Chapter 1438 The Last Scheme

As Yaoyao's cold and detached voice resounded, all powerful experts in the Tianyuan World cast their gazes towards Cangxuan Heaven, all wearing different expressions. 


Cang Yuan's expression turned solemn because he finally understood that the Sacred Race’s ultimate goal wasn’t Zhou Yuan but Yaoyao!

Their previous puzzlement was finally answered — Zhou Yuan indeed wasn’t worth the Sacred Race launch such a large-scale attack and dispatch seven prime Saints, but Yaoyao was!

The Sacred Race had clearly learned about the relationship between Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao and did everything they could to push Zhou Yuan to a dead end in order to force Yaoyao to appear. 

However, another puzzlement emerged in their minds. The Sacred Race only had two prime Saints in Cangxuan Heaven, and even though the two prime Saints were a huge trouble to them, it was naive to think those two prime Saints could wound Yaoyao. 

As Yaoyao descended in Cangxuan Heaven, the two sides underwent a reversal in strength.

In a sense, Mo Jie and Hei Zhao had fallen into danger because all-heavens had completely surrounded them. Yaoyao was in front of them, several Saints were at the side and Zhou Yuan, the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, was controlling the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array’s power. 

In such a situation, even two prime Saints might not manage to escape unscathed.

If the two prime Saints were killed there, it would no doubt be a serious damage to the Sacred Race. 

Mo Jie and Hei Zhao immediately focussed their attention on Yaoyao. Their faces gradually turned grave because they could feel an abyss- and prison-like pressure slowly released from Yaoyao. 

“It’s our honor to meet the third god,” said Mo Jie solemnly. 

Yaoyao indifferently peered at the two without a word.

Prime Saint Hei Zhao also maintained a respectful attitude. “We came here to express our good will to the third god. If the third god doesn’t intervene in our conflict with all-heavens, our race is willing to serve you.”

All experts in all-heavens were furious when they heard that. The Sacred Race wants to draw the third god to their side?!

There wasn’t a ripple of expression in Yaoyao’s cold glass-like eyes. “I have no interest in your Sacred Race.”

Prime Saint Hei Zhao sincerely persuaded, “Third god, you are a divine god and everything in the world is yours. They are just insignificant ants. There is no need to become an enemy to our god for them. Our race can give everything that all-heavens give you. When our god unifies the Tianyuan World in the future, the world will be shared with you.” 

Yaoyao glared at Hei Zhao and said indifferently, “You’re wrong. There is someone I treasure in all-heavens. Otherwise, how could you lure me here?”

Many Saints couldn’t help but cast complex glances at Zhou Yuan.

The third god was publicly acknowledging her relationship with Zhou Yaun.

Zhou Yuan also wore a complex expression with a hint of melancholy. Generally speaking, shouldn’t the man acknowledge the relationship in public? Only then would it show his status. Why did he feel a strange feeling like he was in the wrong position in the relationship? 

Prime Saint Hei Zhao pondered for a moment and said, “Third God, your divinity hasn’t fully recovered and so your decision is affected by human nature. But when you fully recover, you wouldn’t think the same way.”

But when his words died away, he suddenly felt a chill gathering and ice seemed to freeze in the third god’s indifferent eyes. 

“You talk too much nonsense.”

A strand of Yaoyao’s silky hair fluttered up, revealing her eye. That eye seemed to have transformed into primal chaos just like when the world first began, and a primitive qi pervaded the air. 

Sacred Eye!

Divine light glowed within the Sacred Eye. Suddenly, the divine light rushed out from the eye. 

The world suddenly lost its brilliance and the blazing sun dimmed. Everything lost its voice.

Universe Genesis Qi also subsided.

Only a ray of divine light streaked across the sky and slashed past above Mo Jie and Hei Zhao.

The two sides didn’t seem to have made any contact, but Mo Jie’s and Hei Zhao’s faces twisted with pain when the ray of divine light passed. Then, the Saint lotus on their shoulders and the top of their heads flashed. 

