Chapter 1439 First Time Meeting the Second God

Yaoyao's voice reverberated throughout the world, and her words chilled the experts of all-heavens. Everyone stared at the broken black spear with terrified gazes.  

Under the many intent gazes, the black broken spear vibrated. Then, a black current spread out from the spear, forming an incomparably huge face in the air. 

The face was old, primitive, and chaotic.

The huge face’s appearance caused the entire Cangxuan Heaven to howl with sorrow and Genesis Qi to spiral out of control. Wind, water and fire descended from the sky, plunging the entire world into chaos. 

Zhou Yuan hurriedly operated the heaven’s power, exhausting his strength to settle the chaos. But the vibration remaining in the world still terrified him. The entire Cangxuan Heaven would be cowering and trembling if it had its own spiritual intelligence. 

Zhou Yuan fearfully surveyed the ancient face of chaos. Even from afar, the mighty Saint power in his body fluctuated and his incredibly tough Saint body was flickering indefinitely. 

That indescribable pressure was different from that of any prime saints or prime sovereigns. 

The face that seemed illusory and real was like the starry sky or huge ocean — it terrified people at once glance and no one dared to investigate closer. 

Zhou Yuan had previously seen Sacred Race experts summoned a Sacred God projection using a secret art in the utopia of Wanzhou Heaven, but that projection was considered nothing compared to the huge face before him. 

“The third god, you seemed to have rejected my good will.”

The ancient face moved as the space distorted. It opened its eyes and peered at Yaoyao. 

Yaoyao’s beautiful face was unusually solemn as she stared at the ancient face because it was considered a true incarnate of the Sacred God and not just a projection. 

“When did you ever have good will?” Yaoyao’s silky black hair swayed though no wind stirred the air, and supreme power was circulated within her Divine Eye. 

“Sacred God, your goal is to swallow all the beings transformed by the Ancestral Dragon so you can step into the first power of order. I was born from the Ancestral Dragon’s will and thus is a natural enemy to you. So, you should end your pointless scheme.”

The Sacred God’s face produced a slight chuckle. “You and I are both divine beings and those creatures are nothing but dust in our eyes. Although you were born from the Ancestral Dragon’s will, you’re not the Ancestral Dragon. Do you really want to become my enemy for those dust-like creatures?” 

Yaoyao's pretty face remained indifferent.

The Sacred God’s face rippled and his eyes of chaos shifted towards Zhou Yuan. An indescribably deep voice resounded, “Is it because of that person that you insist on becoming my enemy Haha, interesting. The high and mighty third god developed feelings for a dust-like creature. Third god, you are a disgrace to the title of divine god.” 

The Sacred God’s laughter reverberated, shaking the world and transforming the wind and clouds. Everyone shuddered with fear. 

“What does it have to do with you? You’re just an incarnate. What right do you have to lecture me?” Yaoyao's voice, filled with killing intent, resounded like a cold spring. 

“Although I am an incarnate, you are only the third god who hasn’t restored her divinity.” The Sacred God smiled faintly and an unconcerned expression emerged on that huge face. “Never mind, you are born from the Ancestral Dragon’s will and I want to control the first power of order, so I eventually will have to swallow you. It doesn’t matter what choice you make. Today, I want to see how capable you are. Third God, how much of the Ancestral Dragon have you inherited?”

As his voice died away, a broken black spear drilled out from the giant face suspended in the sky. The spear was dark and deep and the black light surrounding it seemed capable of engulfing everything. 

Even Zhou Yuan felt his Saint body was repeatedly slashed and invaded by an invisible power when he looked at the spear from afar. It was hard to imagine what fatal consequences there would be if struck. 

Even the triple-lotus prime sovereigns likely couldn’t escape the danger of being killed, let alone the others. 

A grave expression also came to Yaoyao’s eyes as she stared at the black spear. Just as the Sacred God had said, although he was only an incarnate, she also hadn’t fully restored her divinity. Their strengths should be around the same level now. 

The Saints of both the Sacred Race and all-heavens were watching with solemn expressions. Although both Yaoyao and the Sacred God weren’t in their perfect state, it was still the first time the two strongest of the two sides clashed. 

A battle between them would no doubt have a profound and lasting impact. 

The broken black spear suddenly darted out and that side of the world started to collapse. A dark and deep black light pervaded the area, turning everything into nothingness. 

It was as though a chunk of the world was severed off where the black light passed.

Zhou Yuan, Cang Yuan and other Cangxuan Heaven experts were chilled to the bone. A strong feeling of crisis made them want to turn around and flee. 

They had never seen such power.     

It was the most supreme power and was superior to even mighty Saint power!

