Berserk Genesis Qi violently pulsed from its body in waves, continuously scattering the seemingly endless mud.


It could sense that if left alone, the mud would pile up and eventually trap it.

“Everyone, don’t hold anything back!” A sneer appeared on Xiao Tianxuan’s face as he gazed at the Wind Thunder Beast whose speed had been restricted. A beast was a beast after all, and did not possess much intelligence or he would not have succeeded so easily.

The other Saint Remains squad members were overjoyed by this scene as a surge of confidence rose in their hearts. Xiao Tianxuan’s Mysterious Heavy Mud had practically halved the beast’s power.

“Attack together!”

The thirty advance Heaven Gate experts shouted together, powerful Genesis Qi erupting from their bodies as the Black Genesis Weapons in their hands gleamed sinisterly.


They shot forward, making sure not to come to close as they fired off various Genesis techniques that endlessly bombarded the grade 4 Wind Thunder Beast.

Boom boom!

Powerful Genesis techniques landed on the Wind Thunder Beast’s body, forcing it back step by step.

The Wind Thunder Beast was furious, wind and thunder wildly raging around its body as it dashed forward and attempted to swipe at the humans. However, due to the Mysterious Heavy Mud that was bogging it down, the humans were able to avoid its attacks.


While the Wind Thunder Beast was focused on the bombardment from the group, Xiao Tianxuan found an opportunity to appear behind it, magma flowing along the Fire Devil Spear as it thrust forward like a spout of magma exploding from the ground.


The Fire Devil Spear tore open a deep and bloody wound on the Wind Thunder Beast’s tough body, flowing magma continuously tunnelling towards the wound.


The sudden pain caused the Wind Thunder Beast to roar as a giant claw was sent hacking down at Xiao Tianxuan, the powerful force shredding even the ground below.

Xiao Tianxuan drifted away on his Genesis Qi like cotton willow in the breeze, avoiding the Wind Thunder Beast’s sharp claws.

He hovered in the vicinity of the Wind Thunder Beast, darting in to attack from time to time. Every attack deviously targeted the beast’s openings, borrowing the power of the high grade Black tier Fire Devil Spear to gorge bloody wound after wound on its body.

The other members continued to blast the Wind Thunder Beast with an endless stream of Genesis Qi attacks from some distance away.

The situation was clearly under the Saint Remains squad’s control.

Even further away, the owners of the numerous gazes that had their attention on this area could not help but sigh in admiration. Xiao Tianxuan was a capable individual indeed.

Zhou Yuan also nodded his head in acknowledgment.

One must know that Lu Tieshan and his group had paid an extremely terrible price to stop a single Alpha-Origin expert during king Qi’s rebellion. In comparison, Xiao Tianxuan and the squad were making things pretty miserable for a grade 4 Genesis Beast. Such a feat was truly a testament to their capability.

“Although they are well prepared and hold the numbers advantage… I’m afraid that it won’t be so easy to kill a grade 4 Genesis Beast.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan. His perceptive eyes could see that even though the Wind Thunder Beast looked to be in a pretty sad state, this was practically nothing to its strong body.

The Mysterious Heavy Mud was admittedly very troublesome, but it may not be able to fully restrict the movements of the Wind Thunder Beast.


As these thoughts flashed in Zhou Yuan’s head, the state of the battle suddenly took a turn. With a roar, lightning frantically jumped out from the Wind Thunder Beast’s body as if stimulating it.

Its body swiftly began to grow eventually reaching a height of two dozen feet, now towering over everyone like a little mountain.


The Mysterious Heavy Mud that had been stuck to its body was completely destroyed, falling from its body like dirt.

“Crap! It has freed itself from the Mysterious Heavy Mud!” A horrified voice sounded.


The enormous body of the Wind Thunder Beast that had now regained its speed appeared behind a few of the squad members. Cruelness flashed in its eyes as a claw suffused with wind and lightning slashed downwards, ripping apart the air.


The bodies of five geniuses were shredded as blood curdling shrieks rang out.

The crowd that was dealing with the beast packs far away felt their scalps turn numb. Hunting a grade 4 Genesis Beast was indeed akin to walking on the edge of a blade, even an advance Heaven Gate practitioner could be killed in an instant.


Xiao Tianxuan’s complexion turned ashen.

Wind and thunder raged around the beast, its beady eyes overflowing with savagery. Its gaze swiftly locked onto Xiao Tianxuan, the Genesis Qi in its body suddenly beginning to churn as a terrifying aura pulsed.

