Chapter 1432 Heaven Heart

Zhou Yuan’s turbulent emotions gradually calmed down, and he glanced at the two pillars of fire that seemed to form from primal chaos flames. Boundless primal chaos voids were transformed inside the pillars of flames and any one who fell into them would lose all perception. Even ordinary Saints would have to use a huge amount of time and energy to return to reality. Furthermore, the slightest carelessness could make one perish forever and be turned to nothingness. 

But that obviously wasn’t the case for Mo Jie and Hei Zhao. As top experts in the Tianyuan World, the primal chaos flames likely couldn’t trap them for long. 

Even though eight double-lotus Saints of all-heavens had come to provide reinforcements and they held a great weapon like the Ancestral Dragon Lantern, they weren't confident that they could deal with two prime Saints. 

Therefore, to truly solve their crisis, they had to rely on the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array. As long as the array was completely connected with Cangxuan Heaven, even prime Saints wouldn’t dare break into Cangxuan Heaven. 


Zhou Yuan deeply exhaled and suppressed all his emotions. He then sat down cross-legged. 

He folded his hands together and an ancient stone seal emerged in his hands. It was the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. 

The ancient runes around it emitted a mysterious glow, and then as they rippled, a light sgradually enveloped Zhou Yuan’s body. 

Cang Yuan and the other Saints swept a glance over Zhou Yuan. Although Zhou Yuan was just sitting there to the naked eye, they could feel Zhou Yuan’s body becoming increasingly illusory and untouchable. 

This was because Zhou Yuan had completely integrated with that world.

Zhou Yuan indeed felt he had integrated with the entire Cangxuan Heaven. His thoughts moved like invisible waves of light, spreading to every corner of Cangxuan Heaven at an unimaginable speed. 

Countless mountains and rivers were reflected in Zhou Yuan's mind.

Su Youwei’s, Wu Yao’s and others’ expressions also changed. They felt an indescribable wave of energy passing over them. 

“It’s his Highness,” muttered Su Youwei, blinking her bright eyes.

Even though the mirrors above the Great Zhou city walls in the distance had disappeared long ago, Zhou Qing, Qin Yu, and many officials from the Great Zhou were still standing on the walls with worried frowns.  

Although they couldn’t see the great battle happening in the distance, the impact from the two prime Saints affected the entire Cangxuan Heaven and everyone knew that a great enemy had invaded Cangxuan Heaven. 

But they didn’t know what was happening on the battlefield now.

Zhou Qing and Qin Yu looked at each other, their eyes filled with worries.

But their bodies suddenly produced a strange feeling. An invisible force swept over their bodies, gradually calming their worries. 

Qin Yu's face lit up with surprise and joy, and she couldn't help exclaiming, “It's Yuan’er?!”

Even Zhou Qing was touched with tears. Although what they thought was unbelievable, a familiar aura indeed brushed past their bodies. 

Their Yuan'er had reached a level that even they didn’t dare to think about, and so it wasn’t impossible that something so unbelievable happened.

Zhou Qing gradually calmed his worry. He clasped Qin Yu's hand and whispered. “Yuan'er, you have already surpassed your father, and father is very proud of you.”

“Father and Mother believe in you. No difficulty can stop you, but if you really encounter something you can’t deal with, father and mother hope you can protect yourself as your priority. Your life is most important. In our hearts, even this heaven isn’t as important as you. So even at the most critical juncture, father and mother don't want you to risk your life for us. We only hope you live well.” Zhou Qing's voice was very gentle. Unknowingly, the King of the Great Zhou Empire, who was full of vigor, had greying hair and his handsome face showed traces of age.

He peered ahead with a faint smile. He knew well what Zhou Yuan’s character was like. He would protect Cangxuan Heaven with his life because of him and Qin Yu, but as Zhou Yuan’s father, he didn’t want Zhou Yuan to bear such a heavy burden. 

However, he of course was very proud of what Zhou Yuan had done. He just hoped that if Cangxuan Heaven couldn’t be protected, Zhou Yuan shouldn’t do something stupid for them.

A light breeze blew past, stirring the hair of Zhou Qing and Qin Yu.

Zhou Yuan was sat cross-legged in the void, his closed eyes reddened and a warmth flowed around in his heart. At the same time, his state of mind became increasingly calm and peaceful.

The entire world was reflected in his mind.    

Zhou Yuan felt the world beginning to change. Countless veins appeared before him, leading to many directions and forming an extremely complex and mysterious diagram. 

Zhou Yuan felt enlightened when he saw those veins because those veins were the core of the entire Cangxuan Heaven. Each vein represented the direction of every mountain and river, and the flow of universe Genesis Qi.

If he moved those veins a little, the sky and ground of Cangxuan Heaven would change. 

That was the core of the world that only those who hold the position of Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven could touch.

With one thought from Zhou Yuan, countless veins moved past his eyes. They suddenly bloomed with strange lights and intertwined like starry rivers. The scene was mysterious but stunning.   

There, Zhou Yuan heard countless whispers. He listened carefully and found that they were the voices of countless people in Cangxuan Heaven. Tremendous amounts of information converged there and even Saints wouldn’t be able to bear it. 

Only the person who held the Cangxuan Saint Stamp could ignore that kind of intrusion and remain still and calm.

Zhou Yuan wandered around the countless veins, listening to the heartfelt voices of everyone. He nodded understandingly. There, it was the so-called Heaven Heart. 

The place where the heart of Cangxuan Heaven citizens converged was naturally the Heaven Heart.  

“Integrate will with the Heaven Heart—” Zhou Yuan uttered in his mind. Once he completed that step, he would become the true ruler of Cangxuan Heaven. The thoughts of everyone would fall into his ears then and if he wanted to, there would be no secret in Cangxuan Heaven that he wouldn’t not know about. 

In a sense, this was an ability of an omnipotent and almighty god.

Of course, this wasn’t absolute. When one’s strength was so strong that it reached a certain level, one would be able to resist someone listening to one’s thought and not allow one’s emotions to be perceived and controlled by the outside world. 

With one thought, Zhou Yuan's will spread out and connected with those countless veins.

However, the smooth integration he expected didn’t appear. Even holding the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, Zhou Yuan realized the so-called Heaven Heart didn’t actively cooperate with his will.

In addition, he faintly felt a very mysterious suction force attracting his will.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a few breaths before letting go of his resistance. As his will moved, he saw countless veins flashed past his eyes and even time seemed to have froze. 

After an unknown period of time, Zhou Yuan felt a bizarre wave of energy. 

He peered ahead and his mind suddenly quivered. 

There, the veins that were originally blazing brightly and filled with vitality became dark and mottled. 

In the depths were many darkened veins interweaving like tentacles and instilling indescribable fear in everyone.

An ominous and strange aura spread out from there.

That was the core of Cangxuan Heaven, but no one thought there would be such a dark, distorted, and ominous sight there.

Understanding suddenly dawned on Zhou Yuan — That was where the defect in Cangxuan Heaven lies!    

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