Chapter 1445 The Land’s Capacity

The location for the super cultivation paradise was ultimately chosen to be Black Water, which neighbored the Great Zhou Empire.

This place was not unfamiliar to the sect masters. It was where patriarch Cang Xuan had hidden the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, and was subsequently discovered by Sheng Yuan, resulting in the start of an astonishing battle.

It was the battle where the Cangxuan Saint Stamp had been shattered and Zhou Yuan had been forced to flee Cangxuan Heaven.

Although the sect masters had failed to secure a location close to their respective sects, they wisely opted to support Zhou Yuan’s decision.

They understood that choosing this location would undoubtedly bring tremendous benefits to the nearby Great Zhou Empire, but so what? At the end of the day, Zhou Yuan was from the Great Zhou Empire and this was his true home.

There might perhaps be some selfish motives behind Zhou Yuan’s decision, but as the master of Cangxuan Heaven and its greatest authority, no one else had more right than him.

As the saying went, when a person rose to power, his family and friends would rise as well. With Zhou Yuan’s recent promotion to heaven master, the Great Zhou Empire would naturally receive numerous benefits. This was honestly so common that even a blind fool would not dare to accuse heaven master Zhou Yuan for using his position for personal gain. After all, Zhou Yuan was, strictly speaking, the voice that mattered in this heaven.

If Cangxuan Heaven was an empire, Zhou Yuan would be its king.

To be blunt, Zhou Yuan could have easily decided everything on his own. However, he had chosen to include the other sect masters in the discussion as a show of respect. The sect masters were naturally not idiots, and naturally understood how to best make both sides look good.

In addition, they were also deeply in favor of Zhou Yuan’s idea of establishing a super cultivation paradise to increase Cangxuan Heaven’s strength as quickly as possible.

After all, they had already experienced a taste of how terrifying the Sacred Race could be. The Sacred Race might have only smashed apart the Shengzhou Continent this time, but who knew if they would smash the entire Cangxuan Heaven next? If that happened, almost everyone would die.

The only deterrence against the Sacred Race army’s invasion was to keep growing stronger.

At the end of the day, everything was for the sake of Cangxuan Heaven’s survival.


Several days later in the sky above Black Water.

Zhou Yuan observed the vast land from the sky. It had once been an inhospitable and barren land, but things had taken a turn for the better after the great battle years ago. In fact, the natural concentration of Genesis Qi was gradually growing richer and richer. 

However, it was still far too weak compared to its peak.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes grew deep as he continued to survey the land. The scenery shifted as time flowed backwards and he peered into the past, seeing numerous majestic sects towering over the land. In a certain manner of speaking, the grand atmosphere far surpassed the many sects of the present.

It was an era where Cangxuan Heaven was not called Cangxuan Heaven, a time when the heaven had yet to fall into decline.

A time before patriarch Cang Xuan was born.

Although the Cangxuan Heaven of the past might not have been the strongest of the all-heavens, there was no significant gap between them and the other heavens. It was only after the Sacred Race’s invasion that the land was left incomplete. In the end, even that entire era was erased from history and lost in the river of time. 

It was during this period where the Sacred Race had invaded and conquered Cangxuan Heaven that one of the Sacred Race heaven prides had died here in Black Water. In their rage, they sent down divine punishment, wiping out the billions of lives on this land along with many once illustrious ancient sects, causing them to be buried in the sands of time.

It was only countless years later, when a younger Zhou Yuan stumbled into the Battle Puppet Sect’s underground palace, did he learn about how magnificent and bloody this land had once been.

“Please excuse me for disturbing your spirits, I only wish for Cangxuan to be safe.” Zhou Yuan lowered his head towards the land. With a thought, wind suddenly surged as the ground began to shake. Mountains moved, valleys closed and seas sunk as the terrain began to transform.

This was true power that could shape the land.

If a Saint expert was observing Cangxuan Heaven at this moment, he would be able to sense the Genesis Qi of the entire heaven begin to boil in excitement before flowing towards a certain direction.

It was so spectacular that it would also induce terror.

Zhou Yuan observed the changes from the sky. Only after attempting to create a super cultivation paradise did he realize that it was more troublesome than he had expected.

Cangxuan Heaven’s Genesis Qi was indeed converging towards Black Water, causing the concentration of Genesis Qi here to rise at an alarming rate.

However, it was ultimately unable to reach the level that Zhou Yuan wished for.

“How troublesome,” mumbled Zhou Yuan as his brows furrowed together. He understood where the problem lay. Black Water was unable to contain such abundant and concentrated Genesis. Simply put, it’s capacity was insufficient.

However, there was not much Zhou Yuan could do to solve this. Although he could use the heaven master’s power to transform the land and increase its capacity, it would be a long process.

It was time that Zhou Yuan clearly did not have. Besides, he had already acted all confident in front of sect master Qing Yang and the others, so it would be pretty embarrassing if he failed to deliver.

“You’re causing quite a ruckus here.” While Zhou Yuan was submerged in thought, Yaoyao clear-as-a-mountain-spring voice sounded from the side, carrying Tuntun as she looked at the changing land below.

Zhou Yuan was not surprised by her appearance. “Oh, you’ve come.”

Yaoyao looked at him and said, “You’ve only just become Cangxuan Heaven’s master and you’re already trying something so you even intend to get results overnight?”

Zhou Yuan coughed and mumbled, “I just wanted to see the extent of a heaven master’s capabilities.”

Yaoyao’s eyes seemed to swirl as she asked, “Why didn’t you rope me in to help?”

Zhou Yuan frowned and answered, “I’m already a master of a heaven. When men are doing things, they don’t always need women to interfere.”

A dangerous light seemed to flash across Yaoyao’s beautiful face as she looked at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan instantly appeared in front of Yaoyao, grasping her hands as he tenderly said, “I just want you to have some rest.”

How pathetic, I still can’t appear reliable in front of Yaoyao even after becoming a heaven master.

Disdain flitted across Tuntun’s beady eyes. Heh, think you can show off just because you became a heaven master? A frog in a well will never know how vast the outside world is.

Yaoyao cast an annoyed glance at Zhou Yuan and said, “We’ll do it together. I can help you swiftly increase the land’s capacity.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled bitterly. To be honest, he had not notified her because he didn’t want her to use her power. After all, Yaoyao had been struck by the God Annihilation Curse Poison, which continued to be a thorn in his heart till this day.

“Stop dilly dallying and being overly cautious…” Yaoyao turned her head, a seemingly cheeky smile on her autumn-moon-like face.

“Do you plan on asking your father’s help for this matter as well?”

At this moment, Zhou Yuan could not help but flush despite his thick skin.

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