Chapter 1441 Change

Everyone present felt a chill in their hearts as Yaoyao’s voice rang out. 

That was the Sacred Race’s plan? He wanted to delay Yaoyao’s awakening process so he could awaken first?  

If that really happened, it would be catastrophic for all-heavens. 

After all, the Ancestral Dragon's will was almost completely exhausted after the war and so they couldn’t rely on the Ancestral Dragon’s will to counter the Sacred God again. They could only place all their hopes on the third god.

But the Sacred God had inflicted poison to the third god. The so-called God Annihilation Cursed Poison was certainly not an ordinary poison.  

“Can that poison be dispelled?” asked Zhou Yuan.     

Yaoyao gave a faint smile. “It shouldn’t be a problem. I just need some time.”

 Zhou Yuan’s gaze hovered on Yaoyao’s face for a good while and he finally nodded. 

But prime sovereign Di Long couldn’t help wanting to say something. It was just that prime sovereign Chi Ji stopped him. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo asked, “What plan does the third god have next?” 

“Since I have returned to Cangxuan Heaven, I want to stay a little longer. I want to accompany Zhou Yuan back to the Great Zhou City.” Yaoyao peered into the distance, her eyes filled with nostalgia.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo nodded. “Of course. Zhou Yuan is now the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven and the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array has returned to its position. Cangxuan Heaven is now considered safe.” 

“I wonder if the third god can extract a trace of the God Annihilation Cursed Poison so we can bring it back to the Omega Shrine and investigate it with the power of all Saints. We might be able to figure out a way to help the third god dispel the poison.”

Yaoyao swept a glance over him and nonchalantly nodded. With one thought, a wisp of black qi spiralled up from her palm and countless ancient Genesis Runes gathered around it from all directions, forming a crystal-clear droplet.

That drop of poisonous qi drifted towards prime sovereign Jin Luo, who wore a very serious expression. He brought out his golden prime chaos bell and carefully stored the droplet inside. 

Yaoyao didn't say anything else and walked away.

“Zhou Yuan, if there are any changes in the third god’s condition, I hope you will notify us right away.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo didn’t stop her and just reminded Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan nodded, gave a cupped fist salute to everyone and followed after Yaoyao.

The three prime sovereigns, Cang Yuan and other Saints watched the two leave, and it was only after a long while that prime sovereign Di Long said with a deep frown, “The God Annihilation Cursed Poison isn’t ordinary. The third god must be hiding something.”

Prime sovereign Chi Ji said, “Does that need to be said? This time the Sacred Race not only dispatched the seven great prime Saints, but also descended an incarnate of the Sacred God, who hadn’t fully awakened. But even after such a large-scale attack, they sacrificed two prime Saints in the end. Since they paid such a huge price, it likely wouldn’t just be a little ordinary poison.”

“But so what? Our third god clearly has no interest in talking to us. If she doesn’t want to talk, how can we force her?”

Prime sovereign Di Long couldn't help saying, “She’s too wilful. If something happens to her, what should all-heavens do?”  

Prime sovereign Jin Luo shook his head. “You want to talk about whether the third god is wilful? You are too naive. But don't worry too much. The third god has someone she cares about. So if the situation is really out of her control, she will definitely let us know. What we need to do now is use the Omega Shrine’s power to figure out a way to help the third god dispel the cursed poison.”

Di Long and Chi Ji nodded.

Prime sovereign Jin Luo continued, “Also, even though the Sacred Race has retreated, the Sacred Race will continue to disturb us. We need to make preparations in case the Sacred God fully awakens. Therefore, the flames of war wouldn’t stop in the next few years. All-heavens need to be in their highest state of readiness because when the next war breaks out, we might see the Sacred God in his most flourishing state.”

Everyone’s face grew overcast when they heard that. For countless years, the Sacred God was like a giant mountain suppressing all-heavens to the point they couldn’t breathe. In the world-ending war, if it wasn’t for the remaining Ancestral Dragon’s will, the Tianyuan World likely would have belonged to the Sacred Race and the citizens of all-heavens would either be swallowed by the Sacred God or slaughtered like pigs.

