Chapter 1444 Super Saint Land

Shafts of sunlight pierced through the windows and illuminated the shocked faces of the several sect masters. Tea constantly trickled down from their hands. Even the influential and knowledgeable authorities of Cangxuan Heaven felt dizzy when they heard Zhou Yuan’s words. 

It was only after a long while that sect master Qing Yang and the others finally came back to their senses. They felt their blood vessels swell and their hearts pound like drums. 

Create Saint?!     

He wanted to create Saints?!     

Sect master Qing Yang and the others had pursued that cultivation stage their entire life, but even now, they were still far away from it. 

In a sense, they were already considered extraordinary talents of their generation in Cangxuan Heaven. But even so, they couldn’t reach that stage after doing everything they could. 

For example, Sheng Yuan was more talented than them yet he only managed to reach the Saint stage after sacrificing his spirit to the Sacred God. 

From a certain angle, this was the sorrow of Cangxuan Heaven.

There were many causes that led to it, but the deterioration of Cangxuan Heaven was undoubtedly one of the main reasons. This was a matter of great despair and thus even sect master Qing Yang’s and the others’ ambition slowly died out. 

However, Zhou Yuan said he wanted to create Saints. Regardless of whether it was possible, the impact of those words had an unimaginable impact on sect master Qing Yang and the others. 

Only people like them who had experienced the pain of their strengths stagnating at the same level for many years would understand how much attractive force the step to the Saint stage had. Otherwise, why would palace master Sheng Yuan be bewitched by the Sacred God’s will and even betray the entire Cangxuan Heaven?

Who would be willing to be scolded by thousands of people if there wasn’t enough temptation?

The tense atmosphere remained for a long while before sect master Qing Yang exhaled deeply and looked at Zhou Yuan with a bitter smile. “Is alliance leader joking with us?”

Could a Saint expert be created that easily?      

The other sect masters nodded. They finally relaxed their tensed bodies on the chair, but they still wore complex expressions. They felt that what Zhou Yuan said wasn’t possible, but they still had a glimmer of hope. 

Zhou Yuan swept a glance over everyone and said, “The several sect masters here can be considered as heroes among all people. Your talent is indisputable and given your strengths, if you weren’t in Cangxuan Heaven, you all have a chance of reaching the Saint stage.”

Sect master Qing Yang, venerable lord Gu Jing, Heaven Sword Sovereign and others exchanged glances with one another and all saw a trace of bitterness in each other’s eyes. If they couldn’t make that step because of their ability, they would accept it and wouldn’t blame other people. But the reason that they couldn’t reach the Saint stage was not with them but with Cangxuan Heaven. 

But what could they do? Be angry that Cangxuan Heaven wasn’t good enough? That would only seem like someone incompetent taking their anger out on someone else. 

“Cangxuan Heaven was invaded and controlled by the Sacred Race during the ancient times. After that, Cangxuan Heaven grew increasingly weak and the chances of giving birth to a Saint became lower.

“I previously didn't know the reason but after I became the Heaven Master and took control of Cangxuan Heaven, I realized that it is because the core of Cangxuan Heaven had been tainted by a wisp of the Sacred God’s will. This is the main cause of Cangxuan Heaven growing increasingly weaker.”

Such a secret was clearly unknown to sect master Qing Yang and the others because they all stood dumbstruck for a good while. Their faces twisted and their eyes almost spewed out flames. In the end they finally said through gritted teeth. “Damn Sacred Race!”

“This is a scheme to destroy our Cangxuan Heaven!”

All sect masters’ eyes reddened with fury. It was the Sacred Race that obstructed many heaven prides in Cangxuan Heaven, including them, from stepping onto the Saint path. 

“Heaven Master, can you restore our Cangxuan Heave?” Palace master Shan Qingzi asked respectfully, looking at Zhou Yuan with her beautiful eyes.

The others also stared hopefully at Zhou Yuan.

