Chapter 1437 The Sacred Race’s Ultimate Goal

When the black spear disappeared, the illusory figure of Zhou Yuan, who seemed to have fallen into a void of emptiness, suddenly paled because he felt an indescribable power had locked onto him. 

That locking was similar to a shadow following a body. Even if he had concealed his true body using Cangxuan Heaven’s power, that power could still capture and even lock onto him.  

The feeling was similar to an eagle hovering in the sky as it eyed a prey bolting on the ground.  


While Zhou Yuan was terrified by such a feeling, he saw a black light flashed before him. Then, the surrounding space crumbled apart. 

A black spear loomed within the black light, bringing with it a monstrous chill. 

All Zhou Yuan's hairs stood on end. A strong feeling of danger made his blood rise in temperature and every part of his flesh squirmed and screech. 

All those sudden changes were to remind Zhou Yuan that the attack aiming at him could obliterate him if he were careless!  

Zhou Yuan had no doubts about that power’s terror. Only the three prime sovereigns in the entire world were qualified to try that blow, which combined the essence and blood of seven prime Saints. 

But the Sacred Race made an exception for Zhou Yuan, and that made Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but wonder whether he should feel honored or unlucky. 

As the destructive crisis neared, Zhou Yuan’s heart pounded like a giant drum. But the more it was so, the more he felt extreme calmness. With one thought, he borrowed the power of Cangxuan Heaven to help him draw back. He broke through multiple voids and concealed his true body while forming countless protection in front of him to block the black spear. 

In addition, he divided his attention to frantically mobilize the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array’s power. 

Countless streams of mysterious and powerful light constantly darted down from the boundary walls, penetrated space and struck Mo Jie and Hei Zhao.

Under the bombardment of the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array’s power, the bodies of Mo Jie and Hei Zhao became mottled and the oppressive pressure emitting from them gradually diminished. 

Anyone could feel their Genesis source was gradually weakening. 

Evidently, they had to pay a disastrous price under the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array’s attack. 

This was Zhou Yuan's strategy. If Mo Jie and Hei Zhao showed the slightest hesitation, Zhou Yuan would have a chance to flee from the black spear.

Cang Yuan also erupted in fury. He led the other seven double-lotus Saints to launch full-strength attacks. Several earth-shaking Genesis arts bombarded Mo Jie and Hei Zhao. 

He couldn’t understand why the Sacred Race’s prime Saints would want to kill Zhou Yuan at any cost. After all, although Zhou Yuan had astonishing potential, reached the Saint stage and took charge of Cangxuan Heaven, it was still too much to say that Zhou Yuan could threaten the Sacred Race. After all, the gap between the Sacred Race and all-heavens couldn’t be closed by a mere Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. 

Given the current situation, Mo Jie and Hei Zhao would no doubt be severely wounded if they refused to retreat. Was it really worth wounding two prime Saints to kill Zhou Yuan? 

Mo Jie and Hei Zhao answered Cang Yuan and the others with their actions. They still didn’t evade the increasingly powerful attacks from the eight double-lotus Saints and the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array. Instead, they forcibly withstood those attacks with their tough body and foundation while controlling the black spear to aim for Zhou Yuan.

“Mo Jie, Hei Zhao, are you really crazy?! You would choose to damage your foundation to fight Zhou Yuan?” Cang Yuan couldn’t help roaring out loud with a darkened face. 

Mo Jie grinned. “Cang Yuan, you should be proud. You have taught such an amazing disciple. You should know that even you aren’t worth us doing so.” 

Hei Zhao said indifferently, “Don't worry. He will be the first to die. Our foundation can endure those injuries.”

His voice was filled with determination to kill Zhou Yuan. 

Strong murderous intent surged in Cang Yuan’s eyes as he erupted in fury and madly launched attacks across the sky.


At the same time, the black light ripped apart several voids, and regardless of how Zhou Yuan concealed his true body, the black light closely followed him like a maggot.

