Chapter 1468 I’m One Too

A resounding sword cry rang in the boundless darkness, and everyone within the subspace felt two extremely domineering and sharp waves of energy erupted.

Countless people tremblingly looked over to see two streams of light had pierced through the red python that was opening its huge abyss-like mouth and then tore it apart.

The darkness brought by that abyss-like mouth also faded.


The red python produced a painful and shrill hiss before collapsing into countless flecks of light and faded into the air.

The mocking expression that Hong Lin, the bewitching female Saint, wore all along also froze, and utter disbelief came to her eyes. She couldn't believe her giant python, formed from Saint power, would be severed.   

She could say that the five old guys managed to damage her source energy using the power from the combustion of their Law Domains because she underestimated them, but this time she had put all her strength into the giant python, yet it was still destroyed?!

Can someone at the Law Domain stage do that? 


While Hong Lin stood there shocked, the two streams of light didn’t vanish after severing the giant python. Instead it came slashing down towards her with incredible strength. 

Two sea trench of thousands of feet split the sea domain below.  

Hong Lin’s beautiful face turned ashen. She lifted two fingers in the air and her vast Saint power immediately transformed into two pythons. They broke through the surrounding space and met the two streams of light head-on. 


Terrifying shock waves raged out from the collision, causing both sides’ Law Domain experts to draw back repeatedly in panic.  

The two forces collided countless times in the air at lightning speed before gradually annihilating. 

As the streams of light faded, a long sword and a short shuttle plunged into the sea.

Hong Lin’s face was overcast with a hint of shock in her eyes because she distinctly felt a wisp of mighty Saint power contained in the sword and shuttle. 

She narrowed her eyes, peering at the two men, who summoned the sword and shuttle, on the destroyed island. They both had collapsed to the ground and their vitality was fading away. 

It was only then that Hong Lin breathed a sigh of relief. She didn’t expect the two to comprehend the meaning of the Saint stage at the critical moment of life and death. Such talent and potential were indeed terrifying. 

Fortunately for her, the two exploded their Law Domains and severed their vitality. Otherwise, they would have broken through to the Saint stage on the spot.

Hong Lin swept a cold glance over the group of Law Domain youngsters. These people are abnormal. It’s best to kill them as quickly as possible.

As killing intent rose from her heart, she took a step forward and immediately appeared in front of Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Qingchan and the others.


“Those two were interesting.”      

Yan Xu exhaled loudly as he watched the chessboard. “I was really shocked to see them comprehend the meaning of the Saint stage.

“But it was still too late for them in the end.”      

Yan Xu gave a gentle smile at Zhou Yuan. “It seems that my luck is pretty good.

“Besides you, those two should be the most talented people in Cangxuan Heaven, right? Their deaths are worth more than those five old guys.”

Zhou Yuan stared intently at the two extremely dim chess pieces, silent for a good while. Then, he suddenly shook his head under Yan Xu’s surprised gaze.

“They haven’t really lost.”

Yan Xu narrowed his eyes and smiled. “What do you mean? Those two have exploded their Law Domain and forcibly destroyed their vitality. No one can save them.”

“No one can save them, but they can save themselves.”

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and the coldness in his eyes seemed capable of freezing the entire space. “You also know about the method, but you just don’t dare to say it…

“Correct, as long as they reach the Saint stage, everything will be resolved.”

The smile on Yan Xu's face subsided to a frown. Then he sneered coldly, “Reach the Saint stage? Are you dreaming? They’re already dead!” 


Zhou Yuan shook his head. “The fake Saint below might not have noticed, but you do, right? They still have their last breath.”

In Zhou Yuan’s view, Hong Lin was considered a fake Saint because he discovered that her breakthrough wasn’t activated by her own accumulation of knowledge and comprehension. On the contrary, it was catalyzed by the Heavenly Chessboard. 

Yan Xu grinned, his smile ruthless. “Correct, then you should also know how much longer they can live for with that last breath?”

