Chapter 1471 Seal

While Yan Xu was questioning life, Zhou Yuan didn’t say anything else to him because the time he was waiting for had come.  

Previously, Yan Xu was stronger than Zhou Yuan and so Zhou Yuan had to patiently wait, but now that the chess game was broken and the power of the two sides was dramatically reversed.

Zhou Yuan was now considered to possess the strength of the advanced double-lotus Saint stage.

On the other hand, Yan Xu had been weakened to the initial double-lotus Saint stage. 

“What you did... also makes me feel a little awkward.” Zhou Yuan couldn’t help smiling as he felt his Saint power inexplicably increasing and seeing Yan Xu’s livid face. The fury in Yan Xu’s eyes almost spewed out as flames and distorted the surrounding space.

But Zhou Yuan had no interest in watching his expression change. As he took a step forward, the world began to quake and stars rotated. It was as though the universe was about to reverse.   

Immediately afterwards, Yan Xu felt an extremely terrifying rushing forth from the world. 


As the world shook, the sky of their space suddenly split apart and the troops of both sides were astonished to see streams of gorgeous colored light whizzing down from the cracks in the sky. 

Upon a careful look, one would find several balls of multi-colored light within them. The balls of light rotated and distorted, showing the endless mountains, rivers, sun, moon and stars contained inside!

“They are all tiny domains?!” Someone exclaimed.

Evidently, Zhou Yuan had moved many tiny domains and compressed them into streams of light and hurled them down like meteorites. 

Such terrifying power was unbelievable. 

It was rumored that the Ancestral Dragon could move the entire Tianyuan World with one thought. Although Zhou Yuan couldn’t reach that level of power, he could move tiny domains using the art of the Ancestral Dragon Moves the Heavens and his current power. 


As Yan Xu saw colorful balls of light roar towards him, his expression changed dramatically. He of course felt the terror of Zhou Yuan’s attack. 

Even if Yan Xu was at his prime, he wouldn’t dare underestimate such an attack, let alone now, when he had become weaker than his opponent. 

Evidently, Zhou Yuan saw no need to test Yan Xu’s strength and brought out his killing move right away. 

As the destructive attack neared, Yan Xu no longer hesitated. He frantically circulated his Saint power and with a loud roar, a ray of black light shot out from his head. 

As the ray of black light swayed, it formed an incomparably huge chessboard, as big as a continent. It obscured the sun and sky and separated the space. 

This chessboard was of course Yan Xu’s double-lotus Saint object —the Heavenly Chessboard.  

Countless Genesis Runes floated up from the chessboard, forming several black and white chess pieces. The chess pieces then transformed into rays of light and met the mini domains above that had been compressed into streams of light. 


The two forces collided in space, producing loud whirring and rumbling. The entire sea domain space was shaken, stirring up thousand-feet waves. The waves swept wildly in all directions, devastating everything in the way.

Both sides’ Law Domain experts grimaced with pain and the Genesis Qi in their bodies were so agitated that they almost lost control of it.  

The countless black and white pieces obstructed the streams of light formed from tiny domains, but in the end, some still slipped through the defense and struk the chessboard.


The continent-like chessboard violently vibrated, as though an earth dragon was tossing around underground. Huge abyss-like cracks split the chessboard and spread in all directions. 


Every time a huge pit split open the Heavenly Chessboard, Yan Xu blanched a little more and spat out a mouthful of blood. 

“So hateful!” Yan Xu roared in fury. If he was in his prime state, he could have easily blocked Zhou Yuan’s destructive attack. But unfortunately for him, he had become weaker than Zhou Yuan after a series of events, and it became increasingly difficult for him to defend as time passed

Enraged, he couldn't help but launch a counterattack at Zhou Yuan.

But he forcibly suppressed himself in the end because the Heavenly Chessboard possessed remarkable defense power and he felt that Zhou Yuan couldn’t do anything to him, even if he had the upper hand.  

If he gave up on defense and changed to attack, he would be dragged into following Zhou Yuan’s rhythm and the consequences would be much more serious. 


