Chapter 1476 The Secret of the Breakthrough

“I fought Zhang Lei for more than half a month, but the winner couldn’t be decided even after we exhausted our means. In the end, we left ourselves and the battle ended.”

Cang Yuan sat cross-legged atop a mountain peak that towered into the clouds. He looked at Wan Zu, Zi Xiao, Zhao Yuan and other Saints and said gravely, “The subspace that Zhou Yuan was in charge of had been completely destroyed in my battle with prime saint Zhang Lei, but unfortunately, two central areas have fell into the Sacred Race’s hand.

“The Sacred Race’s attacks on Cangxuan Heaven might stop for a period because they likely didn’t expect my appearance and the army they dispatched to attack Cangxuan Heaven wouldn’t be strong enough and so they would have to make some adjustments in their troops.

“However, that will only be temporary. When the Sacred Race attacks again, it will be much fiercer than before.”

“Cangxuan Heaven is right behind us so this is considered the last line of defense. If the Sacred Race breaks through this, Cangxuan Heaven would become a battlefield and the flames of war would turn more than half of Cangxuan Heaven into a sea of blood. People would be plunged into misery and suffering.” 

All the Saints present wore grave expressions, especially Zhou Yuan Chu Qing, and Li Chunjun, who were from Cangxuan Heaven. Thier faces were cloudy and their hearts sank. They knew what disastrous consequences there would be if the Sacred Race army broke into Cangxuan Heaven.  

Cang Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan and the others, reassuring them, “Don’t worry. The all-heaven will not give up on Cangxuan Heaven because the consequences are also unbearable to the all-heaven.

“While the Sacred Race is taking a rest, we should strengthen the last line of defense to a solid state. We can’t give up on even an inch of this area.

“Additionally, I will ask the three prime sovereigns of the Omega Shrine to send more Saints to help. No matter what, we have to defend this last line of defense.”

Cang Yuan’s expression became even more solemn and he gave everyone a cupped fist salute. “Whether we can protect Cangxuan Heaven depends on everyone.”

All Saints respectfully responded. Cang Yuan’s identity and status had changed, and so even supreme sovereign Wan Zu, who never got along with him, responded immediately with a complex expression.  

Furthermore, the current situation was extremely unfavourable to the all-heaven and everyone should put aside their grudges. Anyone who stirred up internal fights would be criticized by everyone. 

Cang Yuan handed over some matters and then asked all Saints to leave except Zhou Yuan. 

“Zhou Yuan, the Heavenly Yuan Brush has finally restored the glory that belonged to it. This isn’t an easy matter to achieve.” Cang Yan smiled warmly and proudly at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan grinned. “But compared with master's breakthrough to the triple-lotus stage, it's not worth mentioning.

“Speaking of which, I haven’t thank my master for appearing in time. Otherwise, I likely would have fallen into prime saint Zhang Lei’s hand.”

Cang Yuan waved his hand. Then, he peered at the sea of dense clouds beyond the cliff and asked, “Do you think we will be able to protect Cangxuan Heaven in the end?” 

Zhou Yuan pondered deeply. This question was too deep, but he was the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. The others could avoid the question but he couldn’t. 

“The Sacred Race is overall stronger than the all-heaven, so I think if they managed to break into Cangxuan Heaven in the end, it would be difficult to protect Cangxuan Heaven.” Zhou Yuan spoke after a long period of silence and his voice was much hoarser than before.  

From an emotional perspective, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t think that would happen, but if he rationally analyzed both sides’ strength, the conclusion wasn’t hard to come to.

In truth, if Cang Yuan hadn’t completed his breakthrough and came in time, prime saint Zhang Lei would have broken into Cangxuan Heaven with the Sacred Race army. 

Zhou Yuan really didn’t think he and his troops could stop a prime saint and his army. 

But even with master Cang Yuan’s assistance, the outcome still wouldn’t change much when the Sacred Race launched an attack again. 

At most, they could stall them a little longer.       

Although that outcome was pessimistic and cruel, it was reality.

Cang Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan and whispered, “You likely know that we, Cangxuan Heaven and the other heavens, can’t truly stop the Sacred Race, Everyone is just trying to buy more time.

“Buy time until the third god wakes up.”      

Zhou Yuan quivered and his expression turned sorrowful and complex. Besides him, everyone in the all-heaven was waiting for the third god to wake up. 

Only he was waiting for the girl called Yaoyao.       

When the third god awakened, the all-heaven would cheer with joy and celebrate, but Zhou Yuan would stare blankly at the stranger, who was carved in his bones and engraved in his heart, at a loss on what to do. 

Perhaps he had never thought about how he would face that scene.

Cang Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan, who seemed to have lost his spirit, and saw the self-blame and heartbroken feelings in his eyes. Of course, he knew how cruel the situation was for Zhou Yuan. 

He really regretted entrusting Yaoyao to Zhou Yuan.

If they didn’t have that encounter, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t be in such pain. 

“Zhou Yuan, the power of the third god is not something you and I can imagine.”

A bitter smile appeared on Cang Yuan's wrinkled face. “Do you know why I successfully broke through to the triple-lotus stage?”

Zhou Yuan said puzzledly, “Master, isn’t it because your opportunity has come?”

Cang Yuan sighed, “Triple-lotus saints are the pinnacle of existence in the world. Only three had emerged in the all-heaven after thousands of years. There are many people in the world who are around my level. For example Wan Zu and Zi Xiao. They both have a foundation comparable to mine. But why was I the one who made the breakthrough?”  

Cang Yuan peered at Zhou Yuan and said, “Because of that glass of wine at the wedding.”

Zhou Yuan's pupils shrank and his eyes widened with shock. “The glass of wine that Yaoyao gave you at the wedding?!”

On the day that Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were married, Cang Yuan, who acted as Yaoyao's elder, drank the wine with Zhou Qing and Qin Yu.

From what Cang Yuan said, it turned out that Yaoyao's glass of wine made Cang Yuan break through to the triple-lotus stage!

Cang Yuan said sorrowfully, “That glass of wine also put an end to our relationship. Once I drank that glass of wine, she considered having completely repaid me for raising her.

“Zhou Yuan, what I want to say is that Yaoyao was already making preparations back then. She might already have had a hunch on what would happen. So, whether it was the glass of wine or your wedding...”

Cang Yuan pondered and then continued, “You—you should be mentally prepared. Don’t have too many expectations.”

Zhou Yuan stood motionless, staring blankly at the rolling sea of clouds. It was only after a long while that he sat down and buried his face in his hands, his eyes red.

Cang Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan’s rear figure. The dazzling youngster, who still wore a smile when his eight meridians were blocked, was faced with another heart-breaking decision in his life. 

Even Cang Yuan couldn’t help but curse at fate.

How would this end in the future?

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