Chapter 1472 The Ninth Rune, Heavenly Yuan

Watching the Heavenly Chessboard fall before his eyes, Yan Xu felt a chill run up from the sole of his feet to the top of his head. 

He didn’t think Zhou Yuan would hold such a powerful sealing genesis art that could seal even a double-lotus saint object.

Although he could feel the sealing was only temporary, he would be in serious trouble after losing the Heavenly Chessboard’s protection.

While thoughts were streaming through Yan Xu’s mind, Zhou Yuan didn’t give him more time to think. With one thought, he brought the last few meteorites containing mini domains down at Yan Xu. 

Yan Xu’s expression altered abruptly and his body turned illusory as he drew back with lightning speed. His figure seemed to be flickering between an illusory and tangible state.  

At the same time, he folded his hands in a seal and a Sacred Pupil opened up between his eye. 

Nine stars sparkled within the Sacred Pupil. 

Rays of mysterious light sped out from the Sacred Pupil, forming nine giant whiskers. Swaying and fluttering gently, they surrounded the Sacred Pupil. 

“Dragon Whisker Fire!”      

As the whiskers took shape, Yan Xu suddenly roared out loud. Golden flames gushed forth from the Sacred Pupil and they, slender and long, resembled fluttering dragon whiskers. They emitted terrifying heat, and even one could melt everything inside a tiny domain. Its overbearing power was evident. 


The dragon whisker flames whizzed out, colliding with the tiny domain meteorites. The collision produced an ear-piercing boom before the domain meteorites melted one after another into fiery-red magma and sputtered across the air.  


But before Yan Xu breathed a sigh of relief, the sky suddenly crumbled apart and a giant fist, surrounded in mighty Saint power, slammed down. 


The fist easily blasted away the dozens of slender dragon whisker flames and slammed into Yan Xu’s illusory yet substantial body in a domineering and tyrannical manner. 

Blasting across thousands of miles, Yan Xu vomited a mouthful of blood. Although he looked tragic, his illusory body had dispelled the majority of the attack. 

“He’s so durable.”      

Zhou Yuan peered at Yan Xu, who had been completely suppressed but was still leaping about wildly, and he couldn’t help but shake his head. The vitality of a Saint was so strong that as long as one’s Saint lotus remained, one could still rapidly be reborn from a drop of Saint blood. 

Yan Xu’s face was filthy with dirt and dust but he still roared ferociously, “Zhou Yuan, you’re dreaming if you think you can kill me!

“Time is on my side. As long as I can hold you back for a while, when prime saint Zhang Lei comes, he will make your life worse than death!” 

Zhou Yuan ignored Yan Xu, even if he might be correct. It really wasn’t easy to kill a double-lotus prime saint in such a short period of time.  

However, that didn’t mean Zhou Yuan had no way to deal with Yan Xu.  

Zhou Yuan indifferently stared at Yan Xu, who was roaring ferociously, and his chilling gaze made Yan Xu feel somewhat uneasy.  

While he was feeling uneasy, Zhou Yuan clenched his hand and a wisp of black light swirled around his fingertips and eventually quietly appeared in his grip. 

The mottled brush body was naturally the Heavenly Yuan Brush. 

As Zhou Yuan flicked his finger, the Heavenly Yuan Brush swiftly shot out, expanding as it met the wind until it grew to ten feet in length. 

Zhou Yuan’s face became much gentler as he gazed at the Heavenly Yuan Brush floating in font of him. Even his eyes seemed to be smiling.  

“Old man, you have followed me for many years, right?”

He lightly stroked the brush’s mottled body. Then, as though reminiscing, his eyes grew vacant and he whispered, “Now, only you are still by my side after we came out from that domain back then.”

When Zhao Yuan left the domain where master Cang Yuan was, he brought Yaoyao, Tuntun and the Heavenly Brush with him.

And now, Yaoyao and Tuntun were both in a sealed state and only the Heavenly Yuan Brush remained with him. 

Possessing Spiritual intelligence, the Heavenly Yuan Brush slightly vibrated as though comforting Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan cheered up and said with a smile. “When master Cang Yuan entrusted you to me, you were severely damaged and became an ordinary object. At the time, I said to myself that I will restore you to your pinnacle state.

“ is time that the name Heavenly Yuan Brush again resound throughout the all-heaven.”

As he stroked the brush’s body, an ancient Genesis Rune would lit up on his palm.  

The first rune, Culture and Martial.      

The second rune, Erode.        

The third rune, Myriad Transformations.       

The fourth rune, Million Whale.       

The fifth rune, Genesis Breaker.       

The sixth rune, Spirit Devour.       

The seventh rune, Promotion.       

The eighth rune, Genesis Spirit.        

The eight Genesis Runes bloomed with mysterious light and their terrifying power accumulated to form several halos of light. Zhou Yuan gazed at the eight Genesis Runes that witnessed his cultivation path, from the day he unblocked the eight meridians to him becoming a Heaven Master. 

He stroked the ninth Genesis Rune with his palm.

Thousand rays of light shot out and vast amounts of Genesis Qi across the world pulsed, gathering towards the Heavenly Yuan Brush. 

Lightning crackled between heaven and earth, and thunder rumbled in every corner of the world.  

