Chapter 1433 Ambition

Darkness flowed around the core of the Cangxuan Heaven world, and the ominous aura and bizarreness was spine-chilling.

As for Zhou Yuan, he gradually recovered from his shock after several breaths. He stared at the depths of the darkness solemnly and vigilantly. It turned out the so-called defects in Cangxuan Heaven were there…

The darkness was full of corrosiveness. Furthermore, Zhou Yuan could perceive a tiny, subtle will in the depths that terrified even him.

Even though he was the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, he still felt suffocating under that will.

“It's... a wisp of will of the Sacred God?!” Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath, his heart trembling. In the entire Tianyuan World, even prime Saints of the Sacred Race wouldn’t possess such terrifying will. Only the Sacred God could reach that level and also bear malice towards all-heavens!

Evidently, the dark corrosiveness in Cangxuan Heaven was caused by the Sacred Race! 

The Sacred Race had unknowingly struck a wisp of darkness containing the Sacred God’s will into the core of the Cangxuan Heaven world. That darkness would slowly spread the corrosiveness, and once the corrosion was completed, even if the Sacred Race hadn’t taken control of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, they could still control the entire Cangxuan Heaven. 

Moreover, as Cangxuan Heaven was corroded, the chance of a Saint emerging there would be increasingly low. It basically severed Cangxuan Heaven’s future. 

This was perhaps why Cangxuan Heaven had deteriorated over the years. The Sacred Race was too ruthless. 

Zhou Yuan predicted that if the hidden crisis in Cangxuan Heaven wasn’t resolved, no more Saints would emerge in Cangxuan Heaven.

That would be a fatal blow to any heaven. 

Therefore, if he wanted Cangxuan Heaven to return to the right path, return to perfection, he had to remove the darkness and corrosiveness. But that was no easy task. Old ancestor Cang Xuan must have tried many things in the past, but everything clearly had no effect. 

Of course, Zhou Yuan understood that very well. After all, he was standing outside the darkness and didn’t dare to step inside because he knew the Sacred God’s will hiding in the darkness was too terrifying. Even if he was the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, the Sacred God’s will would corrode him if he entered deep into the darkness. 

For example Sheng Yuan. He became crazy in the end because he was corroded by the Sacred God’s will. From that it was clear how overbearing the Sacred God’s will was. Zhou Yuan didn’t. dare act carelessly if he didn’t have complete confidence. 

Zhou Yuan also understood what intention that power had to lead him here.

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and solemnly uttered to himself, “Although the path ahead is dangerous, as a member of Cangxuan Heaven, I have to protect everyone in this heaven. If I have a chance in the future I will make Cangxuan Heaven return to perfection!” His voice was quiet but every word came from the depths of his heart, as though making a vow. 

Although Cangxuan Heaven had no clear will, it possessed an instinctive self-protecting ability and the power that drew Zhou Yuan here was from there. 

Zhou Yuan's great ambitious vow could be said to be a promise he made to the entire Cangxuan Heaven and all people. But from another angle, it could be considered an agreement as the newly-appointed Heaven Master. 

As Zhou Yuan made his promise, he suddenly heard countless whispers ringing in his ears. Then, the countless veins across the world became increasingly bright. Zhou Yuan’s will slowly spread out and integrated with the Heaven Heart without any obstruction. 

My heart will replace the Heaven Heart.     

From then on, this word would have a true controller and ruler.

As his will began to replace the Heaven Heart, Zhou Yuan felt unimaginable changes happening in his body. Those changes were appearing in the depths of his body, blood vessels and Spirit. 

It was a transformation of life. 

In other words, he was becoming a Saint from a mortal.    

All powers in the Cangxuan Heaven were helping Zhou Yuan complete that transformation.


“Huh? The power of heaven and earth is moving.”

At the same time, Cang Yuan and the others also noticed the abnormal movements in Cangxuan Heaven. That power was so tremendous that even veteran double lotus Saints couldn’t help looking moved. 

But after looking moved, Cang Yuan’s face lit up with joy. He knew Zhou Yuan had successfully integrated his will with the Heaven Heart and from then on, he would truly control Cangxuan Heaven.

Cangxuan Heaven would also give the new Heaven Master the greatest gift. It would help Zhou Yuan achieve the step towards the Saint stage using the entire heaven’s strength as the support.

“Cang Yuan, you’re so lucky. A few years ago, your eldest disciple became a Saint and now your youngest disciple not only became the Heaven Master of a Heaven. he will reach the Saint stage soon.”

“Tsk tsk, three Saints in one sect. It’s extremely rare.”

The other six double lotus Saints couldn't help exclaiming with envious expressions. 

As double lotus Saints, they of course knew how difficult it was to become a Saint as a mortal. Since ancient times, it was unknown how many remarkable heaven prides couldn’t leap past that difficulty. 

Once when one became a Saint would one leap to the pinnacle level of the world and be admired and respected by millions of people. 

If Cang Yuan had three Saints in his sect, it no doubt would increase the weight of his words in the Omega Shrine and he could suppress the other veteran double lotus Saints.  

Facing the envied gazes of all Saints, Cang Yuan couldn’t help smiling widely, even if their situation didn’t look good. 

At the same time, he was overwhelmed with emotions. He had only ever accepted three official disciples, and even if Zhou Yuan joined much later, the time he took to reach the Saint stage was much shorter than Zhuan Zhu. His talent was incredibly rare. 

But speaking of that, he knew he didn’t do very well in teaching Zhou Yuan. In a sense, Yaoyao was more qualified to be called Zhou Yuan’s master. She was the one who guided the weak youngster who hadn’t unblocked his eight meridians back then to become a Heaven Master. 

Without Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan might not be able to achieve what he had now.

But without Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao likely wouldn’t still have human nature. She might have already regained her divinity and become the third god.

The two people supported each other and went through many ups and downs together. It wasn’t surprising that their friendship was so deep.

While Cang Yuan was sighing emotionally, his expression suddenly changed and his gaze shifted to the two pillars of chaos fire ahead because he sensed two terrifying gushes of mighty Saint power being released. The rotating pillars of fire gradually dimmed and became flames that filled the sky. 


Cang Yuan inhaled deeply. The other Saints' expressions also turned grave. 

They knew Mo Jie and Hei Zhao were about to break out.

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