Chapter 1478 The Pain and Suffering of the World

In the palace’s depths, which was filled with cold air and looked even more chilling, a door that had been tightly shut for years slowly creaked open and a beautiful figure slowly strode out.

The beautiful figure was still wearing a phoenix crown and red robes from that night. As she moved her slender and graceful figure, her body curved perfectly. 

But her fair, jade-like face would leapt to the eyes first. Her face was so striking that the colors between heaven and earth dimmed in comparison. 

Her small rosy lips shimmered in the light and her pointy nose that curved like the undulating mountains in the distance made her cheeks appear even sharper and more defined. Furthermore, there was her pair of eyes. 

The familiarness changed there.

In the past, although her eyes were cold and detached, they still had a hint of warmth. 

However, now, her beautiful eyes resembled the depths of the starry sky. They appeared endlessly deep and at the same time made one shudder with fear from one’s soul. 

There wasn’t the slightest ripple of emotion in her eyes, as if everything in the world had no significance to her.

She simply stood there but the world seemed to be trembling as if surrendering. 

Zhou Yuan was the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven and held the authority to control that world, but even Zhou Yuan would find his power restricted in her presence. 

That was the limit of a mortal.

The feeling was like a great governor controlling a border region without any restraint, but when the monarch descended, the so-called authority he had would be naturally suppressed. 

Zhou Yuan was just a Heaven Master and the person before him was a true god. 

She wasn’t Yaoyao, but the third god.    

Yaoyao emotionlessly surveyed the  surroundings, and then peered down at the bright red dress on her. She slightly flicked her slender fingers. 

The dress faded from bright red to a pure white dress untainted by a speck of dust.

Not only her dress changed color, all the red objects in the area also dissipated into nothingness.

It was as though she didn’t like that color.


A shadow suddenly enveloped the area and as the ground rumbled, a giant beast of around ten-feet-tall leaped down and landed behind her. 

The giant beast was draped in purple-gold scale armor and every scale was inscribed with ancient runes. He radiated a noble and fierce aura, and as he breathed in and out, black qi swirled in the air, engulfing the surrounding space as it passed. 

The beast’s eyes were ferocious and fearsome, and the terrifying pressure that filled the area caused even space to collapse. 

That familiar beast was of course Tuntun!

But compared to before he fell into deep slumber, his power had soared to a terrifying level and wasn’t inferior to even triple-lotus Saints. 

But there was no longer any mischievousness or craftiness within his beast eyes. Instead they were filled with ferocity and the mightiness of an Alpha Holy Beast. 

He was no longer Tuntun, but the famous Ancestor Taotie!

The third god cast a glance at Ancestor Taotie and strode out the flower garden without a flicker of emotion on her beautiful face. 

As the god and beast walked out of the sealed area, they noticed many palace guards panicking.  

At the front of the group of guards were Zhou Qing and Qin Yu hurrying over after receiving the news.

When the two saw Yaoyao stepping out, they lit up with joy at first, but their complexion immediately changed after that as though they felt something was wrong.

Qin Yu couldn't help crying out loud, “Yao…”

But before she could finish speaking, Zhou Qing solemnly held her back.

Zhou Qing shook his head at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu bit her lips, her eyes red and tears streamed down her cheeks.

The third god seemed to not care. Or perhaps, when she strode out, she hadn’t even glanced at them. All she was looking at was the world. 

Then, her delicate, jade-look foot stepped forward, like a flawless and perfect object. As her beautiful foot touched the ground, her figure floated away and disappeared without a trace. 

Ancestor Taotie let out a low roar, quaking the world. He shook his head and turned around to take a deep look at the palace, as though at a loss on what to do. Faintly, he felt reluctant to part.

It was as though he had lived there for a long time.

But in the end, he soared into the air, leaving his roar endlessly reverberating throughout the Great Zhou City.

As they left, all the guards in the area collapsed on the buttocks covered in sweat and their eyes wide with fear. This was because when they saw the beautiful figure, they already felt their body and Spirit no longer belonged to them. If the beautiful figure wanted, she could make them utterly dead with one thought. 

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu forcefully steadied themselves, but they didn’t care about their fear. Qin Yu cried out, “What happened? Yaoyao…”

Zhou Qing shook his head, “She's not Yaoyao.”

Zhou Qing sighed, his face seemed to have aged a lot. “You also know about Yaoyao’s identity so you should know that the one just now isn’t Yaoyao. She is the one who elder Cang Yuan mentioned to us before…the third god.  

“She is the high and mighty supreme god and not our daughter-in-law Yaoyao.”

Zhou Qing's words stabbed Qin Yu's heart like a knife. She couldn’t help but cry out bitterly in the end.  

“How would that be…  

“Then, where did our Yaoyao go?”    

“Also Yuan’er…he is fighting bloody battles against the Sacred Race right now. If he knows Yaoyao is gone and the third god has appeared, how heartbroken would he be?”

Tears rolled down Qin Yu’s face like rain. As Zhou Yuan’s mother, how would she not know about Zhou Yuan’s feelings for Yaoyao. But the third god clearly had no emotions and had no interest in the love, hatred or relationships between mortals. 

If Zhou Yuan knew about this, how upset and heartbroken would he be?

Was there anything in the world more painful than that?

A mother’s heart was connected to her child. Qin Yu cried so much that her voice had become hoarse.

Zhou Qing lifted his head. Even he, who had a tough personality, couldn’t stop tearing up. In the end, he gritted his teeth and cursed out loud, “Heaven is so cruel, why do you treat my son like that?!”

However, they also understand that no matter how they bitterly cried and cursed, nothing would change. They only hoped that their son could return to their side. As for what their fate would be—they didn’t care. 

Worst comes to worst, we will be destroyed together. Why does my son have to endure such pain and suffering?

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