Chapter 1474 Cang Yuan’s Breakthrough

In a chaotic sea domain space.  

After Zhou Yuan issued the order to retreat, the Cangxuan Heaven troops quickly made preparations. A spatial channel was constructed and scrolls containing terrifying saint power were set up throughout the subspace. 

Once those scrolls were detonated, their power could destroy the entire space.

Zhou Yuan hovered in the air before the spatial channel.  He swept his eyes across, checking the saint power scrolls and then he finally unhesitatingly made a motion with his hand.

“Ready to detonate!”


His order drew many roars and all Saints simultaneously acted, igniting the saint power scrolls. 


Everyone could feel spine-chilling destructive power breaking out from the sea domain space like torrents that could wipe out the world. 

Space began to distort as the destructive force swept across, razing everything to the ground. 

The subspace seemed to be wailing, but it could only watch destruction descend. 


Seeing that scene, Zhou Yuan knew the space would soon collapse and so he commanded the troops to quickly retreat.  

One after another, the troops entered the spatial channel.

Zhou Yuan, Zhuan Zhu, Chu Qing Li Chunjun and other Saints remained at the back providing support. 

As time passed, thick mist pervaded the air and the entire subspace was in utter chaos.

Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows and blew out a gust of hurricane-force wind, dispelling all the fog. 

The world turned clear again.

A destroyed world appeared before Zhou Yuan’s eyes, but he didn’t look too good because he found that although the space was wrecked, it hadn’t collapsed completely.   

That was very abnormal because the saint power scrolls that they set up could do more than that. 

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. Then, he stamped his foot and a gush of mighty Saint power rushed out from the top of his head. It immediately transformed into a powerful torrent and raged across the already destroyed subspace. 


However, just when Zhou Yuan's saint power was about to collide with the boundary of the subspace, a tiny lightning flashed out and met the saint power. 

A boom exploded in the subspace and Zhou Yuan’s powerful saint power was blasted away. 

Zhuan Zhu’s and others’ expressions changed dramatically. 

Zhou Yuan’s heart also sank. Who else could counter his attack so easily besides a prime saint from the Sacred Race?

Clearly, prime saint Zhang Lei had arrived!


Rumbling constantly echoed between heaven and earth, and hundred millions of thunderbolts flashed through space like enraged dragons. 

In the end, the countless bolts fell and intertwined with others.

Grasping a copper cauldron, a figure strode out from the thunderbolts. Over one billion thunderbolts seemed to be roaring inside the cauldron, shaking the sky. 

Zhou Yuan, Zhuan Zhu and other Saints couldn’t stop their expressions from changing when they saw the figure. 

“That’ saint Zhang Lei?!” A look of fear crossed the faces of all Saints. The seven prime saints of the Sacred Race had a great reputation but the majority of the Saints present were only at the one-lotus stage. Thus, it was impossible for them to contend against a prime Saint. 

“You’re the one who captured Yan Xu?”      

Under horrified gazes, prime saint Zhang Lei shifted his silver eyes onto Zhou Yuan, and when he opened his mouth, a loud and furious rumbling reverberated throughout the world, making everyone shudder with fear. 

“Your Saint power contains Yan Xu’s power…that must be the Heavenly Chessboard’s effect. Yan Xu is really too cautious, and he failed because of his cautiousness.

“A top double-lotus Saint like him could crush his enemy overwhelmingly but he chose to play using such a method…” Prime saint Zhang Lei shook his head. Then, he fixed his silver eyes on Zhou Yuan and said, “Let him go.”

Zhou Yuan assumed a solemn expression. “First, let my people leave here.”

Prime saint Zhang Lei curled a corner of his lips in a sneer. Then, without saying a word, countless thunderbolts flashed out from the world. The thunderbolts, as powerful and fierce as giant dragons, emitted indescribably terrifying power as they raged.


The. countless thunderbolt dragons gathered together and a giant hand formed purely from thunderbolt slammed down from the sky, crumbling everything under it into powder. 

That power made even Zhou Yuan, whose strength had increased, feel his scalp numb. 

The other Saints’s eyes were filled with fear and panic.

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath and took a step forward. His mighty Saint power gushed forth to meet the giant hand head-on. If the thunderbolt hand really crashed down, even the spatial channel would be crushed and it would lead to even more casualties. 

Zhuan Zhu quickly calmed his emotions and roared. “Help!" 

He knew that Zhou Yuan couldn't fight against a prime saint even if the increased strength he received from the Heavenly Chessboard hadn’t ended. 

So they must help reduce Zhou Yuan’s pressure.

The other Saints hesitated for a moment, but in the end, they all gritted their teeth and circulated their Saint powers. 

However, just as they were about to join forces to deal with the giant thunderbolt hand, the space above suddenly distorted and rippled. Their vision blurred and an old figure emerged in the air.

The figure appeared so abruptly that even Zhou Yuan and others didn't realize he had appeared. It was as though he was always standing there.

Following the old figure’s appearance, Zhou Yuan, Zhuan Zhu and the others were astonished to find that the terrifying power that enveloped everything seemed to be blocked by a towering mountain and the pressure on everyone was instantly reduced. 

At the same time, mist endlessly spread. Within the mist seemed to be a giant mottled divine grindstone rumbling through space and collided with the giant thunderbolt hand. 


A storm of saint power raged. The subspace that was already destroyed utterly collapsed under that force, and everything within it vanished like smoke. 

However, Zhou Yuan and others behind the old figure were completely unaffected. They peered ahead in amazement because they found that prime saint Zhang Lei’s attack was completely countered. 

“Did one of the prime sovereigns of the Omega Shrine come?!” A Saint exclaimed.

On the contrary, Zhou Yuan and Zhuan Zhu exchanged a puzzled glance with each other because the mottled divine grindstone within the mist felt very familiar to them. 

While everyone lit up with joy and surprise, billions of thunderbolts intertwined in the sky and prime Saint Zhang Lei’s face darkened. 

His voice boomed out, “A prime sovereign from the all-heaven? But you’re not Jin Luo, Di Long or Chi Ji…”  

Prime Saint Zhang Lei’s cold and fierce face suddenly turned solemn. He flicked his sleeve and the mist dispelled. An old man came into his eyes.


Prime saint Zhang Lei’s eyes went wide and a roar filled with shock resounded. 

“Cang Yuan?! You reached the triple-lotus stage?!”     


All Saints on the Cangxuan Heaven’s side stared wide-eyed at the old figure who came to rescue them. 

After Zhou Yuan and Zhuan Zhu also stood dumbstruck for several breaths, their faces beamed with joy. 

As they thought…      

The person who came was their master Cang Yuan!      

His breakthrough was a success!      

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