“It's going to use the little Heaven Genesis technique!”

Upon seeing this scene, the remaining geniuses from the Saint Remains squad cried out in terror, no longer caring about anything else as they hurriedly retreated.

The Wind Thunder Beast’s huge mouth opened, lightning and wind frantically gathering within it. A pulse swept outwards, shaking the surrounding space.


In the next instant, a foot wide lightning ball tinged with green was formed in the beast’s mouth. Lightning rampaged within the ball while wind howled, the two constantly clashing forces making a thunderous din. 


The green black wind lightning ball shot out like rushing thunder. In a flash, it had already appeared in front of Xiao Tianxuan.

Fear flashed in the eyes on which the green black lightning ball was reflected in, but he quickly gritted his teeth and pulled out the jade pendant hanging from his neck.

Ancient and mysterious patterns had been carved into the jade pendant.

A pained look emerged on his face as he looked at the jade pendant, before suddenly snapping it between his fingers.


Rays of light blossomed from the pendant, forming a translucent shield of light in front of him. The shield looked thin, but faintly gave off an astonishing presence.


The green black lightning ball arrived, slamming into the shield.


Dreadful shockwaves unfurled, instantly flattening the entire valley and the surrounding forests.

Zhou Yuan avoided the shockwaves. He gazed at the now empty land before him, as his expression turned grave.

“Is this the power of a little Heaven Genesis technique? Frightening indeed!”

“A high grade Black tier Genesis technique doesn’t even come close.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered in thought. A little Heaven Genesis technique was really too powerful, and Wu Huang and the other super elite geniuses likely already possessed one in their arsenal. Hence, Zhou Yuan mentally raised the danger levels of these super elite geniuses once again.

Zhou Yuan decisively declared, “I need one too, or it would be far too disadvantageous for me in a real fight.” 

He lifted his head and looked in Xiao Tianxuan’s direction as his eyes narrowed slightly. “Xiao Tianxuan is indeed a junior city lord, he has so many treasures to protect himself.”

The light shield that had appeared in front of Xiao Tianxuan previously was likely a one-time use Genesis treasure. Or it would not have been capable of defending against the Wind Thunder Beast’s little Heaven Genesis technique.

The dust dispersed, revealing an unscathed Xiao Tianxuan, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiao Tianxuan’s expression was rather grim, mostly due to the pain from losing the pendant. It had been bought for him by his father at an extravagant price, and could withstand a full power blow from a fourth layer Alpha-Origin expert.

“But everything will be worth it as long as we kill this beast and obtain its little Heaven Genesis technique.” Ruthlessness flitted across Xiao Tianxuan’s eyes. As he gazed at the roaring Wind Thunder beast, he suddenly made a grabbing motion with his hand and an ash black jade disk appeared within.

The jade disk was thrown out, disappearing into the ground upon contact.


The ground began to shake at this moment. One could only watch as the area around the Wind Thunder Beast began to fracture. Countless spikes shot out, forming an earth prison of spikes that trapped the Wind Thunder Beast.

These earth spikes were exceedingly sharp, and even the Wind Thunder Beast was cut till it was now drenched in blood. Moreover, a huge suction force had emerged from the ground, slowing the Wind Thunder Beast’s speed to a crawl.

“Kill it!” Xiao Tianxuan wasted no time. With a wave of his hand, he led the remaining geniuses to attack, ruthlessly targeting the beast’s weak points.

In an instant, the Wind Thunder Beast had fallen into a precarious situation. From the looks of it, it was going to be slowly attacked to death.

Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh when he saw this. “How wealthy.”

The jade disk from earlier was a Genesis Rune boundary disk on which a one-time use Genesis Rune boundary had been inscribed. From a certain point of view, it was more expensive than a grade 4 Genesis Rune scroll, mostly because of how complicated it was to manufacture.

It seems that Zhou Yuan had still underestimated Xiao Tianxuan. Fortunately, the Wind Thunder Beast had helped the former scout out the latter’s entire hand. Otherwise, even Zhou Yuan would be beaten black and blue by this junior city lord’s seemingly endless trump cards.

“It should be about time, right?”

Zhou Yuan stood up, smiling slightly as he continued to watch the ongoing fight. Xiao Tianxuan was practically tearing out his lungs.

“It seems that it is finally time for me to make an appearance.”

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