Chapter 1443 Creating Saints

Zhou Qing’s words spoke to Zhou Yuan’s heart. In truth, Zhou Yuan wanted to take Yaoyao back to the Great Zhou City and didn’t go to the Cangxuan Sect because he wanted their relationship to progress even further. 

It had been so many years and the prince of the Great Zhou Empire should have a princess consort. 

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao had been through many ups and downs together, and their feelings for each other were deep in their bones, but for various reasons, the last barrier between them still hadn’t been broken. 

Perhaps it was time.

As parents, Zhou Qing and Qin Yu could clearly see that, and they were more anxious than Zhou Yuan about it. After all, in their opinions, regardless of what status Zhou Yuan had or how strong he was, the Zhou family had to have a queen in the end. 

Zhou Yuan naturally welcomed Zhou Qing's assistance. But he also understood that he needed to wait for a suitable time and that the matter couldn’t be rushed. Therefore, he was willing to wait for good news from the two elders. 

But before any good news came, the sect masters of the major forces, including sect master Qing Yang, Heaven Sword Sovereign, venerable lord Gu Jing and palace master Shan Qingzi suddenly came to visit.

In a side hall of the palace. 

Zhou Yuan sat in the main seat while a maid served up tea and welcomed the sect masters who were covered in dust and tired from travelling. 

“Alliance leader is so relaxed. We have been so busy recently with the Cangxuan Alliance’s affairs,” said sect master Qing Yang, smiling bitterly.

The chaos caused by the Sacred Palace had been quelled, but that war also brought a lot of trouble to Cangxuan Heaven. Most importantly, the Shengzhou Continent, which was one of the core continents of Cangxuan Heaven, was destroyed. Not only were the six sacred sects located there but more than half of the top experts in Cangxuan Heaven were also there. 

After the Shengzhou Continent was destroyed, Genesis Qi originally accumulated there was also damaged. The sacred cultivation land that countless people in Cangxuan Heaven dreamt to cultivate in was severely ruined. 

The major sects and factions located on the Shengzhou Continent were also impacted as a result. 

This was clear from how many sects and factions flocked to the Great Zhou Empire. Although the chaos of war in Cangxuan Heaven was calmed down, Cangxuan Heaven remained a disorderly state. 

Sect master Qing Yang and the others not only had to deal with the impact on their sects from those changes, as an elder of the Cangxuan Alliance, they also had to consider the requests from other people in the Cangxuan Alliance. 

As a result, all of them had been very busy during the past month, and seeing Zhou Yuan sitting there so leisurely, they couldn’t help feeling a little bitter. 

However, they also understood that Zhou Yuan had been through a great battle and he should recuperate after that. Furthermore, he was the Heaven Master and shouldn’t need to deal with such trivial matters. Also, they all asked Zhou Yuan to stay in the Cangxuan Alliance and it was only right that they were responsible for those matters.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Zhou Yuan said with a smile. Then he said reassuringly, “The Shengzhou Continent is destroyed and as a result the universe Genesis Qi gathered there has dissipated. I will deal with that problem so the purity of the Genesis Qi in each sect won't lessen.”

The several sect masters breathed a sigh of relief. Their sects had been operating for thousands of years, and the location of their sects was their roots. This was all because of the extremely pure universe Genesis Qi accumulated in the sect over the years and after all sorts of methods. 

Genesis Qi was a fundamental condition for a sect to develop. After all, if a sect’s universe Genesis Qi wasn’t pure enough, how could it attract heavens prides from all over the place?

Without a sacred cultivation place, it would be very difficult for a sect to develop.

Therefore, if the problem of universe Genesis Qi wasn’t resolved, they would no doubt suffer one of two outcomes. One was their sect gradually deteriorating and the second was they would have to relocate to somewhere with rich Genesis Qi to set up their new sect. However, the manpower, resources and time consumed would be terrifying if that happened.

Fortunately, although they couldn’t solve that problem, it wasn’t much trouble for Zhou Yuan. 

So they all felt a sense of relief when they heard Zhou Yuan was willing to help. Heaven Sword Sovereign, venerable lord Gu Jing and palace master Shan Qingzi even beamed with joy. They finally understood how beneficial it was to cling to the Heaven Master. 

Long ago, in the generation of old ancestor Cang Xuan, only the Cangxuan Sect enjoyed such a treatment.

They felt very fortunate at such a time. They were very glad that they refused without any hesitation when sect master Qing Yang wanted to disband the Cangxuan Alliance after the war. 

After all, this was the only relationship they could have with the new Heaven Master. If they threw it away for nothing, they would deeply regret it.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand. He didn't mind because Cangxuan Heaven really needed the Cangxuan Alliance to exist since the true crisis still remained. 

“Since you all are here, I have something to discuss with you all.” Zhou Yuan ran his eyes across everyone. The people present represented the majority of the top experts in Cangxuan Heaven.

Seeing Zhou Yuan’s expression turn solemn, all sect masters tensed up. Even sect master Qing Yang, who was most familiar with Zhou Yuan, assumed a serious expression. After all, regardless of what their previous relationship was, Zhou Yuan now held a supreme status and position in Cangxuan Heaven. No matter what, Qing Yang had to treat him with sincere respect. If he acted too wilfully because of the relationship that Zhou Yuan previously had with the Cangxuan Sect, he would be wrongly conducting himself. 

“Although we luckily won the battle of Cangxuan Heaven, you all know that this is just the beginning. The Sacred God of the Sacred Race will soon awaken and the flames of war will spread again and this time to every corner of all-heavens.

“The destruction that descends then would be more terrifying than you can imagine.” Zhou Yuan's calm voice rang in all sect masters’ ears, causing a chill to gush out from their hearts. That chilling feeling couldn't be erased even for people of their strength. 

Even if they were a distance away from the main battle that happened a few days ago, they still were aware of what happened and how terrifying the Sacred Race and Sacred Race were. 

The so-called Saints and even prime sovereigns felt powerless even in the face of the Sacred God. 

The smile on everyone's faces gradually faded and the atmosphere became heavy. Given their strength, they obviously knew the destruction would be terrifying, it was just that they didn't dare to think about it. After all, even if Zhou Yuan was now in Cangxuan Heaven, they couldn’t deny the fact that their heaven was weak. Moreover, it wasn’t something they could change overnight. 

“All-heavens are now preparing for battle and exhausting their resources to raise their overall strength. Although Cangxuan Heaven is ranked at the bottom of all-heavens, we should figure a way to raise our strength because once a war breaks out, the other heavens likely wouldn’t take care of us,” said Zhou Yuan. 

“And if we don't improve ourselves, we likely won’t survive.”

The things that one considers were different depending on one’s position. Zhou Yuan used to only think about Cangxuan Heaven’s strength and the future when he was full, but it was different after he became the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. In a sense, Cangxuan Heaven was his roots and he had to carefully take care of it. 

Sect master Qing Yang and the others assumed serious and solemn expressions and nodded. “What plans does Heaven Master have next?”

Zhou Yuan tapped the table with his fingers and finally spat out five words. Those words made all sect masters crush the cup in the hands into powder and it trickled down through their fingers along with the tea. And everyone’s eyes were wide with shock because those four words were—

“I want to create Saints.”    

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