Chapter 1475 Battle Between Triple-Lotus

“Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan?!”

“He broke through to the triple-lotus stage?”      

“He must have. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to take on prime saint Zhang Lei’s attack!”

“Haha, even heaven is on our side!”      


After several seconds of silence, the all-heaven Saints finally recovered from the shock and couldn’t help exclaiming in joy because they knew that the addition of another prime sovereign in the all-heaven would greatly reduce their pressure. 

Their crisis would also be lifted.  

“Zhang Lei, you are a prime saint, why give the juniors a hard time?” While everyone was filled with joy, the old man suddenly laughed heartily. 

Under the intertwining thunderbolts, prime saint Zhang Lei wore a cloudy expression as he studied Cang Yuan. No one in the Sacred Race ever thought Cang Yuan would break through to the triple-lotus stage.

This was because the Sacred God had deduced that the all-heaven would at most give birth to three triple-lotus Saints but Cang Yuan broke the Sacred Race’s deduction.

What did that represent? The all-heaven’ blessings were beginning to increase? Why?

Prime saint Zhang Lei’s emotions surged violently but his face remained as terrifying as before as he said indifferently, “Cang Yuan, I didn’t think you would be the fourth prime sovereign of the all-heaven. You are so blessed.”

Cang Yuan’s crooked body was much taller and straighter and his deep and wise eyes seemed more unfathomable.  

He looked at prime saint Zhang Lei and smiled. “I am indeed blessed. Having good juniors is better than training painstakingly for thousands of years.”

Prime saint Zhang Lei knit his brows in a frown. He could tell there was a deeper meaning in Cang Yuan’s words but he didn’t question further because he knew he had to change his attack plan now that Cang Yuan had broken through to the triple-lotus stage. 

“Cang Yuan, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. Tell Zhou Yuan to hand over Yan Xu. Otherwise you will anger our Sacred Race and at that time you won’t be able to protect Cangxuan Heaven anymore,” warned prime saint Zhang Lei. 

Cang Yuan smiled. “Prime saint Zhang Lei, you are so childish. Do you think there is any space for negotiation between the Sacred Race and the all-heaven? If we let him go, would the Sacred Race stop attacking the all-heaven?

“It will be a great thing to the all-heaven if the Sacred Race has one less double-lotus Saint.”

Prime saint Zhang Lei shook his head. “Although a top double-lotus saint has some weight, one less wouldn’t affect the huge gap between the Sacred Race and the all-heaven. 

“But from the looks of it, it seems you have no intention of letting go of Yan Xu.

“In that case, let's have a match first.”

Prime saint Zhang Lei clearly had a fiery temper. At that slight disagreement, he didn’t say anything else and brought billions of thunderbolts roaring down. Gasping the copper cauldron, he lifted his hand into the air.  

“The Great Thunderbolt Calamity.”      

As his indifferent voice resounded, blinding thunderbolts poured out in torrents from the copper cauldron. Each one contained terrifying destructive intent. 

The thunderbolts gathered together as though forming an endless current of lightning mixture, roaring towards Cang Yuan in a destructive manner. 

Seeing such an attack, Zhou Yuan, Zhuan Zhu and the others turned. They likely wouldn’t be able to counter the attack even if they joined forces.

Evidently, prime saint Zhang Lei didn’t hold back his strength and attacked with full strength facing prime sovereign Cang Yuan, a new triple-lotus Saint. 

As the thunderbolt current was reflected in Cang Yuan’s eyes, he narrowed them and tilted his head to say to Zhou Yuan and the others. “You guys should leave first. I will handle it here.”  

Hearing that, Zhou Yuan and the others understood they would only hinder Cang Yuan if they stayed behind. So, they nodded, stepped into the spatial channel and quickly vanished.

Prime saint Zhang Lei didn’t stop them because he knew there was no use in stopping them. He couldn’t get past Cang Yuan to deal with Zhou Yuan and the others. 

However, he wasn’t in a hurry. Although Yan Xu was suppressed, it would take some time to completely kill him. His priority now was to test Cang Yuan’s strength since that would determine the Sacred Race’s future attack strategy. 

Therefore, prime saint Zhang Lei surveyed the surroundings and retracted his eyes. As he locked his chilling gaze on Cang Yuan, the world-devastating torrent of thunderbolt turned even more berserk.  

As the thunderbolt torrent was reflected in Cang Yuan's eyes, he could distinctly feel the vast and terrifying power it contained.  

With a solemn face, he didn’t utter a word and he raised his hand into the air. 

A vertical eye emerged in his palm, slowly opening. 

Billion rays of light erupted from it. Those rays, bright and dazzling, not only penetrated through that subspace, but also the other space connected to it. 


As Zhou Yuan and the others shuttled through the spatial channel, they sensed powerful waves of Genesis Qi locking on them. They looked around and saw several vigilant figures surrounding the spatial channel. 

