Chapter 1442 The Popular Great Zhou Empire

The chaos in Cangxuan Heaven finally came to an end.

The battle was so fierce and involved so much that almost everyone in Cangxuan Heaven was scared witless. They originally thought the source of the chaos was the Sacred Palace, but it was only after the Sacred Palace was destroyed and Sheng Yuan was killed that they understood palace master Sheng Yuan was just a sacrifice pushed to the forefront. 

But the real terror were the Sacred Race’s prime Saints and the Sacred God’s incarnate. 

Fortunately, they defended Cangxuan Heaven after several battles. Also, the newly-appointed Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, Zhou Yuan, entered the hearts of countless people in Cangxuan Heaven.  

Zhou Yuan’s prestige in Cangxuan Heaven could undoubtedly be said to have reached its peak. 

Moreover, perhaps because Cangxuan Heaven was ranked at the bottom of all-heavens for too many years and that a Saint and Heaven Master hadn’t appeared in Cangxuan Heaven in many years after the death of old ancestor Cang Xuan, many people in Cangxuan Heaven felt unsafe and insecure. 

That feeling of insecurity grew even stronger in the past few years when the Sacred Race became increasingly threatening.  

Everyone knew how fragile and weak a heaven without the protection of a Heaven Master would be when a war between all-heavens and the Sacred Race breaks out. 

It was because of all those reasons that they were so ecstatic that Zhou Yuan appeared suddenly. He was the last hope of Cangxuan Heaven.

Not only them, even sect master Qing Yang, Heaven Sword Sovereign and other sect masters had the same thought. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have objected to disbanding the Cangxuan Alliance after the war ended.

Cangxuan Heaven very rarely gave birth to such an influential person and they had cling to him after much difficulty, how would they so easily dissociate themselves from that relationship? 

So due to those aforementioned reasons, Zhou Yuan could be said to be the well-deserved face of the entire Cangxuan Heaven. 


The Great Zhou City. The imperial palace.

In the garden.

Zhou Yuan was resting on a chair, bathing in the warm sunlight. That relaxing feeling felt incredibly comfortable.  

Although his eyes were closed, the scene around the stone pavilion was clearly shown in his mind.

His mother, Qin Yu, was holding Yaoyao’s little hand with a kind and wide smile. She constantly whispered and chuckled out loud, and her eyes were filled with content as she gazed at yaoyao. 

While the two were chatting, Qin Yu mentioned a lot of Zhou Yuan’s embarrassing moments when he was a child. But Yaoyao was still as cold and detached as when she was at the palace. However, occasionally, a slight smiling expression would come to her eyes when she heard something amusing. 

But Qin Yu didn't feel she was rude. Even though she wasn’t aware of Yaoyao’s true identity, she was already very fond of her when Zhou Yuan brought Yaoyao to the Great Zhou. Qin Yu thought the two had parted ways when she didn’t see Zhou Yuan with her and constantly thought about her. After all, Yaoyao was too remarkable and she felt her silly son might not be good enough in Yaoyao’s eyes. Qin Yu was a little disappointed at the time, but after Zhao Yuan and Yaoyao returned together around a month ago, Qin Yu was so happy that she spent almost everyday with Yaoyao and didn’t even pay much attention to her own son. 

Hearing them whispering in the stone pavilion, Zhou Yuan pursed his lips. He suddenly felt his stomach sink and he opened his eyes to see Tuntun lying there. 

Tuntun patted Zhou Yuan with his claw and pointed to Yaoyao, who was in the stone pavilion.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment and he understood what Tuntun meant. In the past month, Yaoyao's emotions were increasingly lively, and although that might not be a big deal to ordinary people, if it happened to Yaoyao, it indicated something was wrong. 

After all, she wasn’t an ordinary person. She was the third god. 

She was one of the only two divine gods in the Tianyuan World.

Zhou Yuan speculated that Yaoyao’s change was due to the God Annihilation Cursed Poison, but he knew he couldn’t do anything. If Yaoyao didn’t tell them, no one would know what her current situation was. 

All he could do was stretch out his hand and stroke Tuntun’s head to comfort him.

Tuntun whimpered and lay down on Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly and closed his eyes again to rest his mind, enjoying the rare peacefulness. 

But before Zhou Yuan could rest for long, an angry and laughing voice woke him up. “Kid, you created a mess in my Great Zhou Empire and made me do so much work. I’ve been so busy but you’re slacking off here.”

Zhou Yuan peeked through half-open eyes and saw Zhou Qing standing beside him and helplessly pursed his lips. 

