Chapter 1457 Suppress Lu Liu

When Zhou Yuan’s voice suddenly rang out, all Saints’ eyes became sharp because they could feel the roaring waves contained in Zhou Yuan’s calm voice. 

The all-heaven’s youngest Saint was more powerful than they thought.

Supreme sovereign Lu Liu’s expression changed and his eyes flashed with anger. Then, his eyelids drooped as he said, “Apologize? I’m afraid they’re not worthy of it.”

Given his status, Zhou Qing, the ruler of a little empire had no qualifications to talk to him. There were many rulers of an empire like Zhou Qing under him and each one was superior to the Great Zhou in terms of both strength and scale. 

Those empire rulers would bow down in awe when they saw him and wouldn’t dare to lift their heads, but Zhou Yuan wanted him to apologize to his parents?

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu suddenly said, “Zhou Yuan, Lu Liu didn't really do anything to your parents. They aren’t hurt in any way. Lu Liu just did that to make you appear earlier.” 

He evidently was helping Lu Liu. 

Zhou Yuan tilted his head to look at supreme sovereign Wan Zu and said indifferently, “Supreme sovereign Wan Zu, your words have no weight in Cangxuan Heaven.”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s face immediately darkened. Zhou Yuan was more arrogant than he imagined! 

“Oh? How arrogant! I want to see how you…”


Before his sentence finished, the surrounding space crumbled as streams of light burst forth. Within the light were several glass-like chains.  

The glass-like chains contained vast mighty Saint power.

The chains sped towards supreme sovereign Lu Liu.    

“You really think I would be afraid of you?! Zhou Yuan, when I became a Saint, you weren’t even born!”

Zhou Yuan’s sudden attack made Lu Liu’s face darken, but with a flick of his sleeve, a turquoise torrent of mighty Saint power roared out, tearing the surrounding space, and collided with the glass chains.


However, Lu Liu’s pupils shrank during the collision because he saw the glass chains destroy his mighty Saint power without any obstruction and came towards him at an unimaginable speed. 

“How could that happen?! He destroyed my mighty Saint power?!”

Disbelief rushed out from Lu Liu’s heart. Even if Zhou Yuan was at the Saint stage, Lu Liu had been a Saint for hundreds of years. Even if Zhou Yuan held the title of Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, he had only reached the Saint stage a few years ago and couldn't possibly destroy Lu Liu’s Saint power so easily, right?

Most importantly, Zhou Yuan hadn’t circulated the power of Cangxuan Heaven with the glass chains!

That kid has become much stronger compared to one year ago!


It was at that moment when the glass chains passed through space and pierced his body.

However, Lu Liu's body suddenly twisted, transforming into several wisps of azure smoke, while his true body reappeared hundreds of meters away with a dark and unpleasant look. 


The glass chains shook before chasing after him as though teleported. 

“Zhou Yuan, enough!” Supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s face was fierce and cold. Zhou Yuan treated like he didn’t exist or rather Zhou Yuan wanted to demonstrate his power.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu couldn’t help smiling furiously in his heart. A junior who he paid no attention to now dared to ignore his words. 

With that thought, supreme sovereign Wan Zu acted. He stretched out his hand horizontally, causing the world to dim and a giant hand slammed down from the sky, aiming for Zhou Yuan. 

The giant hand seemed to carry several majestic silhouettes and within each one was terrifying Saint power. Upon a closer look, one would find the silhouettes extremely similar to supreme sovereign Wan Zu, except that they were him in different periods.

“Zhou Yuan, quiet!”

The giant hand could wipe out the entire Great Zhou City if it crashed down, but under supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s control, the force was accurately aimed at Zhou Yuan and wouldn’t affect other areas. 

In the face of a veteran double-lotus Saint’s attack, a light flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes and he folded one hand in a seal.

A vortex suddenly formed in front of him, gathering the vast and endless universe Genesis Qi, and eventually shrank into a tiny speck of light. 

The light speck expanded the next second, and like a seed, grew into a towering tree at a crazy speed. 

The towering tree glistened like a crystal and each leaf was inscribed with ancient runes, which was formed from the power of Cangxuan Heaven. 

Its tremendous branches and leaves suddenly spread out and met the giant hand slamming down like a canopy lifting the vault of heaven up. 


The collision between two produced an explosion of lightning and deep, muffled rumble of thunder echoed throughout Cangxuan Heaven. 

While the towering, ancient tree blocked Wan Zu’s giant hand, Zhou Yuan's icy, blade-like gaze locked on Lu Liu in the distance. With a flick of his finger, the ground beneath Lu Liu suddenly collapsed and the glass chains shot out from the underground and twisted around his body.  

Lu Liu let out an enraged roar and erupted with turquoise Genesis Qi. With a slight movement, he transformed into millions of azure silhouettes and sped out in all directions.

Although Lu Liu found the result of the previous clash hard to accept, he had to admit that the Saint power that Zhou Yuan possessed was stronger than his. Thus, he didn’t intend to continue to deal with Zhou Yuan head-on. 

Zhou Yuan only barely managed to obstruct supreme sovereign Wan Zu by using Cangxuan Heaven’s power, but that was only temporary because once supreme sovereign Wan Zu was freed, he would no doubt help him to suppress Zhou Yuan.

Therefore, it was most sensible to avoid the blade’s tip now. 

Countless turquoise silhouettes streaked across the air, fading. Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. Lu Liu is so cunning to want to deliberately stall for time.

However, just as the countless silhouettes dissipated, a ray of crimson light sped over. The ray of light seemed to contain terrifyingly fiery power that could incinerate even the vault of heaven. 

In an instant, the red light wiped out all countless turquoise lights apart one. It was obviously Lu Liu’s true body. 

“Zhuan Zhu!” An enraged roar rang out from the turquoise light. 

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed, and he flicked his fingers, manipulating the glass chains to twist around Lu Liu’s body at lightning speed. Strengthened by mighty Saint power, the chains firmly restrained Lu Liu.

“Since you don't want to apologize, I have no choice but to force your head down.”

With one thought from Zhou Yuan, a gush of mighty force descended from above and endless mountains and rivers suddenly appeared, firmly pressing down on Lu Liu's body.


Under the suppression of such Saint force, Lu Liu’s mighty Saint power scattered and his body slowly bend down until he was lying down on his stomach on the ground. 

His head was exactly facing where Zhou Qing and Qin Yu were standing.

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