Chapter 1448 Tower Welcomes the Masses

As the giant tower doors slowly opened, the countless people waiting in the outer region began to breathe heavier, their eyes filled with desire.

A yearning for a chance, a longing for power.

Although some of the practitioners here were from big factions, most of the crowd consisted of unaffiliated cultivators. Many of them had often risked tooth and bone, paying painful prices for a few cultivation resources.

They did not have much support and could only rely on their bravery and wits.

Hence, they understood better than anyone else what this tower represented.

Due to this, they were sincerely grateful towards heaven master Zhou Yuan for his selfless act of constructing the tower.


The crowd finally hit the limits of their patience. In the next instant, they rushed forward like a tsunami, practically filling the entire sky and land as they flew towards the giant tower.


When they neared, boundless golden light suddenly swept out from the open doors, making a sizable group disappear as it washed over them.

They had been sucked into the tower.

However, there were still countless more swarming from behind with feverish expressions.

Zhou Yuan watched the grand sight from high up in the sky. Soon after, he found several familiar figures.

Li Chunjun, Lu Luo, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Ning Zhan, Zhen Xu...

There were also many old friends from the Cangxuan Sect, such as Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others.

They clearly had no intention of being missing from this grand event that belonged solely to Cangxuan Heaven.

As he gazed at them, Zhou Yuan began to think about Su Youwei, Wu Yao and Zhao Mushen. If this trio was around, they would have been able to benefit tremendously from the tower. Unfortunately, they had been summoned back after the battle was over.

Master Cang Yuan had mentioned that in preparation for war with the Sacred Race, the Omega Shrine’s three prime sovereigns had issued a command to gather up all of all-heavens super heaven prides and pour all their efforts into nurturing them to increase their strength. This was coincidentally rather in line with Zhou Yuan’s way of thinking.

The Su Youwei trio had entered the Omega Shrine’s sights long ago, and were thus immediately selected for this new initiative.

One could already imagine how the all-heavens heaven prides would rapidly grow stronger in these final peaceful days. In fact, some of the most elite practitioners might even be able to pry into the secrets of a Saint expert. 

It was a chance that came one in a million years.

An era of great changes might spell misfortune for some, but at the same time, it was also a huge opportunity for others.

If not for the Blessings Tower, Zhou Yuan would probably have tried to recommend Chu Qing, Li Chunjun and the others to the Omega Shrine. However, there was no need now. Although the Omega Shrine was powerful, they were not as crazy and bold as him to use an entire heaven’s worth of Genesis Qi on a single tower.

Cangxuan Heaven was already considered a broken pot. They were already the worst anyways, so how much worse could it get?

The situation was different for the other heavens. Let alone the strongest Hunyuan Heaven, even the second last Wuxing Heaven was so much stronger and better developed than Cangxuan Heaven. Hence, taking a similar approach to Cangxuan Heaven would instead be shortsighted and unprofitable.

Zhou Yuan was the only Saint expert in Cangxuan Heaven. Hence, as long as the Omega Shrine did not interfere, he had absolute authority and no one could go against his decisions.

With the entire Cangxuan Heaven pouring their resources into the tower, Zhou Yuan believed that it would lose out to the Omega Shrine’s nurturing efforts.

Light swirled in Zhou Yuan’s as he looked towards the Blessings Tower, allowing him to peek inside and observe Lu Chunjun and the others. He chuckled and muttered to himself, “Let’s see how far you guys will go.”

Li Chunjun, Chu Qing and the others were the most talented heaven prides in Cangxuan Heaven. Their previous cultivation progress was already pretty fast and Zhou Yuan believed they would soon experience unprecedented growth with the Blessings Tower’s support.

This day would be forever etched into Cangxuan Heaven’s history.

The day when the heaven master opened the tower to welcome the masses.


Inside the Blessings Tower.

Space warped around a wide battle arena surrounded by mist, creating a barrier.

Lu Chunjun calmly stood in the arena with his trusty rusted sword in hand, the signature black cloth still wrapped around his eyes.

All of a sudden, he turned his head slightly and looked in a certain direction. Mist surged as a dozen figures abruptly shot out, fierce attacks aimed at Li Chunjun’s vitals.

Li Chunjun did not flinch despite the sudden assault. He patiently waited for the attacks to approach, before the cry of a sword suddenly rang out as a wave chilling sword qi swept forth.

Thump thump!

The dozen figures were instantly struck by the sword qi and were blown to pieces on the spot. However, there was no ghastly explosion of blood and flesh. Instead, streams of Genesis Qi shot out and entered Li Chunjun’s body.

The Genesis Qi was so pure that it would make any practitioner drool.

Li Chunjun appeared unsurprised, because this was the ninth time he had experienced this phenomenon. He knew that this meant he had passed the ninth level. Since the tower had eighty one floors, he was basically at the starting line.

“So I get a reward every floor?” Li Chunjun had received several rewards so far. However, none of them were very desirable, likely because he was too strong. After all, this was considered the lower zone of the tower.

“How interesting,” mumbled Li Chunjun as a look of interest emerged on his usually stoic face. He understood that this goal was not here. He needed to climb to the higher levels.

He believed that this tower Zhou Yuan had so painstakingly constructed was not so simple.

Li Chunjun raised his head, his black cloth wrapped eyes seemingly staring into space as if sensing someone was observing him.

A rare smile appeared on his stoic face as he slowly lifted his sword and pointed at the air.

Although you’ve arrived at that cultivation stage earlier, I will definitely catch up.

Given the current state of affairs in the all-heavens, I’m sure that you’re under a lot of pressure as the heaven master. If I manage to reach the Saint stage, I might be able to help you.

Wait for me.

Li Chunjun raised his foot as he began walking off the battle arena and into the mist. Golden light flashed as a bell chimed.

Meanwhile, in other domains in the tower.

Zuoqiu Qingyu, Luluo, Zhen Xu, Ning Zhan...

Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Ye Ge...

Cangxuan Heaven’s greatest heaven prides were easily sweeping through all obstructions as they steadily climbed the Blessings Tower.

They understood that this was a huge opportunity. Anyone who fell here would definitely regret it forever.

Hence, they needed to firmly grasp this chance!

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