As Zhou Yuan met their gazes, the terrifying darkness that was swallowing everything at the core of Cangxuan Heaven appeared in his mind. Even he didn’t dare to set foot into that darkness. 

“The Sacred God’s will isn’t ordinary. It has existed for too long and even integrated with a part of the core of Cangxuan Heaven. If is more difficult than you think to eliminate it.” Zhou Yuan didn’t dare to take on everything. Instead, he stated the cruel reality to them. 

Everyone's eyes dimmed.

“Then should we ask the prime sovereigns of all-heavens to help?” suggested Heaven Sword Sovereign. 

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “Only the Heaven Master can enter the core of their heaven. The others, even prime sovereigns, can’t.”

The several sect masters threw away their thoughts and could only let out a long sigh. 

“Then, what did alliance leader mean by ‘create Saints’?” asked sect master Qing Yang puzzledly. 

Zhou Yuan fell silent for a moment as he gazed at the dust whirling in the shaft of light. He then said, “I want to use the power of Heaven Master to gather the majority of the universe Genesis Qi in Cangxuan Heaven to one area and create a super saint cultivation land. Then, after an intensive selection, some heaven prides with great talent and potential in Cangxuan Heaven will be put into there.

“I think, with the help of a heaven’s Genesis Qi, I should be able to raise the overall strength of Cangxuan Heaven and make preparations for the upcoming war.” Zhou Yuan’s words made sect master Qing Yang and the others widen their eyes. 

Evidently, they were struck dumb by Zhou Yuan’s suggestion.

Zhou Yuan wanted to use an entire heaven’s power to produce some top experts. Such an approach and such courage, they never would have thought about it. 

Sect master Qing Yang licked his lips, feeling a little parched. 

“But there are some flaws in this approach because in a way, it is the same as draining a pond to get the fish. Moreover, if such a vast amount of Genesis Qi was gathered in one area, the universe Genesis Qi in other regions in Cangxuan Heaven would weaken. This wouldn’t be fair to the people in the other regions.” Zhou Yuan sighed out loud. 

Cangxuan Heaven's universe Genesis Qi wouldn’t increase out of nowhere. It was fixed in a sense. If there was more in the east, there naturally would be less in the west. 

Sect master Qing Yang and the others turned grave. This was a huge matter that would impact countless people in Cangxuan Heaven and that impact would be greater than the chaos caused by the Sacred Palace. 

However, they also understand that desperate times require desperate measures and Cangxuan Heaven’s overall strength was ranked at the bottom of all-heavens. Who would know when the Sacred Race would invade? If that happened, all-heavens would be shrouded in the flames of war and might not have extra energy to help Cangxuan Heaven.

Therefore, their priority now was to raise the strength of the top experts in Cangxuan Heaven.

If another one or two Saints were born in Cangxuan Heaven, it would undoubtedly greatly increase the heaven’s defensive power and that would lessen Zhou Yuan’s pressure. 

This perhaps might be unfair to the majority of people, but the contribution that a Law Domain expert could make in a great war indeed was more than thousands of Heavenly Sun experts. 

Of course, whether Zhou Yuan could really create Saints was still unknown.

However, after sect master Qing Yang and the others exchanged a glance, they nodded firmly. “We will support Heaven Master.”

The people present were all second only to Zhou Yuan in Cangxuan Heaven and thus with their support, the matter would trigger less disputes. 

Sect master Qing Yang suddenly asked, “Where would Heaven Master choose to gather Genesis Qi?”

The other sect masters stared at him with blazing eyes. They selfishly hoped that place would be close to their sects since that would benefit their sects’ development. 

Of course, Zhou Yuan knew what they were thinking. However, he would only choose one place and if it was near anyone’s sects, it would mentally impact the other sect masters. 

He shook his head and peered in the northwestern direction of the Great Zhou Empire.

“The place—will be there.”

It was the direction of Blackwater. 

The place where Zhou Yuan first trained in after leaving the Great Zhou Empire.

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