Chapter 1440 God Annihilation Curse Poison

The Sacred God’s huge face dissipated from the world and all Saints’ hearts sank. They all heard what the Sacred God said.

The third god seemed to be wounded.    

Zhou Yuan immediately appeared next to Yaoyao and he reached for her snow-white hand. Seeing the black poisonous mark squirming and expanding in his palm, his face darkened. 

The poisonous mark was no wider than a finger but the ominous and poisonous qi it emitted made people dared not to touch it. 

Cang Yuan and the others also appeared beside Zhou Yuan, studying the poisonous mark. They were all terror-stricken because they knew they would instantly be reduced to a pool of black blood if the poisonous qi penetrated their bodies. Any foundation was extremely weak in front of the poisonous qi. 

“What terrifying poison,” remarked Cang Yuan, scrunching his brows in a frown.

“Is this the Sacred Race’s ultimate goal of dispatching so many people this time?” Another double-lotus Saint said through gritted teeth. 

Now that the Sacred God’s incarnate had vanished and the Sacred Race’s plan was completely exposed, it was clear that everything was targeted at the third god. 

In a sense, even if the Sacred Race had sacrificed two prime Saints, the Sacred Race had indeed achieved their ultimate goal. 

Zhou Yuan gazed at Yaoyao's fair and stunning face. Even though a mysterious poison that could threaten her divinity had invaded her body, her face was still calm as always. 

Zhou Yuan bit his lips and didn’t say anything, but his eyes were filled with self-blame. 

The Sacred Race’s ultimate goal was directed at Yaoyao but Zhou Yuan was a burden to her whether it was when the Sacred Race tried to force Yaoyao out or when the Sacred God inflicted her with poison. 

He originally thought that he could change things after reaching the Saint stage and becoming the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. But he finally understood how cruel reality was. He might be considered an expert at the pinnacle of the Tianyuan World, but so what? In a battle of that level, he was only seen as a huge flaw to attack Yaoyao. 

The trace of pride and satisfaction he felt after being promoted to the position of Heaven Master now seemed particularly ridiculous and funny.

While Zhou Yuan was blaming himself, Yaoyao gripped Zhou Yuan’s hand. That cold but delicate feeling was like touching a jade stone.  

Zhou Yuan lifted his head to see Yaoyao gazing at him with a rare gentleness and shaking her head. 

“Don't deny your achievement. If even you don’t have confidence, the Saints of all-heavens should be so ashamed that they burn their own Saint lotus,” said Yaoyao in a soft voice. 

The other Saints' faces twitched when they heard that, but they couldn’t refute because Yaoyao was indeed right. Zhao Yuan had reached the Saint stage and was in charge of Cangxuan Heaven. Therefore, even veteran double-lotus Saints wouldn’t have much of an advantage in a fight against Zhou Yuan in Cangxuan Heaven. 

They had cultivated hundreds of times longer than Zhou Yuan had, but Zhou Yuan had caught up to them all. Everyone had to marvel at his talent and potential.

A monster like him would likely achieve the title prime sovereign earlier than his master Cang Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan seemed inferior in this battle, but that was only because of the level of the opponents that appeared, such as an incarnate of the Sacred God. Even the three prime sovereigns from the Omega Shrine likely wouldn’t have much advantage in that battle. 

Besides the Sacred God’s incarnate, Mo Jie and Hei Zhao were also fierce and well-known characters. In the face of opponents like them, even veteran double-lotus saints like them would have to rely on the number of people and the Ancestral Dragon Lantern to be able to compete.

Zhou Yuan clasped Yaoyao’s little hand silently for a good while. He soon settled his emotions because he understood that those emotions were pointless.

At that moment, the surrounding space suddenly distorted and crumbled and three figures emitting extremely oppressive pressure landed in front of Zhou Yuan and the others.

“Prime sovereign Jin Luo.”    

“Prime sovereign Di Long.”    

“Prime sovereign  Chi Ji.”  

Seeing the three figures descend, Cang Yuan and the other double-lotus Saints placed one arm on their chests. 

The three people before them were precisely the three prime sovereigns of the Omega Shrine. The prime Saints of the Sacred Race had previously obstructed them from helping, but now that the Sacred Race had retreated, they all immediately descended upon Cangxuan Heaven. 

Zhou Yuan swept a glance over them. Besides prime sovereign Jin Luo, who he was familiar with, he took a closer look at prime sovereign Di Long and prime sovereign Chi Ji.

Prime sovereign Di Long, who was from Wanshou Heaven, was burly and tall and his body was protected by golden dragon armor. His face was fierce and imposing, and waves of mighty dragon aura were constantly emitted from him, causing the surrounding space to vibrate. 

Prime sovereign Chi Ji, who was from Qiankun Heaven, was beautiful, tall, shapely, mature and intelligent. Her every smile and movement gave off an elegant charm. 

When the three prime sovereigns appeared, they immediately looked at Yaoyao and put one hand on their chests in salute.

“We pay respect to the third god.”    

Even prime sovereign Di Long, who was overbearing and haughty, didn’t have his usual air of arrogance. After all, no matter what choice he previously made in regards to the divine stone that gave birth to Yaoyao, Yaoyao was now born and was gradually recovering her divinity. He had to put away his previous thoughts because Yaoyao was now the last hope of all-heavens. 

All three prime sovereigns felt very uneasy after seeing the incarnate of the Sacred God. The fact that the Sacred God could form an incarnation indicated that he wasn’t far from fully awakening.  

All three prime sovereigns had experienced the world-ending war and so they were well aware how terrifying the Sacred God was. 

Yaoyao swept an indifferent gaze over the three and nodded slightly. 

Prime sovereign Jin Luo ran his eyes across everyone and said in a gentle voice, “You have all worked very hard to protect Cangxuan Heaven.”

Cang Yuan and others smiled bitterly with a serious look in their eyes. If Yaoyao wasn’t poisoned, it would have been considered a victory for all-heavens. After all, the Sacred Race had lost two prime Saints. But Yaoyao was inflicted with the so-called God Annihilation Cursed Poison, and if anything happened to her, the hope of all-heavens would be gone. 

Seeing their expressions, all three prime sovereigns tensed up and then looked at Yaoyao and asked, “How is the third god?” 

Yaoyao remained indifferent, but she evidently wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t respond.  

Prime sovereign Jin Luo and the other two couldn’t help feeling a little awkward. 

With a worried frown, Zhou Yuan gently held Yaoyao’s small hand. 

Since the Sacred God had gone to so much effort to inflict Yaoyao with poison, the so-called God Annihilation Cursed Poison wouldn’t be ordinary. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth sacrificing two prime Saints from the Sacred Race. 

Yaoyao glanced at Zhou Yuan and was silent for a while before she said, “This is a poison specially used to kill a god. Back then, the Sacred God was severely wounded in the great battle against the Ancestral Dragon’s will. After that he went into a dormant state, and during those thousands of years, he managed to expel the Ancestral Dragon’s will that invaded his body and refined it into the so-called God Annihilation Cursed Poison.

"I can feel the boundless darkness and tyrannical nature contained in this cursed poison. It is the pain that the Sacred God suffered when he was dormant in the darkness. He extracted that pain and added it to the cursed poison.”

Yaoyao peered at the black poisonous mark that was gradually expanding in her palm and continued, “He wants to use this cursed poison to slow me down…so he could fully awaken before me.

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