Chapter 1479 Meat Grinder


In a vast space enveloped in the flames of war, waves of berserk Genesis Qi constantly shot into the sky like plumes of smoke. Several Law Domains rose from all over the place, colliding with each other. Loud booms rang in every corner of the space. 

From time to time, Law Domains exploded like a spectacular firework display. 

That was the death of a Law Domain expert.

Wars were extremely tragic. 


Somewhere in the space, two silhouettes shrouded in mighty Saint power collided like stars. The impact from the collision completely crumbled the surrounding space. 

Both silhouettes were blasted back from the impact. One of which was Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan tightly gripped the Heavenly Yuan Brush. Drops of blood, glowing with faint golden light, constantly trickled down from its tip. Each one containing extremely tremendous power.

Those were the blood of Saints.

They were from more than one Saint. 

In the past year, Zhou Yuan couldn't remember how many Saints he had fought, but the number of one-lotus Saints who had fallen in his hands was no doubt more than that could be counted with one hand. 

He also wounded several ordinary double-lotus Saints.

Of course, he had to pay a price for that. If he removed his clothes, he would see his body riddled with hideous scars that even his Sacred Dragon Body couldn't restore for the time being. Furthermore, remnants of Saint power were constantly corroding his body and bringing him insufferable pain. 

However, Zhou Yuan had no time to dispel the mighty saint powers that invaded his body because he hadn’t rested at all in the past year. 

In other words, Zhou Yuan’s battle had been going on for a year!

After a year of high-intensity battles, even if Zhou Yuan was exhausted, his fighting spirit was still blazing strongly because he had witnessed too many Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts fearlessly sacrificing their lives in an attempt to slow the Sacred Race’s blood-stained footsteps. 

No one could cower back in such a life and death situation. 

It was just matter how desperately Zhou Yuan fought, the situation remained miserable and couldn’t be reversed.  

In the past year, the super boundary they had created was tore apart and the defender army, who had lost their geographical advantage, were locked in fierce battles with the Sacred Race. But there wasn’t any surprising or unexpected outcome from the clash. The defender army continued to suffer losses while the Sacred Race army continued to push forward.  

Now, the last line of defense was under constant attacks, and the space they were situated in was already the last line of defense. If they retreated any further, they would be in Cangxuan Heaven.

If that happened, Cangxuan Heaven would be plunged into a sea of blood and fire.

At such a time, even Zhou Yuan felt a sense of powerlessness.

He raised his head and peered ahead at the two terrifying Saint forces colliding. They belonged to his master Cang Yuan and prime Saint Zhang Lei.  

Prime Saint Zhang Lei had obstructed Cang Yuan for more than a year, making it difficult for Cang Yuan to provide any assistance on the frontal battlefield. 

It couldn’t be helped. The Sacred Race was too strong, to the extent that it made the all-heaven feel suffocating. 

Zhou Yuan turned his head in other directions. If the defense and offense in this space were represented by red and blue, he would see red waves filled with monstrous blood qi slowly corroding everything.  

Although the defender army had exhausted all their strength, their resistance still seemed incredibly difficult due to the huge gap in overall strength between the two sides.

“Heaven Master Zhou Yuan, don't look. According to my calculation, it won't be long before the Sacred Race army set foot on Cangxuan Heaven.” As Zhou Yuan surveyed the battle situation in all directions, a stream of light flashed out. The stream of light was carrying a black-clad man with deep and fierce eyes, and the terrifying Saint power pressure emitted from him indicated he was at the double-lotus Saint stage.  

The man was called Hei Sun and possessed strength comparable to Yan Xu, who Zhou Yuan killed earlier and was the trickiest enemy that Zhou Yuan had encountered during this time. 

The main reason that Zhou Yuan was able to kill Yan Xu was because his powers were strengthened by the Heavenly Chessboard. But Hei Sun was much more ruthless and fiercer than Yan Xu so he didn’t display any fancy moves against Zhou Yuan. Every move from him was a killing move. 

The space they were in now was extremely close to Cangxuan Heaven, and so Zhou Yuan was able to use the heaven power of Cangxuan Heaven to strengthen himself and fight Hei Sun.  

However, Hei Sun had kept Zhou Yuan busy and made Zhou Yuan unable to free himself to support the others. 

