Chapter 1434 Zhou Yuan Becomes A Saint

The two pillars of chaos fire that towered into the sky rapidly dimmed and the blazing fire turned into countless flames and floated upwards. 

After several breaths, when the pillars of fire had completely faded, the two figures bringing endless oppressive pressure to the surrounding people emerged in the air. 

“The Ancestral Dragon Lantern is indeed remarkable. If Jin Luo and the others were to activate it, it would have required us ten times more effort and time.” The azure runes on Mo Jie’s face circulated as he exclaimed. 

“Cang Yuan, why do something pointless. Do you think you can change anything by delaying it?” Hei Zhao spoke indifferently, but his and Mo Jie’s expressions suddenly changed. They glanced at the young figure sitting cross-legged above. “Oh? Your will has replaced the Cangxuan Heaven’s Heaven Heart?”

The two prime Saints narrowed their eyes. It turned out that Cang Yuan and the others had this planned. They stalled for time so that Zhou Yuan could integrate his will into Cangxuan Heaven. At that time, Zhou Yuan undoubtedly would become even more deserving of his title of Heaven Master. 

“He really has terrifying potential. He is always improving at an astonishing rate. Although this is mainly because he had support of heaven and earth, it still shows how outstanding he is,” remarked Mo Jie indifferently.

“My Sacred Race will soon wipe out this world, so there’s no point in struggling desperately. Let’s get rid of them.” Hei Zhao said indifferently as murderous intent flowed around his deep eyes. 

As his voice rang out, Hei Zhao lifted his hand into the air and a jet-black mouth slowly crack open in his palm. Then, black lava roared out from that mouth. 

The black lava was so terrifying that its appearance caused the entire world to vaporize. Black smoke curled up from the black lava and even the black smoke contained fire poison that terrified even Saint experts. 

The world dimmed and darkened as the black lava swept towards Cang Yuan and the others with terrifying and overwhelming force.

When Cang Yuan and the others saw Hei Zhao act, their expressions turned grave. A prime Saint had erupted with all his strength. Even if they had an advantage in number and held the Ancestral Dragon Lantern, they didn’t dare to act carelessly. 

Cang Yuan quickly formed a seal with his hands and the Ancestral Dragon Pill shone brightly and released a spark that quickly transformed into a stone shield. The shield was inscribed with a vague ancient dragon and emitted terrifying power.

The ancient dragon opened its mouth wide and as it let out a long roar, it completely swallowed all the black lava and toxic smoke. 

The collision between the two terrifying forces silently shredded the sky.  

But while Hei Zhao was dealing with Cang Yuan and the others, a smile came to prime Saint Mo Jie’s face and an azure rune broke out from his face. 


The azure rune immediately transformed into an azure thunderbolt of thousand foot tall. It roared like a fierce dragon and released earthshaking powers.

The azure thunderbolt whizzed across the air and struck down at Zhou Yuan. 

Prime Saint evidently intended to directly kill Zhou Yuan and completely eliminate all their troubles. 

“Zhou Yuan!”      

Cang Yuan and the others turned ashen. After all, they were facing a prime Saint, they could only obstruct one after combining all their strengths. How could they have extra strength to take care of Zhou Yuan? 

They could only helplessly watch the terrifying azure thunderbolt crash down at Zhou Yuan. 


Zhou Yuan's body immediately ripped apart. The terrifying thunderbolt power completely destroyed his flesh and blood. Within seconds, the azure thunderbolt had eliminated Zhou Yuan. 

Prime Saint Mo Jie smiled faintly, but before his smile fully spread across his face, he saw countless specks of light speeding over, and every speck contained incredibly pure universe Genesis Qi. 

Moreover, those specks of light seemed to contain an extremely ferocious vitality.

They quickly gathered together, and after a few breaths, a figure took shape and stood proudly in the air.

It was of course Zhou Yuan!      

However, he seemed to have undergone huge changes compared to before. His body was crystal-clear like glass and all impurities in him seemed to have vanished.

His eyes, bright and deep, were like the starry sky.

As he stood silently in the air, lights gathered on his left shoulder and gradually formed a lotus flower radiating with a sacred aura. 

The lotus flower slowly rotated, showing off the ancient and pure runes inscribed on each petal. It was so beautiful that it seemed to be created from the spirit of heaven and earth. 

It symbolized a pinnacle power in the world! 

A Saint lotus! 

Mighty Saint power!      

Cang Yuan and the others immediately lit up with excitement and joy. The Saint lotus’ appearance represented that Zhou Yuan had completely detached from his mortal body and truly broke through into the Saint stage!

Mo Jie swept a col gaze over Zhou Yuan, pausing on the Saint lotus on his shoulder, Although Zhou Yuan had become the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven and he knew that he would become a Saint sooner or later, his emotions still fluctuated when he witnessed it happen. This was because a Heaven Master in his own heaven wouldn’t be easy to kill. 

While Mo Jie’s expression was dramatically changing, Zhou Yuan titled his head to look at the Saint lotus on his shoulder. The simple lotus was transformed from his years of cultivation.

Images flashed across Zhou Yuan’s mind. 

The Great Zhou Empire, Saint Remains Domain, the Cangxuan Sect— 

The Tianyuan Region, the nine regions tournament, Guyuan Heaven— 

Wanshou Heaven, All-heavens City, the Stone Dragon Secret Domain—

Those many images were the countless ups and downs he experienced on his years of cultivation path. He had encountered several life and death situations but he still broke through them one after another.    

In the end, all those scenes were formed into a Saint lotus.

Emotion welled up within Zhou Yuan and it took him a while to gradually calm down. With a wide smile, he muttered, “Zhou Yuan, congratulations, you have reached the step that you didn't dare to hope for.”

But right now, in the face of a powerful enemy, Zhou Yuan quickly settled his surging emotions and looked at Mo Jie. He wasn’t so arrogant that he thought he could face a prime Saint head-on because he broke through to the Saint stage. After all, he was still only a one-lotus Saint. 

But fortunately, he was in Cangxuan Heaven and was the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. 

So what he could do was likely not possible for even double lotus Saints.

Zhou Yuan shifted his gaze to Cang Yuan and the others, and he saw they were all at a deadlock with prime Saint Hei Zhao. He folded one hand in a seal and his mighty Saint force descended.

“Blessings of Heaven and Earth!”      

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