But Zhou Yuan and Zhuan Zhu’s appearance quickly made the guarded look fade from them like a huge weight was off them. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were immediately drawn to the two leading the group of Saints. It was just that they both didn’t look too good. 

“Heaven master Zhou Yuan, what's the situation on your side?” Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao hurried over and asked.

“I fought Yan Xu from the Sacred Race and managed to suppress and capture him, but prime saint Zhang Lei suddenly appeared and so I had to retreat with everyone.” Zhou Yuan explained everything in a simple and direct way without concealing anything.

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao and supreme sovereign Wan Zu were evidently taken aback for a moment. Lu Liu and other saints were even more dumbfounded. 

“What did you say?”      

“You suppressed the Sacred Race’s Yan Xu?”     

“How is that possible…”      

The Saints present were very familiar with the name Yan Xu because his strength was comparable to Wan Zu and Zi Xiao, two veteran supreme sovereigns. Furthermore, among the Sacred Race, Yan Xu’s status and strength were second only to the prime saints.

But Zhou Yuan said that he had suppressed such a person?!

Zhou Yuan just smiled in response. He lifted his hand and the Saint Refining Gourd appeared in his grip with a flash. The gourd was constantly rumbling with Yan Xu’s roars. 

“Actually he brought upon his own death. He used the Heavenly Chessboard and dug a hole for himself.” Zhou Yuan smiled and didn’t try to exaggerate his strength.

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao studied Zhou Yuan with a strange expression. “Regardless, the fact that you can suppress Yan Xu shows how strong you are now.”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu was silent for a good while. But when he looked at Zhou Yuan again, his eyes turned solemn. 

Lu Liu didn’t even dare to exchange a glance with Zhou Yuan. 

“By the way, where is prime saint Zhang Lei? Is he coming?” Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao asked anxiously.

“He shouldn't be. My master showed up at the critical juncture and stopped him. The two are in a battle now,” explained Zhou Yuan.

Zi Xiao and Wan Zu were taken back again. Then their eyes widened in shock. “Cang Yuan?! He stopped prime saint Zhang Lei? You mean…he has broken through to the triple-lotus stage?!”

The shock this time was a hundred times more than when they heard Zhou Yuan suppressed Yan Xu.

Zhuan Zhu nodded and grinned. “Yes, our master has successfully broken through to the triple-lotus stage.”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu seemed to have fallen into a trance, while supreme sovereign Zi Xiao and the other Saints seemed to have lost their voices. 

They all knew what importance Cang Yuan’s breakthrough had.

The shock continued for a good while until supreme sovereign Zi Xiao broke the silence. “I didn’t expect the fourth prime sovereign of the Omega Shrine would be that old man,” she sighed, her expression complex. 

“But this is good news. He has reduced our pressure by a lot.”

Zhou Yuan nodded and asked, “I couldn't completely destroy the subspace I was in charge of due to prime saint Zhang Lei’s interruption, but the shock waves from the battle between master Cang Yuan and prime Saint Zhang Lei will certainly cause it to collapse.” 

He looked at Zi Xiao and Wan Zu.       

“What about your side?” The fact that Zi Xiao and Wan Zu appeared here indicated that they had lost their subspace, but Zhou Yuan wanted to know whether the two spaces were completely destroyed in the end.

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao answered, “My side was destroyed in time and it should be able to delay the Sacred Race from coming.”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu looked glum as he fell silent for a good while. He finally answered, “My side was where prime saint Zhang Lei appeared first and so I couldn't destroy my subspace in time. I had no choice but to retreat with everyone.

“I couldn’t protect it.”      

Everyone's expressions grew overcast because the Sacred Race could quickly reach where they were using that subspace as a springboard. 

This was the subspace closest to Cangxuan Heaven and could be said to be their last line of defense.

That was really bad news.       

Zhou Yuan opened his mouth, but he could only sigh inwardly. He knew that he couldn't blame supreme sovereign Wan Zu because he also wouldn’t have been able to destroy his space if his master Cang Yuan hadn't showed up in time. 

“Everyone, don’t look so dejected. We still have the last line of defense. As long as we protect it with all our strength, we can delay the Sacred Race for some time.”

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and reassured everyone.      

“We should wait here for master Cang Yuan and discuss what to do then.”

Everyone nodded. Even supreme sovereign Wan Zu and Lu Liu kept quiet and behaved themselves.

They waited for ten days.

No saint had come to attack in the past ten days, but Zhou Yuan and the others could perceive terrifying Sant power shaking a space in the distance.

It must be from the battle between Cang Yuan and Zhang Lei.

On the thirteenth day, the mighty saint power in the depths of that space finally started to weaken, and two days later, Cang Yuan appeared in front of Zhou Yuan and the others.

Seeing Cang Yuan, who looked exhausted but his mighty saint power was still surging berserkly, Zhou Yuan and the others breathed a sigh of relief.

Their stabilizing force had finally returned.       

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