Chapter 1435 Chaos Origin Returns

“Blessings of Heaven and Earth.” As Zhou Yuan’s voice rang out, the entire Cangxuan Heaven quaked as if a boundless power was rushing out and pouring towards Cang Yuan and the other eight double-lotus Saints. 

Under that power, Cang Yuan and the others felt their mighty Saint power growing stronger as if the entire Cangxuan Heaven was providing them with power. 

Cang Yuan’s wrinkled face lit up with joy. He quickly folded his fingertips in a seal and the suction force from the dragon’s mouth suddenly became fiercer, swallowing the billowing black lava and poisonous smoke within a few breaths.

“Zhou Yuan, you did well!” A double-lotus Saint couldn’t help but praise him. They and Hei Zhao were in a stalemate but Zhou Yuan’s Blessing of Heaven and Earth suddenly made their strength soar like a tiger that has grown wings, and they easily broke Hei Zhao’s attack. 

Hei Zhao's face reddened with fury as he said fiercely. “Mo Jie, what are you doing?”

He had stalled for time for Mo Jie, but he not only failed to get rid of Zhou Yuan and even let him join their battle. 

Expressionless, Mo Jie flicked his fingers and sent out a ray of azure light. It immediately obscured the sky. “Sky Obscuring Azure Boundary!”

Azure light swept across the world, blotting out the sun and sky and attempting to block the connection between Zhou Yuan and Cangxuan Heaven. 

“This won’t have much effect now.” Zhou Yuan smiled, pressing his hands together. Endless universe Genesis Qi rapidly gathered together as if it possessed some sort of life force, and nibbled at the azure boundary. 

The azure boundary was riddled with holes within seconds. 

Another ray of azure light surrounded with blazing Saint fire blasted towards Zhou Yuan. But with a slight movement, he vanished and reappeared tens of thousands of feet away.

As the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven who had reached the Saint stage, any means on him would have little effect on him in this heaven. 

Although he still couldn't fight Mo Jie head-on, he at least had the power to protect himself. 

Mo Jie’s face was devoid of expression, but the chill in his eyes revealed the anger surging in his heart. In his eyes, Zhou Yuan’s strength wasn’t anything special, but Zhou Yuan used Cangxuan Heaven’s geographical advantage and made him unable to do anything to Zhou Yuan.

Prime Saint Hei Zhao also noticed the situation. He pondered for a moment, his face terrifying with a fierce glint in his eyes, and said, “Since we can't catch that rat for now, let's get rid of this group of people first."   

He was referring to Cang Yuan and the others.      

Cang Yuan and the other double-lotus Saints could only draw with Hei Zhao with the help of the Ancestral Dragon Lantern’s power, but if Mo Jie joined the battle, it no doubt would tilt the battle to one side.

Once Cang Yuan and the others were dealt with, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t be able to escape even if he had an advantage in Cangxuan Heaven. 

A sinister smile came to Mo Jie’s face. As he nodded, the azure light reappeared and 99 azure dragons roared towards Cang Yuan and the others with destructive power.

“Zhou Yuan, you can continue to hide like a mouse. I want you to watch your master die here!”

Cang Yuan and the other Saints couldn’t stop their expressions from changing when they saw that scene. The combined strength of two prime Saints would put them under tremendous pressure and the slightest carelessness could result in severe injuries.

“Master, help me buy some time!” Zhou Yuan's voice rang in Cang Yuan's ears.

Cang Yuan's eyes lit up. He understood what Zhou Yuan had in mind. Given their current situation, if Zhou Yuan acted carelessly because of their disadvantage, they would only fall into the opponent's plan and the two prime Saints would change their target to Zhou Yuan.  

The Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array was the only thing that can resolve their crisis. 

“Everyone, get ready to fight desperately. Otherwise we would really die here today,” said Cang Yuan solemnly to the other seven Saints after he drew a deep breath.

The other seven double-lotus Saints assumed serious and solemn expressions. As Saints, they naturally weren't ordinary people and so they wouldn’t panic in the face of two prime Saints. They knew such emotions wouldn’t help the situation. 

They would only survive their fatal situation if they fight with all their strengths.  

Two sacred lotus emerged and rotated on the shoulders of the eight double-lotus Saints, including Cang Yuan. 

While rotating, streams of light containing wisps of mighty Saint power flowed out. They were so dazzling that they seemed to contain rivers of stars. Thos lights represented their foundation from their countless years of handwork. 

In the end, the lights of mighty saint power poured into the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. Its fire blazed increasingly brightly, making the lotus on the shoulders of Cang Yuan and others appear very dim in comparison.

“Ancestral Dragon Lantern, the strongest protection! The birth and destruction ring of primal chaos!”

Primal chaos flames that were grey and white gushed out from the Ancestral Dragon Lantern, intertwining with each other and eventually transformed into a ring of fire. As the ring rotated, a fire barrier enveloped Cang Yuan and the others. 


The destructive attacks from prime Saint Mo Jie and Hei Zhao finally neared and bombarded the fire barrier. 


At that moment, thunderbolts constantly crashed down on every corner of Cangxuan Heaven and indescribably destructive storms raged above the entire Shengzhou Continent, completely dispelling all universe Genesis Qi. 

All experts in the Shengzhou Continent felt universe Genesis Qi dissipating, as if the entire Shengzhou Continent had turned into a place without Genesis Qi.

Sect master Qing Yang, Chi Jing, Su Youwei and others could see an abyss spanning thousands of miles appearing from the source of the battle and almost covered the entire Shengzhou Continent.

“The Shengzhou Continent has been split apart.” Sect master Qing Yang and the others blanched at the scene. The battle had destroyed the core area of the Shengzhou Continent. 

This was a battle between Saints — the destructive power was astonishing. 

The thousand miles of space around the source of collision darkened like a tremendous black hole. 

A fire barrier loomed at the center, but even if it suffered a joint attack from two prime Saints, it still remained. Standing This alone was enough to show its terrifying defense power.

However, Cang Yuan and the other double-lotus Saints, who were under the fire barrier’s protection, didn’t look too good. Their skin split open from the impact of the power that seeped through the fire barrier. 

If they weren’t under the Ancestral Dragon Lantern’s protection, the impact could have killed at least half of the eight Saints. 

The power of a prime Saint was indeed terrifying.       

“The Ancestral Dragon Lantern is indeed remarkable.” Prime Saint Hei Zhao said indifferently with a frown. 

“If that happens again, it should be its limit, right?’ Mo Jie sneered. He ran his eyes across the surroundings and saw that Zhou Yuan had vanished. Zhou Yuan had completely integrated with the world and they couldn’t detect his presence. 

“Zhou Yuan, how long can you hide? When we dealt with them, where else can you hide?!” As his voice rang out, the surrounding space rippled and Zhou Yuan’s figure emerged.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were ice-cold as he locked them on Mo Jie and Hei Zhao. “This good show should come to an end. Our Cangxuan Heaven doesn’t welcome you, so—

 “Get lost.”     

“Even a new Saint dared to say something so arrogant.” Mo Jie said fiercely. 

However, prime Saint Hei Zhao’s expression changed abruptly because he sensed something wrong. He lifted his head, his gaze penetrating through the many voids, and he saw an endless formation descending and connecting with Cangxuan Heaven.

Prime Saint Hei Zhao’s face darkened

He knew that Cangxuan Heaven's Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array had returned.

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