Chapter 1460 May All-Heaven be Peaceful

When Zhou Yuan issued a summoning order as the Heaven Master, the entire Cangxuan Heaven was shaken because it indicated that the Sacred Race, which had been silent for over a year, was going to invade the all-heaven again. 

Countless people grind their teeth in anger, but beneath that anger concealed their deep worries. After all, the Sacred Race’s strength had long been imprinted in everyone’s mind and each imprint was made up from the accumulation of blood debts. 

Previously, earthshaking battles already broke out when the Sacred Race plotted against Cangxuan Heaven, and even if the Sacred Race retreated in the end, the Shengzhou Continent was ruined. It should be said that the Shengzhou Continent was once a prosperous continent and also a sacred place that many people hoped to train in Cangxuan Heaven. 

If Heaven Master Zhou Yuan hadn’t been promoted to Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven and established a Blessings Tower in Blackwater, giving hope to the many cultivators in Cangxuan Heaven, countless people’s state of mind would have been severely affected. 

Cangxuan Heaven was already ranked at the bottom of the all-heaven, and if everyone’s state of mind was affected, Cangxuan Heaven likely wouldn’t be able to recover. 

It was precisely because of such an experience that the people in Cangxuan Heaven especially hated the Sacred Race. Everyone erupted in anger when they heard that the Sacred Race intended to bypass the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array and gain entry into the all-heaven through the subspace, and the number of volunteers to battle was as many as a school of carps moving down a stream. 

After all, no one wanted the same thing to happen again. The Shengzhou Continent was destroyed the last time, what would they suffer this time if the Sacred Race successfully invaded Cangxuan Heaven?

No one could avoid this battle of life and death.

However, although everyone in Cangxuan Heaven was willing to fight, people with ordinary strength couldn't enter the subspace to battle because they would only become a burden in the end. Therefore, the minimum requirement to join was to be at the Law Domain stage. 

If it was a year ago, the number of Law Domain experts couldn't be compared to other heavens even if it wasn’t very few. 

Fortunately, ever since the Blessings Tower was established a year ago, Cangxuan Heaven’s overall strength had soared at an unbelievable rate. 

After all, there was no shortage of talent in Cangxuan Heaven. They just lacked universe Genesis Qi and cultivation resources compared to other heavens. The establishment of the Blessings Tower allowed them to break through the constraints and new Law Domain experts constantly sprang up in Cangxuan Heaven like spring bamboo shoots after a rain.

The increase was far more than the total number in hundreds of years. 

Of course, such top experts didn’t just emerge out of thin air. Those people had stagnated at the Law Domain doorstep for years. The Blessings Tower’s appearance only assisted them to step over that doorstep. 

When Zhou Yuan stood his ground against all opinions and decided to mobilize Cangxuan Heaven's universe Genesis Qi to create the Blessings Tower, he inevitably sparked many disputes and opposition because not everyone was as far-sighted as him. What they saw was just the Blessing Tower established at the expense of other regions’ universe Genesis Qi. 

The disputes didn’t stop when the Blessings Tower was established, but as more and more Law Domain experts emerged, those disputes gradually subsided.

Saints had never been seen in Cangxuan Heaven for years and so the Law Domain stage was already seen as the pinnacle stage to many people in Cangxuan Heaven. The emergence of so many Law Domain experts over the past year proved that Zhou Yuan was right to insist on building the Blessings Tower. 

The all-heaven were facing the threat of the Sacred Race, and if Cangxuan Heaven didn’t raise its strength at the fastest rate, not only the Shengzhou Continent would be destroyed in the future.

The Cangxuan Heaven citizens likely wouldn’t have a place to live then, who would care if the universe Genesis Qi had weakened?

The new Law Domain experts emerged with the help of the Blessings Tower had nothing but respect and gratitude for Zhou Yuan. They all knew that if it weren’t for the Blessings Tower, it would have required them much more effort and time to make that step. But even so, only one-tenth of people succeeded in the end. 

Therefore, even though Zhou Yuan hadn’t been seen in the past year, his prestige in Cangxuan Heaven still rose to another level.  

 The name Heaven Master Zhou Yuan had deeply entered people’s hearts. 

The Blackwater, the Blessings Tower.       

Countless people gathered outside the giant tower and when they saw Zhou Yuan in the air, they immediately bowed down and their respectful voices reverberated throughout the world. “Pay respect to heaven master!” 

Zhou Yuan waved his hand and ran his eyes across the wave of people exuding terrifying Genesis Qi in front of the tower. They were the Law Domain experts in Cangxuan Heaven. 

Among them were also sect master Qing Yang and Heaven Sword Sovereign, but many were relatively young and unfamiliar faces.

Zhou Yuan also saw Chu Qing, Li Chunjun, Zuoqiu Qingyu, and Li Qingchan among them.

His former peers had also reached the pinnacle cultivation stage of Cangxuan Heaven and were no longer the same inexperienced and immature youngsters back then. 

He was only a little disappointed that no new Saints were born in Cangxuan Heaven.

He had high hopes for Chu Qing and Li Chunjun. Even though they had reached the top third Law Domain stage and they wouldn’t be inferior to sect master Qing Yang and other veteran Law Domain experts in terms of strength, they still hadn’t shown any sign of reaching the Saint stage.  

The Saint path was more difficult than Zhou Yuan imagined. 

Zhou Yuan ceased his surging thoughts and swept a glance over the many Law Domain experts. His clear and loud voice rang in everyone’s ears. “You all should know about the specific details. The Sacred Race has come to the subspace and is attempting to bypass the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array to enter the all-heaven. The scale of their operation this time is huge. If they really opened up a passageway that connects to Cangxuan Heaven, there wouldn’t be just a few Saints rushing into Cangxuan Heaven. The Sacred Race army would flood into Cangxuan Heaven then.

“The entire Cangxuan would fall then and not a piece of land would remain. Our families would be slaughtered and our sects would be destroyed.”

Everyone outside the Blessings Tower wore solemn expressions. They understood that if that day came, it would be the doomsday of Cangxuan Heaven and no one would be spared then. 

“So, I won't say too much.” Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath. “All Law Domain experts will follow me into the subspace to fight the enemies. I don’t want to unnecessarily explain to you since you all should already know about the danger involved. So, if you don’t want the Sacred Race to destroy your family, clan, or sect, then prepare to die in battle.”  

All the Law Domain experts fell silent. Although they looked a little nervous, they showed no intention of retreating. Instead, their eyes blazed with determination. 

“We will fight to death for Cangxuan Heaven!” All Law Domain experts roared. 

The danger and scale this time were much greater compared to their war with the Sacred Palace. After all, the Sacred Palace was only a chess piece of the Sacred Race. But now, the chess player was going to enter the game. 

Facing enemies of that level, even Law Domain experts couldn’t help feeling nervous. 

The countless people outside the tower felt blood and qi rushing to their minds and their eyes reddened. They only fight and kill so they can continue to cultivate safely in Cangxuan Heaven. 

They were all worthy of respect.


Countless people knelt down on one knee and their voices reverberated in the air. 

“May all-heaven be peaceful and may all return safely.”

Such a scene made many Law Domain experts’ expressions become even more solemn and blood pulsed through their bodies. 

Zhou Yuan didn't say anything else and he just lifted his hand and waved it in the air. 

 “Let’s set off.” Before his voice faded, he already soared into the air. 


Rays of light shot up one after another, following Zhou Yuan and rapidly vanishing. 

Earthshaking voices continued to echo. “May all-heaven be peaceful and may all return safely.”

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