Chapter 1455 War Comes

More than a year had passed since two prime Saints from the Sacred Race perished in Cangxuan Heaven. And in the past year, the Sacred Race had made no other action, let alone tried to get revenge. The Sacred Race’s quietness made many experts in all-heaven believe the Sacred Race was severely wounded. 

That was indeed true. Even the huge monster-like Sacred Race couldn't treat the loss of two prime Saints lightly and had to treat their wounds during that period. 

The peacefulness and quietness allowed many all-heaven experts to breathe a sigh of relief and relax their tense bodies because they were always under tremendous pressure when facing the Sacred Race. The difference in strength between the two was unignorable. 

Everyone understood the peacefulness was temporary, but it was also because of that, that their chance to take a breath was even more precious. 

Sometimes they would even think how great it would be if the peacefulness continued forever. 

It had to be said that their thinking was too naive. 

It was so naive that even the Sacred Race couldn’t stand it anymore. The terrifying monster Sacred Race that hadn’t moved for a year bared its fierce fangs again and, shrouded in the shadow of destruction, beat the war drum again. 

Boom! Boom!      

The ancient bell in the Omega Shrine rang, each ring resounding through every space and spread to all-heaven. 

The Saints and Law Domains experts of all-heaven couldn't stop their expressions from changing dramatically when they heard the bell. The bell rang nine times, representing the highest level of alert. 

Only the Sacred Race that had been quiet for more than one year could make the Omega Shrine 

issue such an alert!

Moreover, the scale would be doubt greater than any previous time. 

Many Saints, who were in closed-door cultivation, appeared in the main hall of the Omega Shrine one after another. Wearing serious expressions, they whispered to one another’s ear

As Jin Luo, Di Long and Chi Ji appeared in the main seats, they attracted everyone’s gazes and made the atmosphere turn solemn.

“Everyone, I'm sorry to tell you to end your closed-door cultivation.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s wrinkled face was cold and fierce, and when he frowned, it looked like mountains overlapping.

Prime sovereign Di Long’s majestic voice resounded immediately after his. “We sensed abnormal movements in the subspace outside the all-heaven. After investigation, we discovered traces of the Sacred Race. They are constantly stabilizing the many subspaces to create a passage that bypasses the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array to enter the all-heaven!”


That sentence made all Saints blanch. Outside of all-heaven were countless subspaces connecting all-heaven like wormholes and forming many extremely unstable passages. It was just that even Saints couldn’t enter those passages because it would crumble and disappear.

It was extremely difficult to open up a passage and connect to all-heaven. Otherwise, the Sacred Race would have taken action long ago. 

“If our speculation is right, the Sacred God has given them guidance.” Prime sovereign Chi Ji’s voice sounded hoarse and her scarlet-red lips gave her a unique mature charm. 

Even the prime sovereigns couldn’t find a stable passage from the labyrinth of space, and the Sacred Race’s prime Saints similarly didn’t have such an ability. The two sides had fought each other for so many years and they knew each other’s background and foundation very well. 

The Sacred God was the only one who could surpass the three prime sovereigns’ limit. 

The atmosphere in the hall immediately became heavy at the words ‘Sacred God’. Even if everyone present were at the Saint stage and were regarded as the strongest wave of people in all-heaven, they still couldn’t help feeling a trace of fear. 

Perhaps just as Law Domain experts feared Saint experts, Saints were terrified of the power of divine gods. 

Without the Sacred God’s existence, even if all-heaven might be weaker than the Sacred Race in terms of overall strength, all-heaven wouldn’t fear the Sacred Race. Instead, the Sacred Race would choose to cease fire to reduce the number of casualties, and it wouldn’t be like it was now - the flames of war were frequently set off. 

“No matter what method they use to open up a passage in those wormhole-like subspace, we can’t sit still and do nothing. If the Sacred Race entered all-heaven, it would undoubtedly lead to destruction,” said Prime sovereign Jin Luo.

All Saints nodded with grave expressions. As Saints, they knew what destructive power that people of their level possessed and if the Sacred Race wanted to create trouble, all-heaven would no doubt be stained with blood and the people plunged into misery and suffering. 