The three Saint lotus gradually withered and their petals fluttered down.

The Saints of both the Sacred Race and all-heavens blanched because they knew what the scene represented. Their three lotus flowers were severed and their foundations were destroyed!

Only a ray of divine light slashed across the air, but two prime Saints’ foundations were damaged. What astonishing power! 

Mo Jie and Hei Zhao also didn’t look good. Yaoyao’s slash brought more harm to them that the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array and the joint attacks from Cang Yuan and the others. 

The person in front them was worthy of being called a divine god. Even if she hadn’t fully recovered, her power was still superior to mighty Saint power.  

“As expected of prime Saints with a deep foundation. You even withstood the Three Flower Slash.” Yaoyao nodded and fluttered her slender fingers in the air. Ripples suddenly bloomed in the air. 

Chaos frantically surged in one of her Sacred Eye and rays of divine light quickly gathered around her fingertips. Each one carried an indescribable lingering charm as if it could be traced back to the beginning of the world.

That scene could make any Saint shudder with fear, and even prime Saint Mo Jie and Hei Zhao wore fearful looks. But more than that, there was determination. 

“Since you entered Cangxuan Heaven, you must have prepared to die. Since that’s the case, I will fulfil your wish.” Yaoyao pointed her finger at them.

Divine light whizzed out again, slashing through the air. 

Facing the endless divine light descending, Mo Jie and Hei Zhao exchanged a glance, took a deep breath and stretched out their hands  As their hands came into contact, a seal was formed in the other. 

A fanatical expression emerged on their faces.

“When our god descends, it is the day of our resurrection!”

While many all-heavens Saints stood terrified, raging fire rose from Mo Jie and Hei Zhao. Before the divine light neared them, the Saint lotus on their shoulders and head were blazing. 

The two prime Saints chose to self-ignite their Saint lotus!


As the two prime Saints self-ignited their Saint lotus, everyone felt two gushes of terrifying power converging, rising, and stirring the universe Genesis Qi in the entire Cangxuan Heaven. 

An indescribable pressure shrouded every corner of Cangxuan Heaven.

The divine light slashed down but as it touched the raging flames, a metallic clang resounded. Zhou Yuan, Cang Yuan and the others couldn’t stop their expressions from changing because they realized a strange force had eliminated the divine light in an instant. 

They stared intently at Mo Jie and Hei Zhao and saw a rusty and mottled broken black spear suspended in the distorted space.

As the black spear appeared, the world suddenly dimmed and a powerful but primitive aura filled the air. 

Under that aura, Zhou Yuan felt Cangxuan Heaven quaking and universe Genesis Qi going out of control. It was as though even the world was terrified. 

What kind of existence could make a world that terrified? 

With an overcast face, Zhou Yuan stared intently at the broken black spear that made blood-colored tears flow from his eyes when he just looked at it. Mo Jie and Hei Zhao sacrificed their bodies to provide strength for that object

Since two prime Saints were willing to pay such a disastrous price for that object, the master of it was self-evident.

Who else would it be besides the Sacred Race’s Sacred God?!

Clearly, the Sacred Race went to such efforts and even sacrificed two prime Saints to summon the rusty and mottled spear, which otherwise would have been corroded by time. 

As Yaoyao, who was hovering in the air, peered at the black broken spear, her icy and beautiful face finally rippled. She moved her red lips and her cold voice rang out, “That is the God Annihilation Spear. Back in the ancient times, when the Sacred God started the world-ending war, he also awakened the Ancestral Dragon’s will left in the depths of the world. With the God Annihilation Spear, the Sacred God fought the Ancestral Dragon’s will and the spear was broken in the end…

“And now the God Annihilation Spear reappeared…”      

Yaoyao's silky waterfall-like hair swayed with the wind and a corner of her dress fluttered. Her words chilled all Saints of all-heavens.

“It seems you’re not far from fully awakening. Is that right, Sacred God?”

Her last sentence was directed at the broken black spear.      

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