Zhou Yuan’s prestige had reached its peak in Cangxuan Heaven ,and as a result, in the past month that he returned to the Great Zhou Empire, countless sects and factions had flocked to the Great Zhou Empire, which was previously considered a remote area in Cangxuan Heaven.

This was because the Great Zhou Empire was considered Zhou Yuan’s birthplace and his father and mother were there, so even if the Great Zhou Empire had no plans to expand in the future, it still inevitably became a superior place in Cangxuan Heaven. 

It might be superior to even the Cangxuan Sect in terms of status. 

With that kind of status, the Great Zhou Empire would no doubt become one of the most sacred cultivation places in Cangxuan Heaven as long as Heaven Master Zhou Yuan took care of it a little. 

Thus, it was best to get familiar with the Great Zhou Empire early and make plans to settle down there.

Therefore, in that past one month, the remote Cangmang Continent and the Great Zhou Empire became the most popular place in Cangxuan Heaven.

All sects and factions flocked to the Great Zhou Empire. However, to the Great Zhou Empire, they were all fierce dragons crossing the river. The Great Zhou Empire clearly wasn’t strong enough for them and if they were to stir up trouble or mess around, they could create wars and chaos in the empire in an instant. 

This was why the officials of the Great Zhou Empire all felt very anxious and restless when they saw those fierce dragons entering the Great Zhou Empire. After all, it was impossible for them, who were only at the Alpha Origin stage, to have the courage to confront Heavenly Sun experts or even Nascent Source experts. 

However, while the officials were shuddering with fear, they noticed those fierce dragons flocking over were as obedient as chicks. The air of arrogance that they expected didn't seem to exist and everyone was respectful. They even abided by the laws and politely answered during any questioning. 

All the officials in the Great Zhou Empire couldn’t believe it. Could it be that all the influential people outside of the Cangmang Continent are all decent people?

Most people who had such a thought were low-level people and received news much slower. On the other contrary, the high-level officials wouldn’t naively think the outsiders were decent people. They knew that those people only listened to their arrangements and dared not stir up trouble because there was someone in the Great Zhou Empire they were afraid to anger. 

His highness Zhou Yuan!  

With him watching over the Great Zhou Empire, who would dare to create trouble?

The Great Zhou Empire was not the same as before.

“Father, the way the wind follows you when you walk makes me feel like you aren’t here to scold me.” Zhou Yuan said with a smile, stretching his body. 

The Shengzhou Continent, the core continent of Cangxuan Heaven, was split and destroyed in the previous war and caused many experts to leave that continent. The Great Zhou Empire and the Cangmang Continent that Zhou Yuan oversaw were many people’s first choice to relocate. 

However, although those sects and factions were far superior to the Great Zhou Empire in terms of strength and the number of experts, Zhou Yuan believed that any one with a brain wouldn’t dare to behave wildly in the Great Zhou Empire. 

And if the people of those sects and factions joined the Great Zhou Empire, it would significantly increase the Great Zhou’s power. In a way, it was like a pie was dropped from the sky on the Great Zhou Empire.  

“Congratulations father. The Great Zhou Empire will soon become the strongest empire in the Cangmang Continent.” Zhou Yuan cupped one hand in the other.

“Brat, you dare mock your father.” Zhou Qing pretended to be angry, but he then sulked, “Having a son like you makes your father have no sense of accomplishment from my years of hard work.”

Zhou Qing had worked painstakingly hard for years to build the Great Zhou, but he couldn’t be compared to Zhou Yuan. 

“You have raised a son like me yet you still don’t feel any sense of accomplishment,” Zhou Yuan sounded surprised. 

Zhou Qing pointed at Zhou Yuan and wanted to scold him, but he couldn’t help bursting into laughter. He seated himself next to Zhou Yuan, gazing at Zhou Yuan’s face that resembled his. When Zhou Yuan left home years ago, his face was still young and soft. Zhou Qing now understood how much responsibility Zhou Yuan carried on his shoulders. 

Zhou Qing was responsible for only the Great Zhou Empire, but Zhou Yuan, the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, was responsible for the entire Cangxuan Heaven. 

“You have too much responsibility now, and your father doesn't have the ability to help you.”

Zhou Qing clapped Zhou Yuan on the shoulder and then glanced at the stone pavilion with a slight smile. “But there is something that father might be able to help you with.”

“What?” Zhou Yuan asked puzzledly. 

Zhou Qing smiled proudly, “How about I help you marry a princess?”

Zhou Yuan sprang up in his chair, his heart palpitating with excitement.

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