Chapter 145 Grade 4 Genesis Beast

“Myriad Transformations…”

Zhou Yuan’s finger brushed across the ancient Genesis Rune as a brilliant splendour blossomed in his eyes. In that split second earlier, he had already understood the function of this Genesis Rune.

His hand gradually tightened around the Heavenly Yuan Brush, suddenly jerking it a moment later.


A powerful Genesis ripple pulsed from the brush as the snow-white hairs at its tip began to expand and lengthen.


Zhou Yuan swung the brush as its hairs transformed into a long snow-white whip that swept across the area.


The air was blasted away with a cackle as the long snow-white whip swept past. After a full round, the towering ancient trees in the vicinity were cleanly cut at their waists, the interiors smooth as a mirror.

The hairs that made up the long whip shook again. In a split second, they had already dispersed, transforming into countless almost invisible white threads that engulfed the area to their front.


The wall in front of them was poked full of innumerable holes so deep that it was impossible to see the bottom.

Zhou Yuan’s arm jerked and the countless snow-white hairs shot back towards him, returning to the brush tip.

“So… this is Myriad Transformations!” A fire seemed to burn within Zhou Yuan’s eyes as they gleamed brightly.

The third rune seemed to have bestowed life unto the Heavenly Yuan Brush, allowing the hairs of the brush tip to take on countless forms. As such, the brush would become even stranger and more unfathomable, making it hard to defend against it.

In future fights, the transformation powers of the Heavenly Yuan Brush would surely make his opponents suffer.

“It’s a pity that the Heavenly Yuan Brush only recovered to the mid grade Black tier level after unlocking the third rune.” Zhou Yuan had originally thought that it would be able to rise to the high grade Black tier level.

Though it was a little disappointing, a mid grade Black tier Genesis Weapon was still more than sufficient. The current Heavenly Yuan Brush and its three runes was no weaker than high grade Black tier Genesis Weapons. In fact, when using the third rune Myriad Transformations, there was likely no weapon that could come close to it in the bizarreness aspect.

Zhou Yuan continued to play with the brush for some time, before grudgingly turning it back to its smaller form and returning it to his waistband.

Zhou Yuan muttered to himself, “I should hurry up and kill more Genesis Beasts, take their pure Genesis Qi and strengthen myself such that my Genesis Qi cultivation will advance to the Heaven Gate stage as soon as possible.”

There was an insane difference between the Qi Nourishing stage and the Heaven Gate stage. Bluntly put, the Qi Nourishing stage was akin to laying one’s foundations, while the Heaven Gate stage was where one was finally bestowed destructive powers.

Only at the Heaven Gate stage would the Genesis Qi in the body be allowed to freely leave and display its true might.

Even though Zhou Yuan was currently able to temporarily achieve a similar effect with the amazing Omni Python Qi and Black tier Genesis techniques, there was still a gap between this and the true Heaven Gate stage.

Of course, the most direct and observable difference could be seen when he was travelling. Even when Zhou Yuan was in a rush, he could only leap and sprint, unable to achieve the feat of temporary flight like abilities by using Genesis Qi to support one’s body.

Thus, reaching the Heaven Gate stage was the most important goal for the current Zhou Yuan.


In the following few days, Zhou Yuan swept across the area like a hurricane. Every mountain he passed was nearly turned upside down as ferocious Genesis Beast after beast became victim to his brush.

As he hunted and killed, Zhou Yuan could feel the Genesis Qi in Qi Dwelling strengthen day by day, growing more abundant and powerful.

However, there was one thing that baffled him; the feeling that he was going to breakthrough to the next cultivation level still did not come to him.

In a deep barren valley.

Corpses were scattered all over the ground, while Zhou Yuan sat in the middle of the carnage. His current appearance was rather ragged, bloody wound after wound visible on his body, evidence that he had just experienced a pretty tough battle.

It was indeed as it looked. Zhou Yuan had discovered this valley half a day prior, which contained over a hundred Metal Bone Wolves. Amongst them, a little more than twenty were comparably to the Heaven Gate stage, while the rest had Qi Nourishing stage strength.

