Chapter 1462 Saint Enters the Battlefield

Warning alerts were simultaneously sent from three subspaces.

Sacred Race experts broke through three subspaces at the same time, but fortunately, Zhou Yuan and the others remained vigilant at all times and immediately destroyed the Sacred Race teams that broke through. 

The first battle also broke out then. 

The result of the battle quickly appeared — the intruders were quickly killed because of their small number and that they only possessed strength of the initial Law Domain stage. Cangxuan Heaven’s timely elimination of them prevented them from obtaining the spatial coordinates of the subspace. 

But that didn't make Zhou Yuan and others relax because they all understood that those people were just part of the Sacred Race’s exploration team and their appearance indicated the Sacred Race army was near.

The half a year of silence was completely broken.

Foul wind had arrived and a rain of blood was about to fall. 

As Zhou Yuan predicted, warning alerts that Sacred Race experts broke through came every few days after that, making people very nervous and apprehensive.

At the beginning, the defenders in the various subspaces easily dealt with the intruders, but as time went by, the number and strength of the Sacred Race experts breaking through rapidly increased.

The defenders quickly felt the pressure.

The flames of war were constantly set off outside the several subspace.

Casualties frequently appeared but no one cared too much about it because that was war. 

As defenders, they knew that Cangxuan Heaven would suffer a tragic calamity if the Sacred Race army was allowed to open up a passageway that linked to Cangxuan Heaven from the subspace. 

Everything they cherished would be utterly destroyed then. 

Therefore, the had to stop the Sacred Race from nearing Cangxuan Heaven no matter what.


In the sea domain space. 

On the highest point of an island, Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged in front of the cobweb-like light screen and several light dots on the front defense line were flashing red.  

Those flashing red lights indicated that Sacred Race experts had invaded those subspace.

His troops were doing everything they could to intercept and kill those intruders.

One month had passed since Sacred Race experts appeared, and during that month, the Sacred Race hadn’t stopped invading the subspace. It was unknown how many fierce battles had broken out during this period and how many Law Domains bloomed their last light and dimmed. 

It was like an extremely spectacular firework show.

Zhou Yuan looked grave as he stared at the flashing red dots on the light screen. 

They had already lost five Law Domain experts during this period and all were new Law Domain experts. They had only just achieved their long-cherished wish of reaching the Law Domain stage but they all lost their lives in the end. 

However, Zhou Yuan understood that this wasn’t the time to wallow in pain because casualties would continue to appear. He might even lose some familiar faces. This was war and it was incredibly cruel — it wouldn’t change because of anyone.

Zhou Yuan’s priority was to delay the Sacred Race from advancing because only then would those sacrifices not be in vain.

“You’re this upset already, what will you do later?” A voice sounded, and Zhuan Zhu, carrying a huge red gourd, was standing behind Zhou Yuan. His eyes were also fixed on the red dots that represented the first line of defense.

Zhou Yuan sighed. “What else can I do? We can only act according to the situation.”

Of course he knew what Zhuan Zhu meant. Regardless of how fierce the battle was, it was only considered a test to the Sacred Race because the Sacred Race Saints still hadn’t entered the battlefield.

The Sacred Race was clearly gathering information and once they confirmed the situation, the Saints would act. That would be the most dangerous time. 

Zhuan Zhu stroked his chin, asking, “How long do you think there is before the Sacred Race Saints appear?” 

“In less than two months,” said Zhou Yuan.    

“In addition to you and I, there are eight Saints on our side. If the Sacred Race really dispatched Saints, we might not have enough people on our side.” Zhuan Zhu’s expression turned grave. 

Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly. “There’s nothing we can do even if we don’t have enough people. Even supreme sovereign Wan Zu and supreme sovereign Zi Xiao are facing attacks from the Sacred Race and so they have no extra strength to help us. I heard the situation in other heavens is even more intense than ours. It’s also impossible for them to send over extra Saints.”

Saints were not cabbages, and even though they had been standing in the all-heaven for years, they still would be inferior facing the Sacred Race’s large-scale attacks.

Even one more Saint could help stabilize Zhou Yuan’s defense a little more. Unfortunately Saints wouldn’t appear out of nowhere. 

After all, the foundation of Cangxuan Heaven was weaker than that of other heavens. All the Saints present, except for Zhou Yuan, were sent by the Omega Shrine and not one of them was from Cangxuan Heaven. 

The Omega Shrine had other heavens to defend and so it couldn't assign too many Saints to Cangxuan Heaven because the Saints belonging to other heavens wouldn’t be happy. After all, it was impossible for one to be absolutely fair when faced with one’s own heaven and another. Zhou Yuan also understood this.  

“Previously, I didn’t realize how strong the Sacred Race is under the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array’s protection. But now that we are facing the Sacred Race head-on, I finally understand why the elders in the Omega Shrine would fear the Sacred Race so much,” Zhuan Zhu sighed emotionally. 

Although the Sacred Race had been covetously glaring at the all-heaven in the past few years, its threat didn’t feel real, and even Zhuan Zhu didn’t feel it. Especially since the all-heaven had restored a lot of its strength in the past few years. Many Saints who hadn’t experienced the world-ending war in the ancient times felt that the all-heaven might not be weaker than the Sacred Race. 

It was only when a war truly broke out that they felt the suffocating pressure that the Sacred Race brought. 

Zhou Yuan fell silent for a moment. Then he said, “The Sacred God directly shook the all-heaven’ foundation in the world-ending war in ancient times, and the all-heaven still hadn't been restored to its peak state even after so many years.”

From the words passed down from ancient times, one could easily feel how terrifying the world-ending war was. It was unknown how many Saints died in the Sacred God’s hand back then. 

If the Sacred God didn’t kill so ruthlessly and as a result alarmed the remaining Ancestral Dragon’s will in the world, the Sacred Race would have dominated the Tianyuan World and enslaved all other races. 

Zhuan Zhu nodded. Even he, who was always carefree, fell silent when he thought of the Sacred God. 

Zhou Yuan retracted his gaze from the red dot on the outermost periphery of the light screen.

“Next, everything depends on when the enemy Saints will come onto the battlefield.”

The Sacred Race’s attacks didn’t stop in the next two months and Sacred Race experts constantly broke into the outermost subspace. Zhou Yuan also constantly mobilized team members to eliminate them. The tragic bloody battle continued endlessly, causing even the air in the outermost subspace to be filled with the stench of blood.

The subspace became meat grinders.   

After two months passed, it was as Zhou Yuan predicted.

Sacred Race’s Saints started to enter the battlefield.    

This also indicated that the Sacred Race was finally beginning to show its sharpest fangs. They wanted to completely tear down the all-heaven’s defense with Saints’ strength.  

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