Chapter 1458 Against Wan Zu


Many Saint experts’ eyelids twitched at the sight of Lu Liu suppressed on the ground. They drew in a breath of cold air and a chill spread throughout their bodies. 

Zhou Yuan had become much fiercer and stronger after not seeing him for a year. 

The determination hidden deep in his bones, like a sword lost its sheath, shot straight into the sky and raged across the world. 

Lu Liu stood a little blank. He didn’t think Zhou Yuan would dare suppress him, and it was only after a few breaths that he snapped out of his shock and his aged face turned purple.


Mighty Saint power suddenly erupted as he roared out loud. But the mountains, rivers, sun, moon and stars suppressing his body remained motionless. 

Lu Liu was only at the one-lotus Saint stage, the same level as Zhou Yuan, but in terms of Saint power, Zhou Yuan, who had undergone a special transformation in the past year, was superior to him.

Furthermore, with the blessings of Cangxuan Heaven, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t even be afraid to face a veteran double-lotus Saint such as supreme sovereign Wan Zu in Cangxuan Heaven. 

Therefore, it wouldn’t be as easy as Lu Liu thought to break out from the suppression. 


However, it was then that the towering tree withstanding against supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s attack reached its limit and exploded into flecks of light. 

“Zhou Yuan, release him!” roared supreme sovereign Wan Zu, his face ashen. 

“Heaven Master Zhou Yuan, don’t be so impulsive,” persuaded supreme sovereign Zi Xiao.

The fierce look on Zhou Yuan’s face faded and he nodded with a smile. “Since two supreme sovereigns have spoken, I have to give them face.”

With a flick of his fingers, the mighty force suppressing Lu Liu instantly vanished. 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s face was cold as water. Zhou Yuan said he gave them face, but he in fact had thrown their faces to the ground and stomped on them before he picked them up with a smile on his face. 

After all, everyone knew that Lu Liu was on Wan Zu’s side and so Zhou Yuan was making Wan Zu lose face by suppressing Lu Liu in front of him. 

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao looked helpless. She also didn’t think Cang Yuan’s disciple would be so strong and tough.

How would she not understand that even though Zhou Yuan attacked Lu Liu, his action was directed at supreme sovereign Wan Zu? 

Zhou Yuan was telling supreme sovereign Wan Zu with his strength that he wasn’t the same junior who others could easily squeeze back then. Most importantly, he wanted supreme sovereign Wan Zu to understand that he was in Cangxuan Heaven and that unless prime sovereigns descended upon Cangxuan Heaven, Zhou Yuan was the one with absolute authority. 

Wan Zu had no right to tell him what to do.    

“Zhou Yuan!”   

After Zhou Yuan removed the Cangxuan Heaven’s power suppressing Lu Liu, he finally regained control of his body and his face turned purple and his eyes almost spewed out flames. 

“I won’t forget about today!” Lu Liu roared. He had completely lost face after Zhou Yuan suppressed him in front of so many people. 

A chilling light flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he turned and said to Lu Liu. “If you still want to fight, I will accompany you to the end.”

Lu Liu’s fury and imposing manner were immediately subdued when Zhou Yuan’s chilling and razor-sharp eyes swept over his face. He still had some rationality and so he knew he was no match for Zhou Yuan in Cangxuan Heaven.

But he would lose all his face if he acknowledged his mistake and apologized. 

Lu Liu’s expression changed indefinitely. 

“Lu Liu, kneel down.” Supreme sovereign Wan Zu said out loud. He, a veteran double-lotus Saint in the all-heaven, peered at Zhou Yuan with his deep eyes. He knew Zhou Yuan’s purpose of suppressing Lu Liu was directed at him. This was why he helped out but he didn’t expect Zhou Yuan to successfully block his attack. 

Lu Liu shot a ferocious look at Zhou Yuan before he restrained his surging Saint power.

“Zhou Yuan, have you finished playing?” Supreme sovereign Wan Zu asked in a deep voice. 

Zhou Yuan smiled faintly, “What is supreme sovereign Wan Zu talking about? He frightened my parents and so it’s only right that I ask him to apologize.” 

Ever since Supreme supreme Wan Zu arrived, he had an air of arrogance and superiority. It was obvious that he couldn’t accept the cruel truth that an ant-like junior had, in a sense, become an equal with him. 

