Chapter 1459 Cangxuan Prepares for Battle

As supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s terrifying oppressive pressure pervaded the world, Zhou Yuan’s expression went tense. A true veteran double-lotus Saint was indeed someone not to be trifled with. 

However, was Zhou Yuan still a junior who Wan Zu could easily sever ten fingers from?!


With one thought from Zhou Yuan, dense thunderclouds rapidly gathered in the boundless sky. As Genesis Qi pulsed inside them, they produced deep rumbles of thunder. 

All the Saints present could feel astonishing heaven power brewing. 

Zhou Yuan didn’t dare to act arrogant in front of a veteran double-lotus Saint. He directly circulated Cangxuan Heaven’s power.

Both sides stood ready and the atmosphere grew increasingly tense. 

“Haha, Wan Zu, don't think of bullying my little junior brother when our master isn’t around.” A hearty laughter suddenly rang out. 

A scarlet light sped over from the distance, transforming into two figures. 

The two figures, one man and one woman, landed in the hall’s depths. The woman, who was heroic-looking and had short burgundy hair, was of course Chi Jing, and the man, who stood tall and straight while carrying a tremendous crimson gourd on his back was naturally Zhuan Zhu, Zhou Yuan's senior brother.

Zhuan Zhu peered at the two facing each other head-to-head and slammed his giant gourd. A crimson torrent soared into the sky, and within that torrent was endless red-hot sand that could incinerate the vault of heaven. 

“Zhuan Zhu, you crossed the line!” Lu Liu’s face darkened when he saw Zhuan Zhu coming. Several rays of green light burst forth from the top of his head, transforming into huge ferocious toxic beasts surrounded in terrifying fierce power.   

Seeing a battle break out at a slight disagreement between the two sides, the other Saints exchanged glances with each other, not knowing what to do. 

“Stop right now!” Just as all the other Saints felt a headache coming on, a furious roar rang out like a rumble of thunder. 


Purple qi rushed into the sky like a purple river of stars, separating the two sides on the verge of battling.  

Beneath the purple river of stars was supreme sovereign Zi Xiao’s elegant and beautiful face shrouded in frost and her almond eyes wide open in fury. 

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao’s ample chest heaved up and down, showing her anger. 

“Have you created enough trouble yet?! If you really want to cause trouble, I suggest you go to the Omega Shrine!”

Both supreme sovereign Wan Zu and Zhou Yuan fell silent. Although their faces remained cold and fierce, the terrifying pressure had lessened.

They both knew they couldn’t really fight and what they did was just to show their stance.

Supreme sovereign inhaled deeply, massaging her brows with her fair hands. “Heaven Master Zhou Yuan, we came to Cangxuan Heaven to help with the defense. There is no primary or secondary among us. I suggest us three to jointly be in charge. We can discuss everything. What do you say?”

Zhou Yuan said with a smile, “If everyone is as reasonable and considerate as supreme sovereign Zi Xiao, there wouldn’t be as many conflicts.”

In truth, Zhou Yuan didn’t mind who was in charge. It was just that supreme sovereign Wan Zu clearly intended to suppress him and if he didn’t act tough in response, his authority as Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven would be impacted.

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao shot a look at him and shifted her gaze to supreme sovereign Wan Zu. “Wan Zu, I know you don’t get along with Cang Yuan but you shouldn’t give Zhou Yuan a hard time. We all have a heavy responsibility and if anything happens to Cangxuan Heaven, how do we explain to the other Saints?”

The mighty Saint power that Supreme sovereign Wan Zu emitted completely dissipated as he said indifferently, “I don’t have any selfish intent. I just truly feel that Zhou Yuan doesn’t have such an ability. But since you said so, I will give you face.

“I just hope that he will be as tough as he is today when he meets the veteran Saints of the Sacred Race. After all, the enemies wouldn’t be as easily restrained as I. If Cangxuan Heaven suffered any loss, the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven will be the first to bear it.”

He didn’t glance at Zhou Yuan again when he finished his sentence. His figure gradually became illusory and he eventually vanished into thin air. 

Lu Liu and the other Saints who were obviously biased towards supreme sovereign Wan Zu also left. 

Zhuan Zhu and Chi Jing came over from afar. Zhuan Zhu carefully studied Zhou Yuan from top to bottom and gave him a thumbs up in the end. “I always found that old guy who takes advantage of his seniority is an eyesore. My little junior brother is so courageous to vent his anger!”

Zhou Yuan looked at Zhuan Zhu and a smile spread across his face. Although he had only seen his senior brother once, he was very fond of him because of his bright and easygoing character. 

