Chapter 1456 Wan Zu Enters Cangxuan

As supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s voice reverberated in the palace’s depths, Zhou Qing and Qin Yu couldn't help but redden in anger. Even if they knew that supreme sovereign Wan Zu had extraordinary status and he was a top existence in the world. 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu clearly knew what had happened to Zhou Yuan but he still came and said ‘you should be done already, right?’ Aren’t they treating the pain that Zhou Yuan had endured in the past year as nothing?

Even though they knew Wan Zu was at the Saint stage, as Zhou Yuan’s parent, Zhou Qing couldn’t help inhaling deeply and say, “Elder, have you not gone too far?”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu swept an indifferent gaze over Zhao Qing. “What? Many people have died in order to stop the Sacred Race from invading, and every inch of subspace is stained with blood of the experts in all-heaven. But as the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, Zhou Yuan went into seclusion for more than a year for some personal reasons. Does he not care about the people in Cangxuan Heaven? If he is such an irresponsible person, I don't think he deserves to be a Heaven Master.”

Qin Yu flushed with fury. “Elder, you are a true expert but not everyone can be as heartless as you! Also, did Zhou Yuan do any less than others?!”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s eyes were chilling.

But before he could say anything, a figure behind him snorted coldly. “What an ignorant couple. If we hadn’t done our best to stop the Sacred Race from invading, do you think you would all be standing here and be so sentimental?”

The person who spoke was an eagle-nosed old man clad in a green robe. He stared coldly at Zhou Qing and Qin Yu and the chilling aura burst forth from him made the two freeze like ice. Even their blood seemed to stop flowing. But even if they were inwardly shuddering with fear, they firmly refused to show a hint of fear. They didn’t care about themselves, but they couldn't make their son lose face. 

The green-robed old man wasn’t unfamiliar to them because he was Saint Lu Liu. 

He had a deep grudge with Zhou Yuan and so he naturally wouldn’t be polite to Zhou Qing and Qin Yu.

Peering at the two, who were in extreme fear yet still gritted their teeth and refused to move aside, Lu Liu sneered coldly. The might of a Saint suddenly erupted from him and enveloped the two completely. Zhou Yuan had Yaoyao behind him in the past and so, even if Saint Lu Liu was furious that Zhou Yuan killed Xu Beiyan, he didn’t dare to do anything to Zhou Yuan and could only swallow his anger.  

But now that Yaoyao had sealed herself, she would become the third god when she awakened and she wouldn’t even remember Zhou Yuan then.

So Saint Lu Liu no longer feared Zhou Yuan.

Of course, Zhou Yuan was no longer a little Law Domain expert who he attached no importance to. 

Zhou Yuan was now the same level as him and even took charge of Cangxuan Heaven. If a fight were to break out between Lu Liu and Zhou Yuan, Lu Liu might not have the upper hand. But he was confident that he wouldn’t felt as despair as he was when he faced the third god. 

He had no murderous intent towards Zhou Qing and Qin Yu, but a little discipline was needed. 

Lu Liu's sudden action surprised everyone, and Zhou Qing and Qin Yu suddenly turned ashen. They felt they were situated in the depths of the seafloor. The terrifying pressure emitted from Lu Liu overwhelmed them with fear. 

However, the terrifying pressure only lasted for a few breaths before rays of dazzling light condensed in front of Zhou Qing and Qin Yu and, as though turned into water droplets, landed between their eyebrows.

An icy feeling rushed over and eliminated all their fear and pressure. 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu and supreme sovereign Zi Xiao also quivered and cast their eyes to the boundary, only to see the light barrier rippling and a figure slowly emerging. 

That figure was of course Zhou Yuan. It was just that he was a little different from before.

In just over a year, he seemed to have undergone a lot of changes of life. His hair was draped loosely down his back and his eyes were deep like the night sky. 

“Zhou Yuan, you finally came out?” said supreme sovereign Wan Zu.


Zhou Qing’s and Qin Yu’s breathing was hurried, but their faces lit up with undisguisable joy when they saw Zhou Yuan.  

Zhou Yuan stepped forward and appeared next to the two. Seeing their ashen faces, he asked worriedly, “ Father, mother, are you okay?”

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu shook their heads. Wan Zu didn’t do anything to them, but just frightened them. 

Zhou Yuan raised his face and peered at the Saints gathered ahead, focussing his gaze on supreme sovereign Wan Zu and Zi Xiao. “Two supreme sovereigns give me so much face to personally pay me a visit.” 

The two supreme sovereigns were always only behind the scenes and it was incredibly difficult for Zhou Yuan to see them when he was still in Hunyuan Heaven. 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu narrowed his eyes. Zhou Yuan’s words made him a little uncomfortable. What did he mean by personally pay him a visit? I am well-known in all-heaven and even his master Cang Yuan wouldn’t dare act so high and mighty in front of me.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan was just a little ant when supreme sovereign Wan Zu was targeting the Tianyuan Region and Cang Yuan. 

But that ant dared to speak to him like that now?

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu didn’t respond and just narrowed his eyes. But supreme sovereign Zi Xiao chuckled out loud. Her elegant aura made everyone feel peaceful and feel the urge to listen to her. “Heaven master Zhou Yuan, you shouldn’t belittle yourself. You have reached the Saint stage and hold the authority of Cangxuan Heaven. In terms of strength, you also have a seat in the Omega Shrine and it is only right that we personally come.” 

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao obviously knew about supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s temper. Most importantly, supreme sovereign Wan Zu had been fighting with supreme sovereign Cang Yuan for years and Zhou Yuan was an official disciple of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan; thus Wan Zu wouldn’t show any weakness in front of him. 

Zhou Yuan took another look at supreme sovereign Zi Xiao. She was the supreme sovereign in the Zixiao Region, which Su Youwei was in. Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao might not be as beautiful as Su Youwei but she radiated a unique aura and elegance. After all, being a Saint was also a kind of brilliance.

Furthermore, she was a veteran double-lotus Saint. 

Zhou Yuan nodded in greeting at supreme sovereign Zi Xiao and paid no attention to supreme sovereign Wan Zu, who was extremely annoyed, and shifted his gaze to Lu Liu.

Glaring at him with a deep look, he spat a sentence that shocked the other Saints.

“Apologize to my father and mother.”      

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