Chapter 1469 New Saints of Cangxuan

When Chu Qing uttered the last sentence, changes suddenly occurred all over the world. Genesis Qi rushed up like the tide and the space behind the two seemed to split apart.

A vast ocean of sword qi seemingly formed behind Li Chunjun, and the sword qi within it huddled together like carps, exuding endless power. Additionally, boundless azure light constantly surged behind Chu Qing, giving off a majestic and mighty feeling.  

In the end, a wisp of spiritual light flew out from both the endless ocean of sword qi and the boundless azure light, and hovered above the heads of Li Chunjun and Chu Qing. The wisps of spiritual light rapidly grew like seeds and formed lotus buds. Finally, the lotus buds bloomed beautifully and a Saint lotus radiating vast Saint power appeared under everyone’s intent gazes.

Everyone’s breathing became hurried and their eyes widened in shock.

They understood what the Saint lotus represented.       

The two broke through to the Saint stage at the same time?!    

Watching the sacred Saint lotus slowly blooming above the two’s heads, both sides’ Law Domain experts couldn’t help but feel they were dreaming because they all knew how difficult it was to break through to the Saint stage. Since ancient times, it was unknown how many heaven prides had died with regret due to the gap between a mortal and a Saint.

Therefore, it was an earth-shaking event for anyone to reach the Saint stage, but two had broken through to the Saint stage before their eyes?!

If it weren't for their rationality, the Law Domain experts present would have had the misconception that the Saint stage was easy to achieve and they also could do so. 

But in addition to shock, the two sides also felt different emotions. 

Cangxuan Heaven's Law Domain experts were dancing with joy because the appearance of two Saints on their side could completely reverse their disadvantaged situation.

On the other hand, the Sacred Race’s Law Domain experts gradually turned grave. 

The situation suddenly seemed unfavorable to them. 

But compared to them, Hong Lin was likely the one feeling the worst. She stared intently at the Saint lotus above Chu Qing and Li Chunjun and even rubbed her eyes repeatedly. 

She even suspected the Saint lotus to be illusions.

But reality was cruel. The phenomenons occurring behind Chu Qing and Li Chunjun and the power contained in them made her feel terrifying danger. 

As a result, Hong Lin’s expression turned increasingly unpleasant with intense jealousy in her eyes.

She could feel that Li Chunjun and Chu Qing took the step into the Saint stage with their own potential and accumulations over the years. This was why their foundation was so stable and strong after becoming Saints.

In comparison, her so-called Saint stage seemed fake because the Heavenly Chessboard’s power had forced her to take the step into the Saint stage. 

She couldn't even defeat one, let alone two new Saints?

“Aren't they dead? How can they complete the breakthrough?!" Hong Lin trembled all over, furious and regretful. Generally speaking, once one’s vitality dissipated, it would be impossible to complete a breakthrough, yet both Chu Qing and Li Chunjun had become true Saints. However, Chu Qing and Li Chunjun still had their last breaths but she didn’t notice. 

It was that carelessness that led to extremely serious consequences.

Hong Lin's expression suddenly changed dramatically. She soared into the air, space rippling beneath her, and then her body transformed into wisps of red mist and dissipated from the world. 

She chose to retreat.      

Indifferently, Li Chunjun watched the red mist escape through space and suddenly formed her hands in a sword seal.


Thousand rays of sword qi, bright and cold like moonlight, rose from the ocean of sword qi, and their appearance seemingly made the atmosphere feel somewhat sharp, bringing tingling and stinging pain as one breathed. 

Compared to Li Chunjun’s previous full-strength power, each of those ray of sword qi was much fiercer, stronger and contained mysterious power.

Li Chunjun flicked his fingers, sending thousands of sword qi speeding across the air and shattering the space in front. The sword qi, seemingly capable of penetrating anything, tunnelled through the several layers of space. 


After a few breaths, an anguished scream rang out and space suddenly crumbled apart. A beam of red light shot out and a figure was blasted miserably across the air.

Countless people looked over to see the miserable figure was Hong Lin.

Her body was riddled with wounds and she looked very pitiful. However, those injuries were considered nothing to a Saint. The Saint lotus rapidly dimming and withering above her head was much more serious. 

Evidently, Li Chunjun’s sword strike did more damage to her than sect master Qing Yang and the others did from sacrificing their lives.

