Chapter 1453 Parting

The next day.

When the palace guards and servants arrived at the newlywed’s side palace, they were shocked to find that a boundary had suddenly appeared over the entire area. The boundary seemed thin but managed to stop everyone from entering.

The shocked guards did not dare to tarry and immediately reported this to the king and queen.

Their majesties were currently still in a state of bliss from their son’s wedding and were waiting for the newlyweds to come serve them the customary morning tea.

The sudden news also stunned Zhou Qing and Qin Yu. Soon after, they hurriedly rushed over as well.

When he arrived at the perimeter of the boundary, Zhou Qing sternly asked in a loud voice, “What’s going on?! Who dares to do this in my palace?”

He could sense an extremely terrifying power within the boundary and deduced it could only have been set up by an extraordinary individual.

The guards looked at each other. Although they had been on duty, none of them had discovered anything out of the ordinary.

“Yuaner, Yaoyao!” Qin Yu’s face was filled with worry as she shouted at the boundary. A faint sense of unease rose within her, causing her face to pale substantially.

“Could something have happened to them?” Qin Yu anxiously looked towards Zhou Qing.

Zhou Qing replied, “Don’t speak nonsense, Yuaner is the master of Cangxuan Heaven, who could possibly trap him here?”

“Then…” Qin Yu tightly bit her lip.

Zhou Qing took a deep breath before he slowly said, “This boundary is likely Yuaner’s work.”

Although Zhou Yuan’s cultivation level surpassed Zhou Qing’s imagination, he was well aware of his son’s status in Cangxuan Heaven. There was no way anyone could set up a boundary to trap Zhou Yuan without him reacting. Hence, Zhou Yuan was likely the one responsible for this.

“What’s our foolish child thinking?! Why did he suddenly create such a thing on their wedding day?” Qin Yu was both angry and worried.

Zhou Qing frowned deeply. Soon after, he said, “Someone go and fetch elder Cang Yuan.”

“No need.” An elderly voice sounded right after Zhou Qing’s as Cang Yuan’s figure appeared beside him.

Other figures also quickly arrived. Sect master QIng Yang, the Heavenly Sword Sovereign, Chu Qing, Li Chunjun and the others had sensed the disturbance and rushed over.

“What happened?” Luluow was the first to speak, her large eyes looking towards the boundary in bewilderment.

Anyone could tell that there was something wrong.

The atmosphere should have been celebratory, however, panic was visible on Zhou Qing’s and Qin Yu’s faces, and even elder Cang Yuan had a grave expression as he silently observed the boundary.


The atmosphere froze for a moment before Cang Yuan exhaled and softly said, “The boundary is indeed set by Zhou Yuan.”

Zhou Qing’s heart shook as he asked, “Did something happen?”

Cang Yuan nodded. There no longer any need to conceal things at this juncture. Hence, he began to explain Yaoyao’s identity and the current situation.

As each sentence left his mouth, more and more shock appeared on the group’s faces.

Yaoyao was a god?!

That was an existence that surpassed Saint experts!

Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Qingchan, Luluo and the others could not help but widen their eyes. Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined that Yaoyao had such an identity.

However, some things also began to make sense. No wonder Yaoyao always gave off an uncaring aura of indifference. It turns out that she was not doing it on purpose. As a god, how else would she view mortals like them?

Zhou Qing finally managed to ask with some difficulty, “Elder Cang Yuan...are you saying that Yaoyao has entered a sealed state because she has been poisoned? In addition, when she awakens again, she will likely not be Yaoyao but the third god?”

Qin Yu’s complexion turned frighteningly white as tears began flowing down her face. Only now did she finally understand why Zhou Yuan had set up a boundary to block out everything.

It was because he was in extreme pain. Otherwise, there was no way he would do such a thing. The boundary might seem to be stopping them from approaching, but on a deeper level, it represented Zhou Yuan’s now sealed off heart.

The wedding had not contained happiness, but the bone-piercing pain of parting.

Yesterday the wedding, today the parting.

Qin Yu could not stop her tears. These two children always make me worry. It’s all my fault rushing him.

By the side, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Qingchan, Lu Luo and the others were silent as they dazedly stared at the boundary.

Was Yaoyao really going to become the third god when she awakened?

Was she really going to forget everything and become a true god?

When that happened, she would no longer remember Zhou Yuan, let alone everyone else she had met and become acquainted with over the years.

Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others looked at each other as they felt a tremendous sadness overwhelm them, causing their eyes to turn red as tears gathered within them.

The tip of Zuoqiu Qingyu’s nose was red as she cursed through gritted teeth, “This lousy, stupid wedding!”

Behind the girls, Li Chunjun, Zhen Xu, Ning Zhan and the others were also silent. They leaned against the rocks as they sighed in frustration and disappointment.

From the very first moment they met Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, the two had always stuck closely together as if they were of one body. Such a bond was honestly quite envious. However, they never imagined that the day would come when the two would be parted due to such a reason.

It felt as if fate was toying with these two individuals.

The once closest and most intimate duo were ultimately going to become strangers.

This was probably the most cruel punishment in this world.

Zhou Qing asked, “Elder Cang Yuan, can the boundary be opened? Let us go in and try talking to Zhou Yuan.”

Cang Yuan softly said, “It will be best to let him be alone for now. Time is the only medicine that might work. No one else can help him now.”

Since Zhou Yuan had set the boundary, he clearly did not wish for anyone to disturb him.

Zhou Qing had a pained look, while Qin Yu continued to sob beside him.

In the end, Zhou Qing nodded before turning towards sect master Qing Yang and the others, “Everyone, I hope that you will forgive us for not being good hosts.”

Sect master Qing Yang and the rest naturally understood that Zhou Qing was sending them off. They knew how unbearable it must be for the royal family, and thus bowed before turning to leave with complicated expressions.

Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Qingchan and the others stayed a little longer before also taking their leave. It was fruitless to stay behind anyways, and being here would only make them feel worse.

As the guests departed, the celebratory decorations in the palace were stealthily removed, turning the once bright and beautiful palace into a lonely and desolate place.

Although the citizens did not know what had happened, they could sense the strange shift in atmosphere. Thus, they did dare to ask and silently kept their question to themselves.

The wedding that once drew the entire all-heaven’s attention gradually disappeared from the spotlight.

Everyone tactfully maintained their silence.

Subsequently, Zhou Qing and Qin Yu would make a trip down to the boundary everyday. They would stare at it in silence for most of the day before ultimately turning to leave with dull eyes.

Time quietly passed in this manner.

Spring came, followed by autumn before the leaves began to wilt, heralding the arrival of snow. In the blink of an eye, a year passed by.

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