Chapter 1477 Cangxuan Heaven 's Crisis

The Sacred Race had to adjust its attack strategy on Cangxuan Heaven due to Cang Yuan’s sudden appearance. Therefore, as Cang Yuan predicted, the battle situation in Cangxuan Heaven was strangely calm for the next half a year. 

But that unusual calmness instead made Cang Yuan, Zhou Yuan and other Saints be on constant guard for all possible dangers because it indicated the Sacred Race’s mobilization of forces was so huge that it led to them being quiet and still for half a year. 

Once the Sacred Race completed its mobilization of forces, Cangxuan Heaven would inevitably be faced with a storm-like attack that made them gasp for breath. 

However, even if Zhou Yuan and the others knew that the Sacred Race was mobilizing their troops, they couldn’t do anything because they knew their enemies were much stronger and therefore they had to be in a passive defense stance.

The only thing they could do was set up Genesis Rune Boundaries...

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