Chapter 1461 The Subspace Defense

This was a sea domain space. Boundless seawater extended beyond the line of sight, huge islands floated in the sea like giant turtles and the sky was painted in a vast array of stunning colors. 

Atop the highest point of an island stood Zhou Yuan, supreme sovereign Wan Zu, and supreme sovereign Zi Xiao.

Genesis Qi formed into a net-like light screen in front of the three. Countless dots of light, each representing a subspace, flickered in the light screen. They connected to each other like an extremely complex cobweb. 

“This subspace encompasses many main routes close to Cangxuan Heaven. If the Sacred Race invades, it will no doubt use this subspace as a springboard.

“So this subspace area will be where we all will defend. I propose we split into three teams and each of us will lead one team,” said supreme sovereign Zi Xiao. After all, Zhou Yuan and supreme sovereign Wan Zu didn’t get along with each other and thus it was best that supreme sovereign Zi Xiao, who remained neutral, make the important decisions.  

As supreme sovereign Zi Xiao drew her slender and jade-like hand across the air, the light screen split into three areas and each was marked with one the three’s names.

“I have divided the defense areas, what do you think?”

Zhou Yuan and supreme sovereign Wan Zu glanced at each other and nodded indifferently.

“Since there’s no objection, we will divide it according to this.”

Supreme sovereign assumed a solemn expression before she continued, “In addition, I want to remind you two that when you discover Sacred Race experts in the subspace, you must kill or expel them immediately because they are troops sent to scout out the path and their role is to act as positioning anchor points. Once they lock onto a subspace, the Sacred Race will have spatial coordinates to directly teleport to that space and the Sacred Race will send armies to rush over here like the tide.

“So, when you find that you are about to lose your subspace, you should destroy it with everything you can and that should delay the enemies from approaching.”

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes as he carefully listened to supreme sovereign Zi Xiao, and he said, “From what you said, it seems if we can’t stop them from advancing, it would be a matter of time before they reach the all-heaven.”

The Sacred Race was no doubt overall stronger than the all-heaven and the Sacred Race chose to steadily advance. If the all-heaven couldn’t defeat them head-on and instead only delay the enemies from approaching, it wouldn't solve the problem because it was only a matter of time before the Sacred Race break into the all-heaven.

But a head-on defeat was too difficult. The gap in strength between the two sides couldn’t be ignored. Even if the Sacred Race had lost two prime Saints, the top experts of the Sacred Race were still superior to those of the all-heaven. Moreover, in addition to top experts, the Sacred race also had the upper hand in other areas. 

The all-heaven could ignore the Sacred Race’s covetous glare in the past because of the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array’s existence, but now that the Sacred Race had bypassed the boundary walls using the subspace, the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array seemed a little useless. 

“There are countless subspaces between the Sacred Race’s four heavens and the all-heaven. Even the most complex labyrinth in the world couldn’t be compared to those collections of subspace. In ordinary conditions, it would be impossible for the Sacred to pass through those countless subspaces to approach the all-heaven even in one thousand years. After all, even a Saint would gradually get lost in those countless subspaces. It is simply impossible to open up a passageway.

“However it only took them a few months to get this close to the all-heaven. According to the three prime sovereigns, the Sacred God must have helped out. Only he could successfully create a passageway in those countless subspace in just a few months. That passageway saved the Sacred Race a lot of times.”

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao’s beautiful face turned grave as she said, “Because of this, our all-heaven is still at a disadvantage. Also, the purpose of the defense we build outside of the all-heaven isn’t to completely obstruct the Sacred Race. We are just trying to stall for as much time as possible.”

While speaking, she swept a glance over Zhou Yuan, hesitated for a moment and continued, “We have to stall for time until the third god wakes up. Only then would the Sacred Race’s attack not threaten us.”

Zhou Yuan’s hands inside his sleeves quivered. His eyes drooped and his face was devoid of expression. 

“There’s no guarantee when she will wake up,” he mumbled.

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao let out a sigh, “The Sacred Race should have guessed this and is planning to take advantage of the time that the third god is in a sealed-state to invade and weaken the all-heaven on a large-scale.

“We have no other choice but to delay the Sacred Race from advancing as much as possible. If the Sacred Raced does invade the all-heaven in the end and the third god still hasn’t fully woken up, we might have to choose to cut off our tails to survive.”

“What do you mean?” Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled.     

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu said indifferently, “If we can’t protect Cangxuan Heaven in the end, we will try to move as many people away from Cangxuan Heaven as possible. The third god also has to be moved away.” 

Zhou Yuan’s face grew overcast. “We have to give up on Cangxuan Heaven?”

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao hurriedly explained, “This is only in the worst case. Zhou Yuan, we are not targeting anyone. We will make the same decision even if Hunyuan Heaven is invaded.” Zhou Yuan’s face was still overcast. Among all-heaven, Cangxuan Heaven was indeed the weakest. Although the Omega Shrine had sent out supreme sovereign Zi Xiao and others to help defend Cangxuan Heaven, Cangxuan Heaven’s defense was still the weakest compared to other places.  

Therefore, Cangxuan Heaven was in the greatest danger. 

Of course, the slightly positive thing was that even Saints couldn’t easily accurately locate a place in the subspace and could only constantly try. That would buy them a lot of time. 


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, settled his surging emotions and said, “Has traces of the Sacred Race been discovered on other heavens’ defense lines?”  

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao shook her head. “Not yet, but the three prime sovereigns detected some movements and speculated that the Sacred Race exploration team should be close.”

“I understand.”  Zhou Yuan nodded. The troubled and overcast expression on his face faded. He knew he couldn't blame anyone for the Omega Shrine’s decision. If the Sacred Race really managed to bypass the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array and invaded Cangxuan Heaven, the most sensible thing to do was to retreat.

After all, if they retreated, they could stall for time until Yaoyao woke up.

“We'll go set up the defense first. You should also get ready as soon as possible." Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao turned around and vanished into thin air. 

Wearing an indifferent expression, supreme sovereign Wan Zu left at the same time.

Zhou Yuan remained in the same place, gazing at the flickering light dots in the Genesis Qi light screen. It was only after a long while that he turned to Zhuan Zhu, who had been standing behind him for some unknown time, and forced a smile. “Senior brother, inform the others to get ready.”

Zhuan Zhu nodded his head, came closer and clapped his hand on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder. “Don't worry, it won’t be that easy for the Sacred Race to enter Cangxuan Heaven.” 

Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly. “I hope so.”

In the next month, Zhou Yuan led a team to set up defenses after another in the area that belonged to them.

That went very smoothly and not even half a shadow of the Sacred Race was seen during that period. 

But no one dared to relax.

Everyone understood that the peacefulness was just the calm before the storm of blood.  

They waited for almost half a year. 

Half a year later, many warning alerts were issued from the defense lines, making everyone tense up. 

The Sacred Race was finally here.

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