Chapter 1449 Blessings City

After the Nine Nine Blessings Tower was opened, Blackwater became the busiest place in the entire Cangxuan Heaven.

Travellers would often arrive from far away, crossing numerous continents like pilgrims on a holy pilgrimage, filled with faith, zealotry, and of course the wish to become stronger.

To deal with the enormous influx of people, Zhou Yuan personally took action, and a city quickly took shape in a few days.

He named it Blessings City.

It was a place of rest for the dao seekers who had travelled great distances to reach here, and a place to recuperate for the people who had failed the tower’s trials.

The city’s management was passed to the Great Zhou Empire and Zhou Qing swiftly sent an army to take charge. The Great Zhou Empire’s armies were of course no threat to these practitioners that had gathered from all over Cangxuan Heaven. However, their main purpose was not to subdue and deter but to maintain order in the city.

After all, as long as Zhou Yuan was the master of Cangxuan Heaven, no one would dare to cause any mischief or trouble in Blessings City.

A certain villa stood in the western district of the city. It was filled with lush greenery from which corners of a building peeked out from time to time, appearing both low-key and impressive.

At the center of the villa was an extremely tall tower. The tower was the tallest building in the city, and allowed one to overlook the entire city. In the backdrop, one would see the giant heaven-pillar-like Blessings Tower in the distance.

The top of the tower was always surrounded by mist, blocking any peeping eyes.

Amidst the mist, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were seated before a small tea table, while Tuntun lazily lay on its belly by the side. It would roll around from time to time, finding a better position to enjoy the warm sunlight.

A mini light tower hovered in front of Zhou Yuan, countless glowing dots visible within.

It was a real-time interior view of the Blessings Tower, and every dot represented a tower challenger.

A month had passed since the tower was opened.

Over this month, countless people had continued to flood into the Blessings Tower. Despite the mind boggling numbers, the tower easily swallowed them all like a bottomless black hole, shocking the various factions with its capacity. In a sense, the Blessings Tower was an independent domain of its own.

Such a creation was beyond the means of an ordinary Saint expert, and only a Saint expert like Zhou Yuan, who was also heaven master, was capable of such a feat.

Zhou Yuan’s hand gestured at the light tower and offhandedly said, “Seventy percent of the people who entered the Blessings Tower to train have grown stronger, while seven percent among them have successfully broken through their cultivation bottlenecks and advanced to the next cultivation stage.”

Yaoyao glanced over and said, “However, there’s still too few people who have managed to reach floor seventy and above.”

Floor seventy and above of the Blessings Tower was dubbed by Zhou Yuan as the Law Domain levels, because only a practitioner that possessed strength at the Law Domain stage could reach these floors.

For the past month, the highest tower climbers had been sect master Qing Yang, the Heaven Sword Sovereign, Venerable Lord Gu Jing and a few other veteran Law Domain experts.

There were all third stage Law Domain experts. However, even they were stuck at the eightieth floor.

Over the past month, they had challenged the eightieth floor more than ten times. Unfortunately, all their attempts had ended in defeat.

“It seems that it won’t be easy for sect master Qing Yang and the others to pass the eightieth floor.” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

“Your eightieth floor guardian is too unreasonable for them,” remarked Yaoyao as she poured herself another cup of alcohol.

An evil smile rose from the corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips. The eightieth floor guardian was the strongest opponent he had met in the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, the Sacred Race’s Tai Xuan.

With the support of an entire heaven’s worth of Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan had managed to create a copy that had eighty percent of Tai Xuan’s power. In the Stone Dragon Secret Domain, even the all-heaven’s top third stage Law Domain expert, Xu Beiyan, had been thoroughly suppressed by Tai Xuan. Since sect master Qing Yang and the others could not even match up to Xu Beiyan, it was definitely an uphill task for them to pass the eightieth floor.

Sect master Qing Yang and the others had already lost far too many times against ‘Tai Xuan’ over the course of the month and suffered terribly at his hands.

However, their failures were not without fruit. At the very least, Zhou Yuan could sense that sect master Qing Yang and the others were beginning to show signs of growing stronger after numerous years of stagnation.

Of course, the biggest contributing factor was the Blessings Tower. Although the sect masters were veteran Law Domain experts with strong foundations, their potential had already been used up over their long lives. One of the miraculous abilities of the tower, however, was to replenish this potential.

Perhaps because they had also sensed this tiny progress, sect master Qing Yang and the others were not the least bit dejected despite the repeated failures. Instead, they grew increasingly enthusiastic with each attempt.

Yaoyao stared at the highest few dots in the tower and said, “However, even with the Blessings Tower replenishing their potential, it is extremely difficult to cross that final threshold.”

The path to become a Saint expert was unbelievably challenging. Without the Blessings Tower, it could be said that sect master Qing Yang and the others had no chance at all. Even with the miraculous powers of the tower, all it could do was shine a small glimmer of hope onto an impossible situation.

In Yaoyao’s view, Li Chunjun, Chu Qing and the others, who were several floors behind sect master Qing Yang’s group, had slightly better odds.

Sect master Qing Yang and the others had already used up their potential like lamps that were about to run out of fuel. In contrast, Li Chunjun, Chu Qing and the others still had limitless possibilities.

This did not mean that sect master Qing Yang had inferior talent. After all, those who could become third stage Law Domain practitioners had once been the most talented youths of their generation. One could only say that the older generation had already missed their prime opportunity, while the Blessings Tower had come at the right time for Li Chunjun, Chu Qing and the others.

Zhou Yuan sighed and nodded. If becoming a Saint expert was so easy, he would not be the only one after patriarch Cang Xuan.

Let alone Cangxuan Heaven, even the number of new all-heaven Saint experts over the past several hundred years could be counted on one hand.

“I’ve done what I can. Whether they manage to take that final step will depend on them.”

Yaoyao nodded before pointing towards the highest floor of the mini light tower as she asked with interest, “If the eightieth floor is Tai Xuan, who is the guardian of the final floor?”

Zhou Yuan grinned and said, “It’s a Genesis Qi clone of me.”

Yaoyao was taken aback. Soon after, she shook her head and said, "I can already imagine what kind of expressions they will have when they finally overcome the eightieth floor and see you on the final floor."

Zhou Yuan put on a serious expression and said, "How will they be able to transform without facing adversity? I'm doing this for their own good."

The corners of Yaoyao's lips raised slightly. Who would believe you?

Zhou Yuan felt conflicted as he observed Yaoyao's face, which had grown far more animated than before. However, he maintained his smile as he reached out and gently grasped her hand.

Yaoyao glanced at him as her slender fingers pressed against his palm. She could read Zhou Yuan’s heart even without speaking.

The top floor of the tower became much more silent for a time.

However, the silence did not last for long. Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao sensed something and turned their heads slightly to see space begin to warp as Cang Yuan’s figure walked out.

Zhou Yuan’s heart could not help but sink when he saw Cang Yuan’s gave expression

Had something happened?

Was it the Sacred Race, or...Yaoyao?

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