Facing Hei Sun’s piercing and chilling gaze, Zhou Yuan slowly tightened his grip around the Heavenly Yuan Brush. Mighty Saint power rolled up behind him like waves and swept across the world like the tide, tearing the world to pieces.

“Heaven master Zhou Yuan, don't be stubborn. The all-heaven can’t stop the Sacred Race’s footsteps. I suggest you surrender to the Sacred Race. At that time, perhaps you can keep your title of heaven master,” said Hei Sun indifferently. 

However, only millions of snow-white brush hair responded to him, and mighty Saint power burst forth from Zhou Yuan like thousands of white dragons, crushing and tearing surrounding space apart. 

“You don’t know how to appreciate kindness.”

Hei Sun’s eyes glinted ferociously. Then, a deafening roar echoed throughout the world. “Sacred Race army, speed up the attack and wash Cangxuan with blood!”


As his roar rang out, violent murderous qi shot into the air from every corner of the battlefield that stretched to everywhere of the space.

The killing intent and morale of the Sacred Race army skyrocketed. 

On the other hand, the defender army on the Cangxuan Heaven’s side felt increasingly trapped in bitter fights.

From the looks of it, their situation looked extremely disadvantaged. 

Battles continued and the defender army constantly drew back. Looking down from above, one would see the defenders pushed to one corner.  

Outside of the space, Zhou Yuan could feel the waves of mighty Saint power that belonged to his master Cang Yuan becoming restless. It was obvious that Cang Yuan sensed the defense line falling into a disadvantaged position and was attempting to free himself to help out but prime Saint Zhang Lei didn’t give him the chance. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes gradually reddened with unwavering determination. 

Given the current situation, he had to make a breakthrough to save the situation, although that impact would only be temporary if he managed to do so. 

A Saint lotus floated up from the top of Zhou Yuan’s head, blooming slowly and releasing thousand rays of Saint power. He wanted to make his power erupt to its peak state. 

It was just that his power would no doubt be weakened after the temporary increase. 

But he had to give it a try. 

Hei Sun sneered coldly, “That’s a dead end path. You’re just fighting desperately like a cornered beast? Zhou Yuan, it's no use. You can’t change the ending regardless of what you do!”

Zhou Yuan didn't utter a word but his Saint lotus grew increasingly bright and dazzling, as though on the verge of erupting.  


Just as the Saint lotus was about to spew out mighty Saint power, an ear-splitting beast roar resounded.

The roar of the beast was so heart-shaking that even the many saints present felt their hearts pounding with fear. 

Then, they were shocked to see a chunk of space crumbling apart and a purple-gold beast treading across the sky and opening his abyss-like mouth.  

Mysterious black light burst forth from the huge mouth and an incredibly terrifying engulfing force  emerged. Countless Law Domain experts from the Sacred Race army screamed in terror where it passed. As the black light engulfed their bodies, they broke apart into countless flecks of light containing vitality. 

Not even one-lotus Saints could evade the force and were instantly sucked into the purple-gold beast’s mouth. 


As the purple-gold beast breathed in, several Sacred Race experts went missing and many people vanished without a trace.

The sudden change stunned both armies. Everyone on the battlefield also stilled for a moment.  

Countless people stared in shocked horror at the giant purple-gold beast and the Saint power emitted from his tremendous body made both sides’ Saints countenance change dramatically.  

This was because the Saint power was at the level of the triple-lotus stage!  

That’s a triple-lotus sacred beast?! 

Zhou Yuan also stared wide-eyed at the triple-lotus sacred beast that appeared out of nowhere, but he soon found the purple-gold beast a little familiar looking. 

After a few breaths, Zhou Yuan's pupils shrank and his face blanched with disbelief. 

He recognized the purple-gold beast was Tuntun’s combat form!

He has reached the triple-lotus stage?! 

Zhou Yuan remembered that Tuntun followed Yaoyao and entered a state of deep slumber back then.

Since Tuntun has awakened…then…

Yaoyao should have woken up too, right?

Zhou Yuan's heart pounded. He had never felt as terrified even when he witnessed the Sacred Race army about to break through the defense line. But now, his whole body was trembling in fear and panic.  

How is Yaoyao now?

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