Chapter 1470 What for?

When Zhou Yuan's chilling voice sounded, Yan Xu’s face grew increasingly unpleasant because he could feel Zhou Yuan’s imposing manner steadily growing stronger.  

This indicated the strengthening power of the Heavenly Chessboard was being transferred to Zhou Yuan. 

On the contrary, Yan Xu’s Saint power was beginning to weaken because, according to the rules of the Heavenly Chessboard, he was considered the inferior side. 

Therefore, the Heavenly Chessboard transferred Saint power that originally belonged to him directly over to Zhou Yuan.

When one rises, the other falls.       

Yan Xu experienced what it meant by shooting yourself in the foot.

He completely didn’t expect such a change to happen. After all, although the two sides of the Heavenly chessboard were said to be roughly equal in strength, Yan Xu, the owner of the chessboard, could find loopholes to take advantage of. For example, he used a special means to make Hong Lin break through to the Saint stage and broke the balance between the two sides.  

But Yan Xu never would have thought that two people from Cangxuan Heaven would simultaneously break through to the Saint stage. After all, the Sacred Race knew about Cangxuan Heaven like the back of its hand due to Sheng Yuan providing intelligence. Therefore, the Sacred Race was aware that, even though sect master Qing Yang and the others were second only to Zhou Yuan in Cangxuan Heaven, their likelihood of reaching the Saint stage wasn’t high.  

As for Chu Qing and Li Chunjun and the younger generation, they had just reached the Law Domain stage a few years ago and were even more unlikely to reach the Saint stage. 

Therefore, the Sacred Race paid little attention to them and Yan Xu also overlooked them and saw them as insignificant ants. But who would have thought that his negligence caused the reversal in the situation? 

On the battlefield, after Chu Qing and Li Chunjun jointly dealt with Hong Lin, they unhesitatingly charged into the Sacred Race’s army of Law Domain experts and mighty saint qi raged everywhere.

The two Saint’s appearance was undoubtedly similar to a fierce dragon charging into a pack of wolves. Within seconds, the Sacred Race army already suffered heavy casualties.


As Chu Qing and Li Chunjun charged forward and went on a killing spree, the chess pieces that represented Sacred Race experts began to shatter. 

Yan Xu’s complexion grew increasingly worse.       

This was because Zhou Yuan’s imposing manner was becoming increasingly powerful.

The Heavenly Chessboard was constantly weakening Yan Xu’s strength to increase Zhou Yuan’s.

Yan Xu’s eyes glinted fiercely. He knew he couldn’t let this continue.

His plan so far had been a complete failure.

He had to change tactics.       

“Zhou Yuan, don't be too smug. The Heavenly Chessboard has its own rules, but I am its owner and so I have a greater advantage than you think.” Yan Xu glared at Zhou Yuan. A drop of golden Saint blood dripped from his fingertip and onto the chessboard.

“Heavenly Chessboard, close!”

Since he was about to lose this game, it was better to end it soon. Even if Zhou Yuan had already been strengthened, it could still prevent the situation from worsening. 

As Yan Xu roared out, the Heavenly Chessboard vibrated and currents of air seemed to be rising from the board. Many chess pieces started to fade. 

The chess game was about to end.       

Zhou Yuan smiled. “You’re really bad at chess.”

Yan Xu ignored Zhou Yuan’s taunting, and quickened the speed of which the chessboard was fading. 

However, Zhou Yuan suddenly slammed his palm on the board and said indifferently. “But isn’t it a little unfair that you start and end the chess game as you please.” 

Yan Xu’s eyelids twitched. “So what?”     

But as his voice died away, he found the chess pieces on the chessboard were flickering back and forth between an illusory and tangible state and hadn’t truly vanished.

They seemed to be obstructed by some sort of force. 

Yan Xu’s pupils suddenly shrank. He instantly understood what had happened. He cast a furious look over Zhou Yuan. “This is your doing?”

As the owner of the Heavenly Chessboard, he naturally could sense some unknown ancient Genesis Runes had unknowingly penetrated the board. However, those Genesis Runes didn’t damage the chessboard. Instead, they produced a strange interference force that obstructed and ruined his plan of ending the chess game. 

Although the interference was temporary, Zhou Yuan only needed a little more time to make the outcome of the chess game more obvious. 

Zhou Yuan curled the corners of his mouth in a cold sneer, 

“You!” Murderous rage surged in Yan Xu’s eyes.      

But that fury had no effect. He could only exhaust himself to control the Heavenly Chessboard and constantly instil powerful Saint power into it in an attempt to eliminate Zhou Yuan’s interference.  

But the effect wasn’t particularly obvious. Zhou Yuan’s method was extremely secretive, and the Heavenly Chessboard was very special in that it had to follow certain rules. Otherwise, it wouldn’t exist. Even if Yan Xu was its owner, he had to look for loopholes if he wanted to cheat and couldn't change the rules as he wished. 

This made it very difficult for him to eliminate Zhou Yuan's interference.

Time quickly passed and the chess pieces that represented the Sacred Race’s Law Domain experts were constantly shattered. 

Yan Xu's calm and relaxed face had long turned ashen and his eyes were filled with fury and regret.

“Hurry up!”     

Yan Xu gritted his teeth to the point they cracked. He could feel he had almost completely removed all of Zhou Yuan’s interference force on the chessboard. 

At the same time, the mighty Saint power within his body was rapidly weakening. 

Zhou Yuan put his hands behind his head and leaned back. The cloud and mist supporting his body made him look extremely relaxed. But while he looked very leisurely, the Saint power exuding from his body had reached the most terrifying level.  


At a certain moment, a strange noise sounded from the Heavenly Chessboard and a wisp of black qi slowly rose from the board. 

Yan Xu’s eyes lit up with joy because the interference in the board was finally completely eliminated.


Yan Xu roared. The Heavenly Chessboard vibrated violently and the chess pieces on it instantly broke down into clouds of mist. Then, the board transformed into a beam of black light and Yan Xu immediately swallowed it in one mouthful.  

The bizarre power that pervaded the space also silently dissipated.

“Zhou Yuan, give me—”      

Yan Xu lifted his head, his eyes sinister and glinted with killing intent. 

But his sinister face suddenly stiffened. 

This was because Zhou Yuan was standing in front of him with his hands clasped behind his back, and his chilling gaze made the space show signs of freezing like a cold bone-piercing stream.

Of course, it wasn’t Zhou Yuan's expression that made Yan Xu's expression change, but the Saint power emitting from Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan was at the pinnacle of the one-lotus stage, while Yan Xu was at the pinnacle of the double-lotus stage and was comparable to veteran Saints such as supreme sovereign Wan Zu in terms of strength. 

So from a cultivation level perspective, the gap between Zhou Yuan and Yan Xu wasn’t small if Zhou Yuan wasn’t the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven.

But the Saint power pressure exuding from Zhou Yuan had long surpassed the limit of the one-lotus Saint and into the double-lotus stage.

On the contrary, Yan Xu had dropped from the pinnacle of the double-lotus saint stage to the ordinary double-lotus stage. 

In a sense, he was inferior to the current Zhou Yuan.

That drastic and sudden change in strength made Yan Xu about to faint on the spot. He realized that although he had put in so much effort to set up such a huge game, he only made himself become an ordinary double-lotus saint and Zhou Yuan, who was previously only at the one-lotus saint stage, had become stronger than him!

Yan Xu couldn't help but ask himself what did he do everything for?!

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