Chapter 1475 Battle Between Triple-Lotus (Teaser)

“Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan?!”

“He broke through to the triple-lotus stage?”      

“He must have. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to take on prime saint Zhang Lei’s attack!”

“Haha, even heaven is on our side!”      


After several seconds of silence, the all-heaven Saints finally recovered from the shock and couldn’t help exclaiming in joy because they knew that the addition of another prime sovereign in the all-heavens would greatly reduce their pressure. 

Their crisis would also be lifted.  

While everyone was filled with joy, the old man suddenly laughed heartily. “Zhang Lei, you are a prime saint, so why give the juniors a hard time?” 

Under the intertwining thunderbolts, prime saint Zhang Lei wore a cloudy expression as he studied Cang Yuan. No one in the Sacred Race ever thought that Cang Yuan would break through to the triple-lotus stage.

This was because the Sacred God had deduced that the all-heavens would at most give birth to three triple-lotus Saints, but Cang Yuan broke the Sacred Race’s deduction.

What did that represent?...

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