The two quickly neared each other. 

Blood seeped out from Zhou Yuan’s skin, showing how terrifying the black spear was.

He couldn’t hide anymore.       

Zhou Yuan's face turned sullen, and a thought flashed across his mind. After trying many methods, he understood that the black spear seemed to have locked on his fate. It wouldn’t give up until it pierced his body and was stained with his blood. 

“The Sacred Race hates me this much?”

In truth, the situation had developed beyond Zhou Yuan’s expectation. Even if he had ruined many of the Sacred Race’s plans, it wasn’t necessary to dispatch seven prime Saints to deal with him. Furthermore, Mo Jie and Hei Zhao would have to pay a disastrous price to kill him. Their foundations would be weakened and it would require a lot of time and effort to restore it. 

Zhou Yuan was really flattered by the price they would pay to get rid of him.

Zhou Yuan's eyes glinted and a light dawned on his mind. He seemed to have understood something.

His pupils rapidly shrank. Although the Sacred Race had exhausted everything to deal with him, it likely wasn’t targeting him.

Their ultimate goal was Yaoyao! 

A chill rushed up from Zhou Yuan’s heart. Perhaps the Sacred Race’s large-scale attack wasn’t directed at him, but it wanted to take advantage of the relationship between Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao to force Yaoyao out! 

Suddenly, anger bubbled inside Zhou Yuan. As he watched the black spear pierce through space, his eyes blazed with determination. 

The current situation wasn’t a complete dead end. If the opponents’ attack had locked onto his physical body and he couldn’t escape no matter what he did, he might as well give up on his body!

He was the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. He could escape the crisis if he abandoned his body and integrated his Spirit into the world.

It was just that if his body was destroyed and his Spirit integrated with the world, flaws would emerge on his Saint path. Even if he restored his physical body in the future, his path on the Saint stage would come to an end. 

That was an extremely tragic price he would have to pay.

But Zhou Yuan would rather pay that price than let himself become a bargaining chip for the Sacred Race to force Yaoyao out!

Since the Sacred Race had such a plan, they must have come prepared and Yaoyao would no doubt be in danger if she showed up.  

Therefore, Zhou Yuan no longer drew back. His eyes were cold and determined as he folded his hands in seals at lightning speed. A crack spread across his glass body and his Spirit between his brows suddenly quivered. He was about to abandon his body and integrate with the world.    

However, just when Zhou Yuan’s Spirit was about to break out from the top of his head, an invisible but terrifying power descended, suppressing his Spirit and rapidly healed the crack in his body. 

That power, vast, profound and mysterious, seemed unfathomable. 

However, Zhou Yuan could perceive the softness contained in that vast power.

After dumbstruck for a moment, Zhou Yuan turned his head around and unsurprisingly saw a familiar stunningly beautiful figure. The figure stood barefooted in an azure dress and her slender body curved perfectly. Her slender and fair neck was like a swan and every arc and curve on her graceful body seemed to be a perfect masterpiece of heaven and made everyone feel inferior. 

However, when Zhou Yuan saw that flawless jade-like face, anger sprang out from him due to self-blame. 

“Are you stupid! They are using me to force you to appear!”

Yaoyao gazed at Zhou Yuan, who very rarely showed any anger, and curved her red lips. 

Then a soft voice sounded, “So what?”      

“You haven’t asked for my consent to abandon your Saint body. Also, there are things that can’t be solved by just avoiding them.”

She stretched out her hand in the black spear’s direction and her slender jade-like fingers folded inwards towards her palm. 


The black spear instantly shattered to pieces and the vast power it contained that no Saint dared to underestimate was almost completely wiped out.

Yaoyao cast an indifferent gaze towards Mo Jie and Hei Zhao. At that moment, the world changed color, Cangxuan Heaven rumbled and primal chaos fluctuated.

“I'm curious to see what you guys can do after forcing me out here? But no matter what, only five of the seven Saints would remain after today—

“Because I will kill you two here.”

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