“I have to thank senior brother for obstructing Lu Liu. Otherwise I wouldn’t know how to deal with him.”

Zhuan Zhu waved his hand, grinning. “It would be different if it was Wan Zu. He’s very strong and I likely can’t deal with him alone. Next time when we have a chance, we should join hands and secretly teach him a lesson so he would avoid us when he sees us.”

His words made supreme sovereign Zi Xiao’s expression turn unpleasant.

Chi Jing hurriedly twisted Zhuan Zhu's arm, and he awkwardly smiled at supreme sovereign Zi Xiao. 

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao sighed, “You guys are difficult people. Cang Yuan should have come here instead.”

“Why didn't my master come?” Zhou Yuan asked puzzledly. It was indeed true that Cang Yuan was the most suitable to come here, but why did the Omega Shrine send supreme sovereign Wan Zu who they didn’t get along with?

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao’s beautiful eyes glinted with envy. “Your master has gone into closed-door cultivation a year ago.”

“Closed-door cultivation?” Zhou Yuan’s heart pounded. “Could it be that…master is attempting to break through to the triple-lotus Saint stage?”

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao nodded. There were many veteran double-lotus Saints in the Omega Shrine under the three prime sovereigns, but no one was able to break through the triple-lotus saint after so many years of painstaking cultivation. 

Now, Cang Yuan had suddenly shown signs of a breakthrough, stirring many waves in the Omega Shrine. But that was a good thing because if Cang Yuan became the fourth prime sovereign, he would reduce the all-heaven pressure when dealing with the Sacred Race. 

A bright smile lit up Zhou Yuan's face because it was indeed good news.

“Why don't you ask me about the little girl in the Zixiao Region?” Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao suddenly snorted coldly when she looked at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan was taken aback for a moment but he understood soon after. “Are you talking about Youwei? How is she?”

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao’s face was devoid of expression as she said, “On the day of your wedding, that girl went into the Omega Mountain to train. The Omega Mountain is where Saints of the Omega Shrine cultivate their mighty Saint power. It is considered a forbidden place to Law Domain experts and it is full of danger.

“There is no turning back once one enters the Omega Mountain. There are only two outcomes once entered. One is that you die inside and the second is you become a Saint.”

Zhou Yuan fell into a long period of silence. Eventually, he sighed out loud with a downcast and glum expression. “I believe she will be able to come out.”

“Hopefully.” Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao swept a glance behind at the area sealed by the boundary. She didn’t say anything else because she knew she shouldn’t intervene in a relationship matter among juniors. 

“I will leave the task of gathering people from all sects and factions in Cangxuan Heaven to Heaven Master Zhou Yuan. We have to set defenses as soon as possible,” she reminded.

“It's my responsibility.” Zhou Yuan gave a cupped fist salute.

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao didn’t say anything else and her figure gradually faded and vanished.

Zhou Yuan watched her depart and then chatted for a while with Chi Jing and Zhuan Zhu before he walked towards Zhou Qing and Qin Yu.

“Yuan’er, are you okay?” Qin Yu reached for Zhou Yuan's hand and gazed at his thin face, her eyes welling up.

“I’m sorry I made you two worry.” Zhou Yuan whispered.       

Qin Yu wiped away her tears, but she didn’t dare to ask about Yaoyao in case it would hurt Zhou Yuan.

“There will be huge movements in Cangxuan Heaven soon. I can’t stay here anymore. Father, mother, take care of yourself.” Zhou Yuan comforted the two.

Zhou Qing waved his hand, saying, “You are too remarkable, and your father, I, can't help you with much. But no matter what, this is your home, so even if Cangxuan Heaven is destroyed in the end, I hope you will return. At the very least, I hope no one in our family will be missing.”

Qin Yu couldn't help but slam Zhou Qing with two punches when she heard that.

Zhou Yuan burst out laughing and nodded seriously. “I understand.”

His gaze moved past the two and shifted to the area sealed-off by the boundary, sadness flowing in the depths of his eyes.

Even at such a time, everything seemed like a dream and it was difficult to wake up from the sweetness in the past.

However, a calamity was descending upon the all-heaven and it wouldn’t help the situation if he continued to wallow in sorrow. Also, since the matter hadn’t reached its greatest despair, he shouldn’t give up so easily as Yaoyao had said.

So he wouldn’t give up.       

He would wait until Yaoyao wakes up.       

Even if she might become the so-called third god, Zhou Yuan would still wait for her to return.

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath and finally wrapped his arms around Zhou Qing and Qin Yu. Then his figure gradually faded like a bubble and vanished into thin air. 

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