Yan Xu breathed out a mouthful of turbid breath and glared at Zhou Yuan. Then, his figure grew increasingly illusory and he eventually appeared on the chessboard.

As the chessboard vibrated, streams of light hung down from it like thousands of tassels to protect him.

“Zhou Yuan, you are lucky this time, but unfortunately for you, you won't be the winner.” Yan Xu’s cold voice boomed out.  

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. He was a little disappointed that Yan Xu didn’t face him head-on because he found out the Heavenly Chessboard was similar to a super turtle shell. If Yan Xu wanted to hide inside it, it would be impossible for Zhou Yuan to break such a double-lotus Saint object.   

Furthermore, Zhou Yuan was more concerned about Yan Xu’s last sentence. 

“It seems that you still have a last resort?” Zhou Yuan asked tauntingly.

Yan Xu raised his eyes and they glinted maliciously. “You don’t need to try to anger me. I can tell you the truth. Do you really think that this is the Sacred Race’s only attack on Cangxuan Heaven?

“Besides you, there are two double-lotus Saints on the defense line outside Cangxuan Heaven, right?

“Aren't you curious why you haven’t heard anything from there despite such an earthshaking battle happening over this side?”

Zhou Yuan's face remained expressionless, but his heart uncontrollably sank.

As though able to feel the surging emotions in Zhou Yuan’s heart, Yan Xu deepened the mocking smile on his face. “I can tell you that prime saint Zhang Lei is the one leading the attack on the other two defense lines. Calculating the time, those lines of defense should have fallen now.”

“Prime saint Zhang Lei should be here soon...what can you do then?

“Zhou Yuan, our Sacred Race will suppress the all-heaven. You can’t stop it. Your obstruction is just similar to a mantis blocking a carriage.”

Zhou Yuan remained expressionless but his heart sank. The pressure from the Sacred Race is indeed too intense, but so what? Does the all-heaven have to give up and be enslaved because the Sacred Race is too strong?

In times of crisis, someone would always stand forward. 

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath, suppressing the surging and tumbling emotions in his heart. He peered at Yan Xu with a cold and indifferent gaze. “Regardless of whether prime saint Zhang Lei is coming, I will kill you before then.

“I already told you that you will be buried with the five sect masters.”

“Nonsense.” Yan Xu smiled ruminatively. “I really shot myself in the foot this time, but Zhou Yuan, if I continue to use the Heavenly Chessboard to defend myself, you also can’t do anything to me.

“You're wasting your time here. You are just looking for death.”

“Is that so?”     

Zhou Yuan raised his eyelids, and his eyes glinted fiercely.


It was at that moment when another compressed mini domain crashed down like a meteorite, passing through the Heavenly Chessboard’s defense. 

It was just that this time Yan Xu felt something was wrong.  

He didn’t feel terrifying power nor did he vomit blood from the impact. 

Yan Xu cast his gaze to where the meteorite had fallen, only to see dense runes spreading in all directions. 

Not only were those runes so complex and obscure, he found they were seeping through the impenetrable chessboards like ink. 

But most terrifyingly, Yan Xu found that he had lost control of the areas where the ink-black runes passed. 


Understanding dawned on Yan Xu. The meteorite didn’t contain a mini domain but a Genesis Art that contained incredibly powerful sealing power!

Zhou Yuan intended to temporarily seal the Heavenly Chessboard!

Without the tortoise shell as protection, Yan Xu will be exposed and locked to Zhou Yuan’s malicious gaze and unable to escape!

As Zhou Yuan watched Yan Xu’s expression change abruptly, his expression turned fiercer and colder. He folded his hands in a seal and whispered, “Taboo Saint Sealing Script!”

The countless obscure seal-like runes fallen on the Heavenly Chessboard, suddenly spread like torrents and made the chessboard dim where it passed. 

Swaying and falling, the continent-like chessboard shrank rapidly until it became the size of a palm under Yan Xu’s disbelief gaze. 

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