Everyone could clearly feel extremely powerful Saint power pressure released from the inside of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, raging across the sky. 

Yan Xu’s expression changed dramatically because he knew that the Heavenly Yuan Brush that had fully awakened wouldn’t be inferior to his Heavenly Chessboard!

Moreover, his Heavenly Chessboard leaned more towards order and defense but Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Yuan Brush was clearly more aggressive!

Zhou Yuan already had the upper hand and if he had the help of such a sacred object too, he would be like a tiger with wings!

While Yan Xu’s expression was changing, the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s ninth rune was fully illuminated. The Sacred Genesis Weapon that had accompanied master Cang Yuan in many battles had completely restored its former brilliance. 

Clasping the Heavenly Yuan Brush, Zhou Yuan could feel the joy from the brush’s body, and even he, influenced by the brush’s happiness, had a smile spread across his face.  

Then, he raised his head and locked his eyes on Yan Xu.

It was just that the smile made Yan Xu feel a bitter chill run down his spine. Yan Xu suddenly transformed into a stream of light and sped across the sky. From the looks of it, he seemed to plan to flee the sea space domain!  

Evidently, he sensed danger using his saint perception.  

Seeing Yan Xu about to flee, Zhou Yuan tightly gripped his Heavenly Yuan Brush and poured mighty Saint power into it. The nine Genesis Runes released a dazzling glow that illuminated every corner of the space. 

“Heavenly Yuan Brush, the ninth rune…” as Zhou Yuan uttered, streams of light flowed down from all nine Genesis Runes, gathering around the brush’s tip. 

There seemed to be an ink-like black dot emerging on the brush’s tip.  

The black light spot was extremely black and pure and seemed capable of even devouring light.

Zhou Yuan stared at the strange black spot, and then slowly spit out the name of the ninth rune, “Heavenly Yuan.”

The black light dot detached from the tip, rippling like a drop of water hit a lake, and vanished into the air.  

But the moment it disappeared, Yan Xu, who was about to flee the space, saw something that made his pupils shrink rapidly. The space in front of him broke apart and a black dot of light around the size of a fist slammed into his chest.

Unexpectedly, no earth shaking noise was heard from the impact, but everyone saw Yan Xu’s body suddenly distort and the black dot of light instantly engulfed Yan Xu upon contact like a black hole.

Zhou Yuan appeared in front of the dot of black light. He stretched out his hand and a black ball of light hovered above his palm. Its inside was dark and deep but he could distinctly feel Yan Xu was enveloped by a black ocean in the deepest part of the black ball of light. Regardless of how he roared and struggled, he couldn’t break free. 

The Saints on both the Sacred Race and the all-heaven side halted their battles and cast a look over to the match between Zhou Yuan and Yan Xu, their emotions stirred. 

“That’s the Heavenly Yuan Darkness World…” Zhuan Zhu assumed a solemn expression as he looked at the black ball of light floating in Zhou Yuan's palm. 

The so-called Heavenly Yuan Darkness World, transformed from the ninth rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, was said to be a mysterious world filled with endless darkness and could be considered a prison of darkness.  

That prison could imprison even Saints!

In ancient times, several Sacred Race Saints had been imprisoned inside and so the Heavenly Yuan Darkness World had enjoyed a great reputation.  

However, master Cang Yuan, the owner of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, was targeted by a prime saint of the Sacred Race during the great war. The prime saint held a unique three-lotus saint object and severely damaged the Heavenly Yuan Brush, and as a result, the Heavenly Yuan Darkness World also vanished from the all-heaven.

Unexpectedly, it reappeared in Zhou Yuan’s hands.

“The Heavenly Yuan Darkness World!”

“Zhou Yuan, even that world of darkness can only imprison me temporarily. When your strengthened powers end, I will be able to break free!

“You’re dreaming if you think you can kill me with that Heavenly Yuan Darkness World!”

Ripples bloomed from the black ball of light as Yan Xu’s roaring voice boomed out. 

Zhou Yuan's eyes were cold and indifferent as he said, “The Heavenly Yuan Darkness World is indeed more an imprisonment means, but since you have already fallen into my hands, do you think I don’t have a way to deal with you?

“I have a method that actually matches really well with the Heavenly Yuan Darkness World.”

He stretched out his hand and the space around it started to twist and distort. Eventually, an ancient gourd emerged on his palm. The gourd, ancient and primitive, radiated a unique charm. 

It was Primal Chaos Saint Refining Gourd!

The Heavenly Yuan Darkness World possessed imprisonment power and the Primal Chaos Saint Refining Gourd possessed Saint refining power!

The two were a perfect match!

Zhou Yuan flicked his fingers, sending the black ball of light floating up and then landing on the gourd’s mouth.

Yan Xu, imprisoned inside the world of darkness, also seemed to sense something and produced an enraged and crazy roar.  

“Zhou Yuan, you can’t kill me!

“Just you wait, prime saint Zhang Lei will be here soon. He will save me then!”

Before his roar completely died away, the black ball of light sank into the saint refining gourd. 

All noise ceased.

All eyes were fixed on that scene, and experts of both the Sacred Race and the all-heaven couldn’t help but gulp and their faces tensed up.  

They knew that saint Yan Xu, who enjoyed a high reputation within the Sacred Race, would fall in Zhou Yuan’s hand. 

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