Chapter 1447 Opening the Tower

Through Zhou Yuan’s efforts, news of the Nine Nine Blessings Tower’s construction spread like wildfire to every corner of Cangxuan Heaven.

It was no surprise that a great commotion soon followed.

Countless factions and experts were stupefied by this news, shocked at Zhou Yuan’s terrifying ambition. According to him, the Nine Nine Blessings Tower would absorb the majority of the entire Cangxuan Heaven’s Genesis Qi, creating an unprecedented super cultivation paradise in Cangxuan Heaven.

There, all training would become twice as efficient. No, that would be an understatement. The place was basically a stairway straight to the heavens!

As long as you had talent, potential and tenacity, you would be able to leap straight to your greatest dreams!

There was no need to compare one’s background or faction. As long as you had the ability, no one would be able to stop you from ascending the heavens.

From the disseminated information, everyone understood that the super cultivation paradise’s Genesis Qi was transferred from the entire Cangxuan Heaven. Simply put, the Genesis Qi of other regions would weaken, while the super cultivation paradise’s Genesis Qi would grow stronger and stronger.

An entire heaven’s worth of Genesis Qi was basically focused on a single tower.

Zhou Yuan naturally did not leave out the reason for this. The Sacred Race was going to start the second great war. As the weakest among the all-heavens, Cangxuan Heaven needed to do everything possible to raise their overall power.

Cangxuan Heaven’s residents had long heard of the terrifying Sacred Race and were also subsequently informed how they had been the ones behind the Sacred Palace’s recent actions.

Hence, everyone understood that if the Sacred Race army was allowed to invade Cangxuan Heaven, every living creature in Cangxuan Heaven would be mercilessly slaughtered.

It was common knowledge that the Sacred Race viewed all other races as livestock to be killed without remorse. In fact, they even enjoyed turning other living beings into blood pills to be consumed.

Every member of the all-heavens felt nothing but fear and anger towards the Sacred Race.

Rather than allowing Cangxuan Heaven to land in the Sacred Race’s would be better to bet everything on one final gamble.

No one questioned whether such actions would hurt Cangxuan Heaven’s future, because if they failed to overcome the approaching crisis, there would be no future for Cangxuan Heaven. 

As such, Zhou Yuan’s plan to funnel all of Cangxuan Heaven’s Genesis Qi into a super cultivation paradise did not draw much objection. Instead, on the second day after the news was disseminated, countless people in Cangxuan Heaven began a long journey towards the once unknown and remote Cangmang Continent.

Of course, they were not alone. Many powerful factions in Cangxuan Heaven immediately began an intense internal debate after receiving the news and swiftly arrived at an agreement.

They needed to support heaven master Zhou Yuan!

Regardless of whether it was based on rationality or because Zhou Yuan currently had the biggest fist, no one in Cangxuan Heaven could oppose his decisions. To be blunt, any opposition would be useless, because a heaven master could easily make them lose everything they had.

For instance, he could deplete all of the Genesis Qi in the areas where their sects were located...

Hence, instead of making a fool of themselves challenging an adult with a child’s fists and end up scolded by the countless residents of Cangxuan Heaven, it would be better to be tactful instead and leave a good impression on heaven master Zhou Yuan.

In addition, the various factions were also quite excited by the concept of a super cultivation paradise, not only for their disciples, but also the Nascent Source and Law Domain experts like themselves, who naturally deeply desired to push their cultivation to the next level. 

A super cultivation paradise was a chance for them.

Hence, there was not much hesitation among Cangxuan Heaven’s countless factions. They quickly gathered up numerous precious resources and swarmed towards the Cangmang Continent like ants migrating to a new nest. 

The Cangxuan Sect, the Sword Seeker Sect, the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the other apex factions were even quicker and more resolute. Some of the medium and small factions still had some reservations and did not dare to empty out their coffers, but the apex factions immediately cleaned out everything they had, leaving nothing behind.

The sect masters that were able to bring their factions to such great heights naturally had far better foresight and were much more shrewd. Since they had already made the decision to support such a big endeavour, it was only natural to pour in everything they had.

Not only was it meaningless to leave anything in reserve, it would also make them appear petty and shortsighted.

Since they were going to gamble, they might as well bet it all. They believed that if Cangxuan Heaven managed to survive the approaching calamity, the returns would not disappoint.

The entire Cangxuan Heaven boiled with excitement at this unprecedented undertaking!

In less than a month, countless people arrived from all over Cangxuan Heaven, entered the Cangmang Continent and ultimately arrived at Blackwater like pilgrims after passing through the Great Zhou Empire.

Precious resources that were almost impossible to count were handed over, refined by Zhou Yuan and fused into the grand and majestic tower.

The tower grew brighter, more mysterious and grander day by day.

This continued for two months.

Blackwater, a sinister land once filled with a poison mist, had now turned into a paradise. Golden springs dotted the land, and all kinds of strange and magical plants could be found in the forests. The Genesis Qi was so thick that a single breath made one feel giddy with pleasure as if one was drinking fine wine.

Countless figures could be seen sitting at the most outer region of Blackwater, the black mass spreading to the ends of one’s sights.

Their feverish gazes were all fixed on the giant tower deep inside.

A figure was silently seated atop the tower. No Genesis Qi undulations were visible around him, but when you looked at him, you would feel a terrifying pressure pounce towards you. It felt as if one was facing a boundless, fear-inducing land.

However, there was no fear in any of the gazes that looked towards him, but deep respect.

Zhou Yuan tightly shut eyes slowly cracked open. He seemed to sense something as a faint smile appeared on his face.

“It’s time,” he softly muttered to himself. After two months of countless people contributing resources, the tower below him was finally about to reach its complete state.

Zhou Yuan rose to his feet as resplendent golden light erupted from the magnificent tower below. The golden bells that hung outside each floor began to ring, the sound spreading throughout the entire Cangxuan Heaven.

In the outer region of Blackwater, the countless onlookers realized what was happening and exploded into deafening cheers.

“Heaven master Zhou Yuan will make Cangxuan Heaven strong!”

“Heaven master is the almighty!”

“I vow to follow heaven master till death!”


Emotions were rampant on the faces of countless people as they cheered with every iota of their being, the thunderous cheers seemingly shaking even the heavens. They understood that heaven master Zhou Yuan had undertaken this heroic feat for Cangxuan Heaven’s survival.

Atop the tower, Zhou Yuan looked down, seeing the crowd that stretched to the end of his sights. In the next instant, a booming voice sounded across the land, “The tower is complete and from today, anyone from Cangxuan Heaven may enter to cultivate. I hope that Cangxuan Heaven will flourish forever!”

The hearts of countless people shook with emotion as they respectfully kneeled in Zhou Yuan’ direction.

“Cangxuan Heaven will flourish forever!”

Zhou Yuan’s heart also rose in his chest as he raised his hand.


Under countless expectant gazes, the tightly shut heavy stone doors of the tower slowly began to open.

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