Chapter 146 Saint Remains Squad

An empty pocket of space lay at the foot of several mountains. This particular area was currently abuzz with activity today. Numerous figures were already gathered, while even more were streaming in from far away.

This place had practically become a gathering point of sorts.

When Zhou Yuan rushed over, he was stunned by the sheer number of people. This was the first time he had seen so many geniuses together ever since he entered the Saint Remains Domain.

Zhou Yuan silently melded into the crowd and began to gather information about the little Heaven Genesis technique Genesis Beast.

After a dozen minutes or so, he consolidated his findings. It seemed that a group had first encountered the Genesis Beast deep within the mountains, and the entire party of five was nearly wiped out, leaving only one survivor behind.

Each member of the group had the strength of the Heaven Gate stage, hence, it was deduced that the Genesis Beast had definitely reached the grade 4 level and was comparable to an Alpha-Origin expert. In addition, the fact that it knew a little Heaven Genesis technique likely made its battle power even more overwhelming.

News of this immediately drew numerous prided geniuses to this area. After all, everyone was aware by now that contained within the Genesis Beasts of the Saint Remains Domain was extremely pure Genesis Qi, Genesis Qi that was very beneficial to one’s cultivation.

Although no one had managed to slay a grade 4 Genesis Beast yet, it was easy to imagine the potential giant leap in strength from absorbing the pure Genesis Qi in its body.

However, the problem was that this little Heaven Genesis technique grade 4 Genesis Beast was not an easy opponent. Its strength was comparable to the Alpha-Origin after all, while practically everyone here was only at the Heaven Gate stage. A tiny slip was all it would take to end up being crushed to a bloody pulp by the grade 4 Genesis Beast.

Thus, although many had already gathered here, no one dared to be the first to make a move.

More importantly, there was only one little Heaven Genesis technique and one breath of pure Genesis Qi in the beast’s body.

While so many geniuses had already gathered here. As the classic saying went, if there were many monks and only a little porridge, how would one divide the porridge?

While these thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s head, there was a sudden disturbance in the crowd, and many people began surging towards the west. Zhou Yuan pondered a little before deciding to follow.

Several figures proudly stood on a certain spot rather high up on the west side of the valley. Zhou Yuan caught sight of two familiar figures amongst them, the junior city lord, Xiao Tianxuan, and Gu Ling.

The rest of the figures stood behind the two, each wearing a prideful look on their faces. Powerful Genesis Qi surged around them, proof of their impressive might. Every one of them was an elite even amongst the prided geniuses here.

“Everyone, it is our blessing to have encountered a little Heaven Genesis technique Grade 4 Genesis Beast. Since no one has taken the lead yet, our Saint Remains squad has decided to hunt it together.”

Xiao Tianxuan confidently swept his gaze around as he continued with a faint smile, “If there are any like minded friends here, you can choose to join our Saint Remains squad. However, there is a restriction. Your strength needs to be at the advance Heaven Gate stage, or you won’t be able to withstand a single blow from the grade 4 Genesis Beast even if you go.”

These words caused an outbreak of whispers from the crowd.

Xiao Tianxuan had made himself very clear. The grade 4 Genesis Beast had been booked by their Saint Remains squad. In other words, if they were able to kill the beast, the little Heaven Genesis technique and its pure Genesis Qi would belong to them.

Such actions were clearly tyrannical, but no one said anything. After all, it was practically courting death for them to seek out that grade 4 Genesis Beast.

However, someone finally spoke up from below, “Won’t there be no benefits for us then?”

Xiao Tianxuan shot a look at Gu Ling. The latter displayed an enchanting smile as she answered, “That grade 4 Genesis Beast is the leader of several beast packs. The Genesis Beasts from these packs also possess a substantial amount of pure Genesis Qi. Our Saint Remains squad’s mission is to kill the grade 4 Genesis Beast, while we’ll leave the leaderless beast packs to the rest of you. The Genesis Qi from these beasts will naturally go to whoever manages to slay them.”

“Alright, those whose strength have reached the advance Heaven Gate stage can choose to join our squad. There is surely more than one little Heaven Genesis technique in the Saint Remains Domain which we’ll be going after one by one. Those that join us will definitely get a little Heaven tier technique.”

Her words shook the hearts of some of the stronger prided geniuses present. They were already well aware that with the exception of that select handful of super elite prided geniuses, no one was able to kill these little Heaven Genesis technique Genesis Beasts alone.

Zhou Yuan watched this with the detached eyes of a bystander. The fact that Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling had already begun to rope in others meant that they had pretty good heads on their shoulders. If they were to succeed in this hunt, it was easy to imagine the subsequent rapid growth of their squad. In the end, they would gain the qualifications to vie with the super elite geniuses through the power of numbers.

Quite a number of individuals present were interested in joining the Saint Remains squad. After all, once they were accepted, they would be able to borrow the power of the squad to kill little Heaven technique Genesis Beasts and take their techniques.

The only problem was the stringent requirement of reaching the advance Heaven Gate stage.

Though the bar was high, there were still a few present who had reached it. Hence, those with the strength of the advance Heaven Gate stage began to walk towards Xiao Tianxuan’s and Gu Ling’s group under the envious eyes of the crowd.

Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling exchanged a look when they saw this, pleased smiles emerging on their lips.

Xiao Tianxuan smiled and said in a low voice, “Looks like your idea is pretty good.”

Gu Ling smiled faintly in response. “There are many gifts and blessings in the Saint Remains Domain, but only the strongest of us have a shot at obtaining the best ones. Since we are just that tiny step lacking compared to the super elites, we need to borrow the power of others. As long as we succeed in growing our Saint Remains squad, even Wu Huang and the other apex geniuses would not be able to stop us.”

Xiao Tianxuan nodded in approval.

“However, once the squad has grown strong, you must remember to fulfil your promise.” Hatred flashed in Gu Ling’s long and narrow eyes.

Xiao Tianxuan chuckled. “Relax, after the Saint Remains squad has strengthened, the first thing I will do is to search for traces of Zhou Yuan. Once we find him, we will capture him and leave him for you to do as you please.”

“He’s merely a Qi Nourishing stage trash that doesn’t have any powerful factions backing him. No one will care if he dies.”

Gu Ling nodded in satisfaction when she heard this. Zhou Yuan had not only killed her younger brother, but even stolen the supreme treasure of her Gu clan. This was unforgivable.

She naturally knew of the heinous deeds committed by the Gu clan, but so what?

For a mere Qi Nourishing trash like Zhou Yuan, a few tricks was all that was needed to condemn him to death.

In the crowd, Zhou Yuan coldly observed the now bustling crowd. The addition of each advance Heaven Gate expert slowly made the Saint Remains squad grow stronger and stronger.

Such a line-up might really lead to a successful hunt.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes faintly flickered. He cast a glance at Xiao Tianxuan and Gu Ling, and suddenly laughed.

There was already a feud between him and these two individuals, and it could be said that they were already enemies. Zhou Yuan was not someone who would stand by and do nothing as he watched his enemies grow stronger.

“Xiao Tianxuan, Gu Ling…”

“I believe it is time to return the hundred thousand Genesis crystals you cheated me of during the auction.”

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