Yan Xu stretched out both hands, fluttering all ten fingers. “Ten seconds.

“You want to tell me that those two can reach the Saint stage in the last ten seconds of their lives?” 

Zhou Yuan curled a corner of his lips in a mocking sneer. 

“I have always admired those two’s talents and potential. They were previously limited by the circumstances but I have repaired that already in the Blessings Tower.

“So, I believe in them.”      



Terrifying Saint power raged across the world, destroying space and engulfing countless spatial fragments with it.

The Law Domains of Li Qingchan, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Ning Zhan, Zhen Xu and the others broke apart and they were blasted back miserably and covered with blood.  

Wearing a charming smile, Hong Lin strode her long legs past them. Her mighty Saint power turned into a red python and it wrapped around Li Qingchan, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others.

Regardless how much Li Qingchan and the others struggled, they couldn't shake off the blood-red python.

“Ants struggling with all their might is always so funny.”

A blood-red python coiled around Zuoqiu Qingyu’s waist and brought her over to Hong Lin. Hong Lin stretched out her tongue and gently licked Zuoqiu Qingyu’s snowy-white and smooth face. She chuckled. “What a rare beauty. Even I couldn’t help myself.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu’s beautiful eyes almost spit fire as she glared at Hong Lin. She frantically operated her Law Domain in an attempt to make it combust. But the Saint power constricting her body made her Genesis Qi fall into a sealed-state and she even lost control of her Law Domain. 

“You want to burn your Law Domain too?”

Hong Lin raised her long and slender brows and her beautiful face was filled with chilling fierceness. “You really think I would be as careless again? In front of a prepared Saint, the combustion of Law Domain isn’t as effective as you think.”

The combustion of a Law Domain naturally would produce tremendous power, but a Saint had many ways to deal with it. Hong Lin was only previously injured due to her carelessness. Otherwise, sect master Qing Yang and the others likely couldn't wound her even if they paid such a heavy price.

“You people are considered the future of Cangxuan Heaven, right? Unfortunately, I am going to kill you all here.” Hong Lin’s lips curled into a bewitching smile, but the murderous and chilling intent in her eyes made people shudder with fear. 

Besides the two who she had killed, the rest also possessed remarkable talent and potential. Hong Lin could clearly feel that. 

The all-heaven was undergoing drastic changes and many great opportunities could be found within those great changes. Many heaven prides would rise above the others and achieve accomplishments that they didn’t dare to think about in the past. 

Heroes were made from time and circumstances.        

Therefore, those youngsters had an opportunity to become a Saint in this special era. But it was also because of that, if Hong Lin wiped them all out here, the future of Cangxuan Heaven would be destroyed.

Cangxuan Heaven wouldn’t be able to recover. 

“You all shall become dust with Cangxuan Heaven.”

As Hong Lin waved her hand, the giant python coiled around Zuoqi Qingyu, Li Qingchan and the others suddenly constricted. Terrifying power also erupted at the same time, as though to completely eliminate the group of people that represented the future of Cangxuan Heaven. 

But it was at that critical moment that a blinding light streaked across. That stream of light was incredibly dazzling but also seemed indescribably sharp. 

As though it could cut through anything in the world. 

As the bright light passed, the giant python coiled around Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others was cut as cleanly and smooth as a mirror. 

Hong Lin’s eyes widened.       

She turned her head slowly in disbelief and was shocked to see that two figures had stood up on the ground without her knowing. They were both leaning against boulders and calmly staring at her.

It was Li Chunjun and Chu Qing.

Li Chunjun stretched out his hand, causing the space in front of him to break apart, and he woodenly took out a three-foot sword

Chu Qing stretched his body and said to Li Chunjun, “At such a moment, shouldn’t we say something to make us look very imposing?”

Li Chunjun couldn't follow Chu Qing's rhythm, so he shook his head honestly.

Chu Qing scratched his head and grinned at the female Saint, whose eyes were wide open in disbelief. 

“Sorry, we’re not dead.      

“Oh and also…I’m a Saint now too.”

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