Hong Lin’s charming face blanched with fear and panic. The mighty and domineering Saint power that Li Chunjun’s sword attack contained was far superior to hers. 

Was that the true power of a real Saint? It was indeed much stronger than her, who took a shortcut route to the Saint stage!

If it weren't because a Saint’s vitality was incredibly strong, those countless rays of sword qi could have wiped out all her vitality. 

“Hey, I’m still here.”      

While Hong Lin was panicking and terrified, laughter boomed out from afar. Then, Chu Qing could be seen rubbing his smooth head and raising one hand into the air. 

Mighty Saint power gathered around his slender fingers, forming a dazzling golden shuttle. The shuttle was only around an inch in length but countless ancient runes were spreading and condensing on its body. 

Light circulated around the shuttle blade, which were ancient Genesis Runes flowing around like tadpoles. 

But the golden shuttle’s appearance made Hong Lin’s expression change dramatically. Her eyes widened with fear because she felt life-threatening danger. 

Although Saints had strong vitality, they weren’t completely invincible. Hong Lin’s strength was already weaker than both Chu Qing and Li Chunjun, and thus, facing their constant joint attacks, something bad would happen sooner or later.

Therefore, Hong Lin frantically tried to flee again. 

The only thing she could do now was stall for time.      

Chu Qing didn't care that Hong Lin was escaping because he knew that, as long as she was still in this space, she couldn't escape from his detection. 

As he gently lifted his hand, the golden shuttle in his hand quivered slightly and vanished into thin air.

“This is the Golden Light Saint Shuttle.”

The golden shuttle had disappeared, but a low and muffled noise sounded in the space a few seconds later. Although the sound wasn’t particularly clear, everyone heard it very clearly.


The surrounding space suddenly shattered like a broken mirror, leaving countless fragments swirling in the air.

A ray of crimson light wildly fled, while a wisp of golden light followed it like a shadow. Then, the golden light suddenly flashed across, piercing straight through the crimson light. 


Within that crimson light was a captivating figure vomiting blood. She lowered her head with difficulty, only to see a hole flowing with golden liquid in her chest.

Then, mighty and domineering Saint power flooded every part of her body like torrents.  

The Saint lotus on her head dimmed and withered.

Fear filled her eyes as she screamed, “Lord Yan Xu, save me! I can’t die here!”

She had just experienced the beauty of the Saint stage, the intoxicating power that far surpassed the Law Domain stage, she didn't want this to be her final chapter of her life.  

However, her screaming received no response.      

The space before her crumbled as Li Chunjun stepped forward. Clasping a sword and with a wooden face, he said faintly, “ I need a sacrifice when I hold a memorial for my sect master later.


“Let me borrow your head.”     

Hong Lin frantically shook her head, her bewitching face turned much fiercer and hideous than before. She transformed into countless shadows and frantically drew back. The two’s consecutive attacks had already severely wounded her and damaged her Saint lotus and would be destroyed if she took another hit.

Even Saints would perish.       

But regardless of how quick she retreated, the ray of sword light was faster.

The ray of sword light that resembled moonlight was cold and fierce.

Countless people saw a ray of sword light flashed across Hong Lin's slender, fair neck and then Li Chunjun appeared behind Hong Lin, took his sword and sheathed it.


The Saint lotus above Hong Lin’s head gradually broke apart. The sun and moon simultaneously rose in the sky and then crashed down, stirring the Genesis Qi across the world.  

The fall of the sun and the moon represented the death of a Saint.


Hong Lin’s head flew into the sky, her wide-opened eyes full of unwillingness and fear.

All eyes were wide with complete shock.

At the same time, clouds and mist shrouded the space above.

Zhou Yuan calmly looked at the broken chess piece in front of him and then raised his head to look at Yan Xu. He saw his face twisted terrifyingly.

Previously, Yan Xu resembled a hunter watching his prey in a trap. But now, he saw the prey in his trap had suddenly broken free, pounced forward and bared their sharp fangs at him.

However, Zhou Yuan paid no attention to Yan Xu’s mental journey because he felt a special force strengthening him. 

On the other hand, Yan Xu was rapidly beginning to weaken.

It was the Heavenly Chessboard’s special effect. 

Zhou Yuan stretched his body and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he grinned at Yan Xu, showing his sparkling white teeth. The calm voice that passed through his teeth was filled with endless clones and murderous intent. 

“Damn thing—      

“Now, it's time to settle things.”      

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