Moreover, when Zhou Yuan was trying to win the Ancestral Dragon Lantern in Hunyuan Heaven to help awaken Yaoyao, supreme sovereign Wan Zu had created a lot of troubles for him. Even if those troubles were directed at Cang Yuan, it brought a lot of trouble to Zhou Yuan and caused his fingers to be severed off. 

However, Zhou Yuan didn’t have the ability to do anything to supreme sovereign Wan Zu at the time and so he had no choice but suppress his anger in the depths of his heart. But now that they met again, Zhou Yuan no longer feared supreme sovereign Wan Zu. Even if Zhou Yuan wouldn’t tear apart Wan Zu’s face, it was impossible for Zhou Yuan to be polite and friendly to Wan Zu. 

The two’s eyes collided, causing frost to spread across the ground.

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao finally couldn’t help but knit her brows and say out loud, “The flames of war are raging across all-heaven. Are you two really going to ignore the proper business?”

It was only then that supreme sovereign Wan Zu and Zhou Yuan retracted their gazes. 

“Is the Sacred Race causing trouble again?” Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows. 

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao nodded seriously. “This time, the Sacred Race is trying to bypass the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array by traveling through the subspace and to enter the all-heaven. 

“The Omega Shrine has issued an order to dispatch all Law Domain and Saint experts. We need to set up defenses in those foam-like subspace. No matter what, we can’t let the Sacred Race open up a stable passageway in those subspace.

“Supreme sovereign Wan Zu and I were ordered to guard the subspace outside Cangxuan Heaven,” explained Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao softly.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu added, “As the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, you should gather all the Law Domain experts in Cangxuan Heaven and tell them to listen to our command. As he was speaking, he made it clear who was the primary and who was the secondary. Everyone in Cangxuan Heaven, including Zhou Yuan, had to follow his command.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes and a ruminative smile came to his face. But he paid no attention to supreme sovereign Wan Zu. Instead, he turned to supreme sovereign Zi Xiao and asked, “Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao, has the three prime sovereigns in Omega Shrine personally say you two will become the leaders in Cangxuan Heaven?”

It was normal that the Omega Shrine sent people to defend Cangxuan Heaven. In the past, due to the fact that there wasn’t a Saint watching over Cangxuan Heaven, supreme sovereign Wan Zu or others would naturally become the leaders if they came but Cangxuan Heaven was different now. Zhou Yuan had reached the Saint stage and he held the authority of Cangxuan Heaven. Therefore, in a sense, he was now the controller and person in charge of Cangxuan Heaven. 

Even if the Omega Shrine sent Saints to provide defense, they would be there to assist Zhou Yuan and not take over because that would make many experts in Cangxuan Heaven confused on who they should listen to and reduce the Heaven Master’s right to speak. Thus, such a move wasn’t wise. 

Zhou Yuan believed the three prime sovereigns wouldn’t do so due to those reasons. 

Therefore, it was very likely that supreme sovereign Wan Zu wanted to use the chance to snatch the leader role. 

In response to Zhou Yuan's question, supreme sovereign Zi Xiao hesitated before she shook her head and replied in her clear and gentle voice, “The three prime sovereigns hadn’t said that.”

Zhou Yuan nodded at supreme sovereign Zi Xiao to express his thanks, and then, with a half smile, turned to supreme sovereign Wan Zu, whose face was chilling cold.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu calmly looked at Zhou Yuan. “Given my qualifications and strength, is it difficult for you to accept that I’m the leader?”

Zhou Yuan nodded his head, saying seriously, “If it was master Cang Yuan, I would support that request, but…you…I can’t.”

Regardless of the grudges between the two, it was always a huge taboo to change a commander just before battle, but Zhou Yuan just couldn't yield.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s eyes darkened but there wasn’t a hint of anger or joy on his face. Even his voice didn’t waver in the least. “It seems you don’t think I’m qualified...

“If that’s the case…   

“Then I have to subdue you and assume command. Since Cang Yuan hasn't taught you to respect your elders, I will teach you on behalf of him.”

As his imposing voice faded, mighty Saint power as vast as the galaxy rushed into the sky. The entire Cangxuan Heaven seemed to be rumbling and a terrifying pressure pervaded the air

All Saints present quivered when they felt the anger of a Saint. 

They knew supreme sovereign Wan Zu was truly enraged.     

He didn't want to waste any strength talking to Zhou Yuan and intended to subdue Zhou Yuan with force!  

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