Chapter 1463 Defense Line Broken

When the Sacred Race Saints started to appear, Zhou Yuan instantly felt the pressure doubled, and Zhuan Zhu and the other Saints, who were on the alert but made no move, couldn't stay on the sidelines anymore. One after another, they rushed to the front defense line. 

It was just that the front line of defense encompassed hundreds of subspace and Zhou Yuan had to keep watch in the center position and issue commands. So, Zhuan Zhu and the other other Saints had to shuttle in and out of various subspace. 

Only the Sacred Race Saints could draw them into action. 

The winner in a battle between Saints could be decided, but it wouldn’t be simple to kill a Saint because their vitality was too strong and each had several life-protection means. Therefore, unless there was a huge difference in strength between two Saints, a Saint could escape even if lost the battle.    

Therefore, during this period, although Zhuan Zhu and the other eight Saints had repeatedly fought Sacred Race Saints, they weren't severely wounded in the end, regardless whether they won or lost the battle. They also managed to defend the defense line on the periphery.

But that situation didn’t make Zhou Yuan relax. Instead, his heart felt even more heavy because he also couldn’t kill any Saints and they managed to come freely and escape.

If the Sacred Race Saints managed to flee, they naturally would report back the situation and it wouldn’t be long before the Sacred Race ascertained their situation. 

Zhou Yuan speculated that the Sacred Race would launch the fiercest offensive when they ascertain the actual situation. If that happened, Zhou Yuan’s defense would be riddled with holes. 

That passive and disadvantaged feeling didn’t feel good. 

But there was nothing Zhou Yuan could do. The Sacred Race was indeed stronger than the all-heaven in terms of overall strength, and Cangxuan Heaven’s defense was the worst among all heavens. All Zhou Yuan could do was to stall for as much time as possible.


Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath of cold air, his fierce eyes fixed on the light dots on the outermost periphery of the light screen. He gritted his teeth and said, “You son of a bitch, come if you want!”

The Sacred Race launched its most violent attack ten days later.

The scale was larger than any previous time. The Sacred Race Saints almost simultaneously hindered Zhuan Zhu and the other eight Saints. 

The light screen in front of Zhou Yuan constantly rippled. Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth and wisps of blood crept over his eyes because he saw almost all the subspace on the outermost periphery had become blood-red.

The situation continued for around one hour and then Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank because he saw one blood-red light dot dim.

The dim dot of light signified that they had lost that subspace. 

After the loss of the first subspace, as though it triggered a chain reaction, subspaces on the outermost defense line dimmed one after another in the next five days. The speed of the loss of subspace showed how strong the Sacred Race’s attacks were. 

Zhou Yuan’s bloodshot eyes grew increasingly terrifying. He even wanted to rush there to provide assistance, but he forcibly restrained himself in the end.

This was because his position was even more important.       

Not only did he need to stay there and provide command and mobilize the troops, the sea domain space was a very special center location and they couldn't lose this strategic location no matter what.  

If the other subspace collapsed, it would at most let the Sacred Race advance faster, but if they lost the space he occupied, the Sacred Race could invade Cangxuan Heaven at the fastest speed!

Therefore, he must guard this location. Even if the subspace was about to collapse, he had to destroy it as quickly as possible to prevent the Sacred Race using it as a springboard to attack Cangxuan Heaven. 

Thus, Zhou Yuan couldn't move from this subspace and had to sit and watch the defenses on the periphery constantly collapse and the subspace dim one after another. 

Given the speed that Sacred Race was advancing, half a month later, the cobweb-like light screen in front of Zhou Yuan had almost dimmed completely. 

Only one remained bright — it was the sea domain space he was situated in.

The defense line that Zhou Yuan had been managing for more than half a year was completely destroyed. 

“The situation is really bad.”      

Zhou Yuan stood up, upset and frustrated. He had put in a lot of effort into the defense line, but it only lasted less than half a month when the Sacred Race started to attack with full-strength.   

The Sacred Race didn’t use any fancy tricks and just relied purely on strength to advance.

This was what made him feel powerless.

Zhuan Zhu and the other eight Saints standing beside Zhou Yuan also fell silent. They had fought huge battles one after another in the past half a month and as a result their Saint powers were somewhat weakened due to the injuries they sustained. 

The Sacred Race Saints had managed to wound them due to various reasons. Fortunately, they weren’t severely injured. 

Zhou Yuan peered in other directions of the island. Many figures were hovering in the air on all sides of the island. They were the Cangxuan Heaven Law Domain experts who followed him here. 

They were originally assigned to different subspaces to provide defense, but those subspaces had collapsed and so they all gathered together again.

It was obvious that the number of people was less than that at the beginning. 

Among the crowd, Zhou Yuan saw Li Chunjun, Chu Qing, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Qingchan and others who he hadn’t seen in over half a year. 

Their expressions were much fiercer and sharper than usual and an unconcealable murderous rage was emitted from them. 

Even Luluo, who was pure and innocent, was much quieter than usual and her big and bright eyes were filled with chilling intent.  

It wasn’t that they had limited battle experience, but those battles had a different atmosphere compared with this cruel and ruthless war. 

Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze, and then swept a glance over everyone. All gazes, filled with respect, awe, nervousness and apprehension were also focussed on him. 

“Everyone, the current situation is very unfavorable to us.” Zhou Yuan's voice resounded.

“The defense we have worked so hard to maintain for more than half a year has completely collapsed and the Sacred Race army might now be charging over in a place not far from this subspace.

“But I don't intend to retreat. I will continue to stand here and clash with the Sacred Race.

“Because not far behind this space is Cangxuan Heaven.

“If we give up on this space so easily, it won’t be long before the Sacred Race army near Cangxuan Heaven.

“And our family, sect, clan and relatives will be shrouded in the Sacred Race army’s shadow and be in constant fear. 

“So I don't want to retreat, what about you all?!” His fierce voice echoed like a rumble of thunder, shaking the surrounding space.

There was utter silence, but everyone's eyes grew fierce, sharp and with a determined glint.

“Heaven Master Zhou Yuan, my uncle died in front of my eyes a few days ago, but I don't want to retreat because I know that, even if I could retreat today, I won’t have a chance next time!” A Law Domain expert suddenly said out loud with a hoarse voice. His face twisted with hatred and killing intent.

“We won’t retreat!”     

“We won’t retreat!”     

Roars rang one after another and everyone’s eyes were red with murderous intent.

Cangxuan Heaven was just behind them. Where else could they retreat to?! They were the elite experts in Cangxuan Heaven and they had enjoyed many opportunities and blessings in the Blessings Tower provided by Cangxuan Heaven. They had obtained its benefits but they wanted to flee when they had to make a sacrifice? If they really fled, they would be scolded and spat on by thousands of people. Wouldn’t that be more unbearable than death?

As those roars rang in Zhou Yuan’s ears, he closed his eyes slightly and drew a deep breath. He waved his hand and all voices ceased. 

As several figures hovered in the air, the atmosphere of an incoming storm made the air in this subspace feel stiff. 

Zhou Yuan stood with hands clasped behind his back. Then, with a slight touch, the light screen in front of him dimmed and turned into a jade stone on the ground. 

The light screen had no other use now. 

Time quietly passed under the heavy atmosphere.

It was unknown how long passed before the space in the distance suddenly rippled and tore apart, forming a spatial vortex.

Countless eyes filled with malice peered through the vortex. 

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