Yaoyao clenched her beautiful hand and a jade brush appeared in her grip. As the tip of the brush pointed downwards, the surrounding space began to vibrate. 

Countless ancient and primitive Genesis Runes flowed out from the tip, and each one could make any Genesis Rune master crazy and mesmerized because they were Genesis Runes most compatible with heaven and earth. 

Each Genesis Rune could trigger the Genesis source energy between heaven and earth.

In just a few breaths, the countless primitive Genesis Runes floated up and seemed to transform into a dazzling starry river. The starry river started to spin, compress, and eventually formed a Genesis Rune star.

The Genesis Rune star suddenly crashed down, crushing countless voids in its way. 

It was directly aiming for the black light that can turn everything into nothingness.


The collision between the two didn’t create earth shaking booms as expected. Instead, darkness rapidly spread from the site of collision and turned into a vast expanse of blackness spanning across a million miles in just a few breaths.  

Everything was annihilated within the area, including Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan looked solemnly at the dark area that covered a million miles. It was as though that area was completely detached from Cangxuan Heaven, and even he, who was the Heaven Master, couldn’t see into the area with his perception or repair it. 

That area seemed to be completely annihilated.

That destructive power terrified Zhou Yuan. Even though the impact from a battle between prime Saints and prime sovereigns could shatter space, it could still be repaired over time. 

But that black area seemed to be filled with primal chaos, and even Law Domain experts likely wouldn’t be able to escape if they fell into that area. 

It could be called a place of death. 

That place of death wasn’t formed by the world, but created from the collision between Yaoyao and the Sacred God. 

Their power was unbelievable. 

Yaoyao peered deeply into the dark area, and she suddenly flicked her beautiful jade-like fingers.


The space around the Sacred God’s tremendous face suddenly broke apart. A torrent of Genesis Runes burst forth, transforming into a giant dragon formed from ancient Genesis Runes. The dragon giant exuded a primitive aura with a hint of the Ancestral Dragon.

The Genesis Rune dragon hovered around the Sacred God face and suddenly gushed out dragon breath. Within the dragon breath was millions of Genesis Rune flickering like swirling dust. 

However, the Sacred God seemed to have no intention of countering the dragon breath of Genesis Runes. Instead, he chuckled. His laughter was full of meaning. 

As his laughter echoed, Zhou Yuan, who was in the distance, felt an uneasiness rushing to his heart. 


It was at that moment the space in front of him crumbled and a ray of black light darted out. Within the black light was a mottled spear covered with cracks. 

The spearhead was dull, and it didn't seem particularly sharp, but Zhou Yuan’s expressions dramatically changed. He didn't think the Sacred God would ignore himself and use the opportunity to suddenly attack him!

As the dark spear hurled towards him, time seemed to slow and a terrifying pressure enveloped Zhou Yuan, causing the Genesis Qi in his body to still. 

The so-called mighty Saint power and Heaven Master position seemed to have completely lost their effect. It was as though an inferior person was frightened by a superior person and had no power to resist their absolute pressure.

But at that moment, a slender jade hand clapped on Zhou Yuan's shoulder and pulled him back. Yaoyao's figure appeared in front of him, her beautiful face ice-cold. She lifted her sleeve, and as though a hidden void was concealed inside, the black spear entered her sleeve. 

Yaoyao quivered.

At the same time, she clenched her hand fiercely.


The Genesis Rune dragon circling around the Sacred God’s face suddenly erupted in a blaze of dazzling light, as though thousands of scorching suns exploded at the same time. 


A loud explosion shook the entire Cangxuan Heaven and several towering mountains were razed to the ground and endless waves rolled up from the seas. 

The storm lasted for a long while before it gradually subsided.  

Many people cast their gazes over, only to see black qi spiralling up and the huge god-like face continued to suspend in the air, indifferently watching over the world.

The Sacred God looked at Yaoyao, and a resounding indifferent voice rang out, “Third god, you care so much about an ant…


“Hah, a third god who is reluctant to part with those kinds of meaningless low-level feelings is no threat to me...Third god, my test is over. You disappointed me…”

The huge face formed from black qi gradually grew fainter.

“This God Annihilation Cursed Poison is a gift to you. I hope that, when you experience its pain, you will understand how stupid it is to sacrifice so much for an ant.

“Third god, we will truly meet soon. At that time, if you are still like this...then all-heavens will die with you.”

The huge face completely dissipated, but it's indifferent voice reverberating across the world made many all-heavens experts shudder with fear.  

Yaoyao scrunched her brows in a frown. She raised her hand and saw a black poisonous mark emerged in her fair jade-like palm. The poisonous mark slowly squirmed, and as it spread, it emitted an ominous and sinister poison.

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