All-heavens fortunately survived the world-ending war by relying on the Ancestral Dragon’s will in the ancient times, but what would happen this time? 

The Sacred God would never die nor be destroyed and constantly disturbed the people of all-heavens. Like a shadow constantly pestering them, it made them unable to eat or rest peacefully. 

“Cang Yuan, stay in Cangxuan Heaven with three double-lotus Saints to take care of them.” Prime sovereign Jin Luo instructed Cang Yuan.

Cang Yuan let out a sigh and nodded worriedly.  

After making some arrangements and leaving some instructions, Jin Luo, Di Long, and Chi Ji once again glanced in the direction that Yaoyao left before they slowly faded like an illusion. 

While following Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan passed a message to sect master Qing Yang and the others, instructing them on how to deal with some post-war matters, The Sacred Race had retreated and so the Cangxuan Alliance should come out and clean up the mess. 

After passing on the instructions, Zhou Yuan lifted his eyes and saw Yaoyao standing atop a green mountain peak shrouded in clouds and mist, graceful and ethereal like a fairy. 

With a slight movement, Zhou Yuan appeared next to Yaoyao.

“Want to pay the Great Zhou City a visit?” Zhou Yuan said with a smile as he reached for Yaoyao's little hand.

Yaoyao nodded. As she lifted her face, the sunlight illuminated her beautiful jade-like face, highlighting her exquisite facial features that seemed to be formed from the spirit of heaven and earth and her icy skin glistened like gemstones, mesmerizing everyone. 

She curved her red lips, tilted her head to look at Zhou Yuan and said, “Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, you have returned to your hometown in glory.”

When Zhou Yuan left the Great Zhou City, he was only at the Divine Dwelling stage but now he was the most supreme being in Cangxuan Heaven and held the authority to control the entire Heaven. 

Zhou Yuan clasped Yaoyao's little hand, feeling the softness and coldness. “In truth, if I have a choice, I would rather not assume the position of Heaven Master. I just want to be a peaceful prince and make you my princess.”

Yaoyao's eyes were gentle and soft as she leaned her head on Zhou Yuan's shoulder. As the two huddled together, there was a rare comfort and warmth.

But after a while, Yaoyao suddenly smiled. “I almost forgot about that guy.”

As she raised her jade-like hand, a spatial vortex took shape and a figure charged out. It was Tun Tun.

Tuntun seemed to have been restrained for a good while. The moment he appeared, he roared angrily at Yaoyao and then darted onto Zhou Yuan’s head, scratching at his head until his hair resembled a bird nest. 

Zhou Yuan was at a loss for words. “You only know how to bully the weak and fear the strong. It’s not me who locked you up.”  

Yaoyao covered her lips and giggled. She brought Tuntun down from Zhou Yuan's head and lifted him into the air. “Do you want to return to the Great Zhou City?”

Tuntun blinked repeatedly and then obediently nodded.

Tuntun lay on Yaoyao's shoulder, but he stared at Zhou Yuan from behind with bewilderment in his beast eyes.  

Zhou Yuan fell silent when he sensed Tuntun’s gaze. He knew what Tuntun found bewildering. Yaoyao’s emotions were clearly more vivid than before.

Yaoyao previously was detached and indifferent like a god but the current her was lively and spirited like when she was in the Great Zhou City. 

Zhou Yuan gazed at Yaoyao's beautiful face. He knew that Yaoyao's change was related to the so-called God Annihilation Cursed Poison, but he was reluctant to part with the current her. 

The current Yaoyao was more like a person than a god.

He didn’t know whether this change was good or bad, but if Yaoyao was happier because of that, Zhou Yuan was willing to accompany her at all times.

Zhou Yuan tightly gripped Yaoyao's little hand and gave a bright smile.

“Let's go, I will take you back to the Great Zhou City.”

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