Although the individual battle power of each wolf was less than the golden ape from before, their numbers made them an incomparably ferocious force.

For Zhou Yuan, it had been a bitter fight indeed.

While Zhou Yuan sat atop a boulder, strings of white mist rose from the wolf corpses and poured into his body.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were closed as he concentrated on absorbing. After about an hour, he finally opened his eyes, but his brows involuntarily knitted together.

There was still no indication of an imminent breakthrough.

“Why…” Zhou Yuan mumbled, his eyes filled with confusion.

It was not that he had not seen a practitioner at the peak of the Qi Nourishing stage, but the gathered Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling had clearly already far surpassed the levels of ordinary peak advance Qi Nourishing stage experts.

“Normally speaking, after the Genesis Qi reaches a certain level, it will break out of the Qi Dwelling and dash towards the Heaven Gate, but why are there no signs of anything happening even after so long?” Zhou Yuan was perplexed.

He scratched the back of his head. It was so troublesome without Yaoyao by his side, he was practically akin to a blind man groping about in the dark with regards to his cultivation.

“Why does it not break out of the Qi Dwelling?”

Muttered Zhou Yuan with uncertainty. A long while later, a flash of inspiration hit him as he voiced his thoughts in a somewhat hesitant manner, “Could it be… due to my blood colored Qi Dwelling?”

Ordinarily speaking, the Qi Dwelling had limited capacity. When this capacity reached its limit, the Genesis Qi would break out of the Qi Dwelling and attack the Heaven Gate. This process would allow the Qi Dwelling to expand in size.

But this was for normal Qi Dwellings. Zhou Yuan’s was an unprecedented blood colored Qi Dwelling, and its capacity was surely far beyond the limits of ordinary ones.

“After mulling over it for a whole day, it turns out that I’ve been tricked by my own unique blood colored Qi Dwelling.” After realizing this, Zhou Yuan could not help but let out a bitter chuckle. It seems that he had to first fill his blood-red Qi Dwelling in order to ascend to the Heaven Gate stage.

Even so, Zhou Yuan was a little excited. Since his breakthrough method was different from others, wouldn’t it mean that the outcome would also be pretty special?

As such, the subsequent few days of his schedule were packed with hunting and killing again.

Time passed in this manner. Zhou Yuan grew more familiar with the Saint Remains Domain, and began to meet several of the other prided geniuses that had entered this place. However, he had not intentions of partying up with them, choosing instead to continue his travels alone.

Over this period of training, Zhou Yuan had began to faintly feel that his blood-red Qi Dwelling was finally about to reach its maximum capacity.

“Not easy huh!”

On a certain mountain, Zhou Yuan sighed as he shook his head. Any ordinary person would have long ascended to the Heaven Gate stage, while he was still stuck suffering at the Qi Nourishing stage.

It was akin pregnancy lasting ten months for others while he just had to be pregnant for three whole years.

He stood up, planning to cast himself back into the depths of the mountain. At this moment however, he suddenly saw the numerous geniuses hunting in the vicinity abruptly begin heading down the mountain.

Zhou Yuan was a little bewildered. He moved to stop one of them and asked, “What’s going on?” 

The one who had been stopped revealed a look of impatience, and was about to curse when he saw Zhou Yuan’s Qi Nourishing stage cultivation.


However, Zhou Yuan calmly sent out a punch. Berserk Genesis Qi rippled outwards, creating an empty space in the dense forests to their right.

The one who had been about to curse immediately swallowed his words, and resentfully answered, “I just heard the news that a certain Genesis Beast was discovered in the mountains three hundred miles from here…”

“This particular Genesis Beast is rumored to know a little Heaven tier Genesis technique. Everyone in the area is currently heading there.”

Upon hearing the latter part, a dazzling radiance instantly exploded from Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He had been searching for such a Genesis Beast recently, but had been unable to find one till now.

He never imagined that he would finally encounter one today.

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