“So after a discussion, we decided to gather all Saints, Law Domain experts and Nascent Source experts of all-heaven to set up many defenses in the subspace outside all-heaven. We must get rid of any Sacred Race experts when we discover traces of them. If we can’t, we have to destroy the subspace immediately. We can’t let the Sacred Race use it as a board to get close to all-heaven.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo was burly and tall and his dragon eyes emitted terrifying pressure as he ran them across the Saints present. His majestic voice resounded like the roar of an ancient dragon and made everyone’s Spirit tremble with fear. 

“Everyone, the Sacred Race has truly waged war. They are swarming over in full strength now. If we can’t defend our territories, all-heaven would be defeated and destroyed before even the third god awakens! So, for all-heaven, we have to be ready for the most tragic and bloodiest battle since the world-ending war!”

Prime sovereign Di Long’s voice echoed in all Saints’ ears like a dragon’s roar. 

All Saints put one hand on their chests and bowed their bodies slightly, a murderous aura emitting from their faces. 

As prime sovereign Di Long said, it was a war.  

In terms of the scale of this war, even the Stone Dragon Secret Domain could only be regarded as warm-up. 

This was because the two sides would no doubt exhaust all their strengths and clash with the opponent. 

The war came too abruptly. 

The Omega Shrine didn’t conceal the news about the Sacred Race’s invasion. Instead, it spread widely, causing many people in all-heaven to be enveloped in the shadow of war.  

Countless people panicked because the Sacred Race was too powerful. But at the same time, they were furious that the Sacred Race went that far this time. The Sacred Race didn’t want to give the people in all-heaven a chance to live and thus they had to fight with their lives. 

It was under such a panic atmosphere of calamity looming that countless experts stepped forward and joined the great army without any hesitation. 

Waves of powerful Genesis Qi erupted from the countless secret abyss, lakes and the depths of the mountain.

The experts who were living in seclusion also couldn't ignore the disturbance and chose to emerge. 

This was because even if they could escape like before, not a piece of land would remain if the Sacred Race truly entered all-heaven.  

The war had come and no one could avoid it.


Cangxuan Heaven. The Great Zhou Empire. 

Dozens of figures descended from the sky and landed outside the area enveloped in a boundary. 

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu happened to be there and were very surprised to see so many experts suddenly descend. However, they had seen much of life and so, without panicking, they immediately summoned the guards because they could feel that every single person before them was more dangerous than sect master Qing Yang and the others.

They evidently were legendary Saints like elder Cang Yuan. 

It was just that Cang Yuan wasn’t in that wave of Saints.

The wave of people was led by two figures.

A man wearing an indifferent expression and draped in a white robe was standing with his hands clasped behind his back. Although the Genesis Qi surrounding him wasn’t particularly obvious, he exuded a terrifying might that many people feared. The space behind him twisted and distorted, and upon a closer look, one would see several mighty figures emerging. 

The person before them wasn’t a stranger. To be precise, he has had a rift with Zhou Yuan.  

It was supreme sovereign Wan Zu from the Wanzu Region.  

However, it couldn’t truly be considered a rift because supreme sovereign Wan Zu had never attached any importance to Zhou Yuan. All his plans were aimed at the Tianyuan Region and Cang Yuan, and Zhou Yuan was only involved along the way. 

But no matter what, the relationship between them couldn’t be called harmonious or friendly.

The other leader was a woman in a purple dress. The dress was adorned with stars and accentuated her elegance and beauty. But her most unforgettable feature was her pair of deep eyes full of wisdom, like a bottomless abyss.

It was supreme sovereign Zi Xiao of the Zixiao Region.

Everyone was stunned to see two double-lotus Saints lead a group of Saints to the Great Zhou Empire. 

“Is it here?” asked Supreme sovereign Wan Zu as he gazed at the boundary in front, but before anyone could answer, an indifferent voice rang out. 

“Heaven master Zhou Yuan, it's been over a year now, you should be done already, right?”

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