Chapter 1431 Eight Saints

Eight figures lined up in front of Zhou Yuan, exuding powerful and terrifying auras that stirred the entire world. 

The azure light on the horizon that obstructed Zhou Yuan from connecting with Cangxuan Heaven was completely eliminated. 

“Master!” Zhou Yuan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Cang Yuan and the others. If the reinforcements hadn’t come soon, he could have been in deep trouble. After all, even if he was in charge of Cangxuan Heaven, he couldn’t simultaneously deal with two prime Saints.    

Cang Yuan turned his head behind and smiled at Zhou Yuan. “Zhou Yuan, you did very well.”

Zhou Yuan's performance could be called perfect. He not only suppressed Sheng Yuan, but also ruined the Sacred Race’s plan. Of course, most importantly he became the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven.

It was precisely because Zhou Yuan took charge of Cangxuan Heaven that they were able to take advantage of his power and directly come here.

The other seven double-lotus Saints swept a glance over Zhou Yuan’s face and surprise flashed across their eyes. Then, they gave a slight nod at Zhou Yuan.

Their attitude was as though treating them as equal. 

Although Zhou Yuan hadn’t completely stepped into the Saint stage, as the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, he wasn’t weaker than ordinary Saints in terms of strength. Therefore, in a sense, Zhou Yuan was qualified to step into the pinnacle position of all-heavens. 

This was why they also respected Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan also felt their attitude towards him had changed, and he immediately nodded a greeting at him. He couldn’t help feeling a little emotional because when he achieved the title of strongest below the Saint stage, the veteran Saints only smiled at him and didn’t treat him in any special way. But their attitude evidently changed now that he took charge of Cangxuan Heaven. 

From this, it was clear that he had truly leaped to the sky now that he took control of a heaven. 

Cang Yuan didn't say much to Zhou Yuan because his gaze quickly shifted to the two figures ahead. His wrinkled face gradually turned serious and tense. 

“I didn’t think a little Cangxuan Heaven could attract two prime Saints to come. This is really surprising,” said Cang Yuan in a low voice.

“Cang Yuan…” Black flames leaped about in prime saint Hei Zhao’s eyes as he ran his gaze across the serious faces of the eight double lotus Saints. “What, are your three prime sovereigns unable to take action?” 

Cang Yuan smiled. “We wanted to learn about a prime Saint’s power so we all volunteered.”

“You guys?” Mo Jie smiled mockingly. 

Hei Zhao didn't even bother to say anything. His eyes, in which black flames were raging, emitted strong murderous intent that made even the world change color. 


Prime Saint Hei Zhao’s cheeks puffed up and he spewed out millions of black sparks in one breath. Those sparks entwined in the air, forming an incredibly huge flaming demon-face.  

An ear-piercing screech rang out from the demon face and black flames wrapped in a gust of black whizzed towards Cang Yuan and the others. 

The black wind wiped out all life force where it passed. Even Genesis Qi was turned into nothing. 

“Be careful, that’s the Flame Wind of the Black God!” A double lotus Saint warned solemnly when he saw the gust of black wind raging across the world. 

They naturally knew a lot about the two prime Saints before them, including how terrifying and overbearing the black wind that prime Saint Hei Zhao spewed out. 

The black flame contained in the gust of black wind had wiped out many Saints of all-heavens in ancient times. 

Cang Yuan wore a solemn expression as the black wind was reflected in his eyes. He stretched out his hand and the space surrounding his hand distorted as an ancient mottled lantern took shape. 

A fierce light flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes when he saw the lantern because he was very familiar with the object form. It was an object that he had worked very hard for in the past. 

It was the Ancestral Dragon Lantern!     

Cang Yuan folded one hand in a seal, activating the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. A strange light emerged at the lantern mouth as an ancient roar resounded. Then, a suction force erupted from there like the Ancestral Dragon was swallowing the world.  


The suction force immediately engulfed the black wind whizzing over, turned it into wisps of black smoke and inhaled them into the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.

The black smoke frantically roamed inside the lantern and finally shrank into the wick. There, the little spark grew increasingly bright. 

“Ancestral Dragon Lantern?!”     

The black wind subsided and Hei Zhao and Mo Jie narrowed their eyes. They peered at the ancient lantern with a hint of fear. 

The Ancestral Dragon Lantern was ranked second among all treasures in all-heavens. It enjoyed great fame in ancient times and even prime Saints suffered a great deal from that treasure, let alone ordinary saints. 

“No wonder you dared to come stop us two. It seems you came prepared,” said Mo Jie indifferently. 

Hei Zhao’s face was devoid of expression. He was skilled in fire arts and the Ancestral Dragon Lantern had the most restraining effect on him. Back in the ancient times, the Ancestral Dragon Lantern had once pushed them into a miserable state, but now, it was just as troublesome as before. 

Cang Yuan didn't waste talking to them. He exchanged glances with the other seven saints and lifted his hand into the air. The Ancestral Dragon Lantern also slowly floated up. 

A drop of dazzling golden blood was shot out from his fingertips and entered the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. 

The other seven saints also squeezed out a drop of Saint blood essence into the lantern.

The eight drops of Saint blood essence was immediately absorbed by the wick when they entered the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. The flame on the wick suddenly expanded and blazed, lighting up the entire Ancestral Dragon Lantern. 

A chaos flame whizzed out from the lantern’s mouth and its appearance made it feel as though the entire world had returned to the primal chaos times. 

“Ancestral Dragon Primal Chaos Flame, destroy!” As Cang Yuan roared, the space around Mo Jie and Hei Zhao suddenly crumbled to fragments. The flames of primal chaos set ablaze all their routes of escape, making it difficult for them to move. 

Two pillars of chaos flame rose and trapped Mo Jie and Hei Zhao inside.

As though exiled to chaos, the two would lose all their senses and would disappear forever.

“It’s so strong…” Zhou Yuan couldn’t help exclaiming. The combined strength of Cang Yuan and the other double lotus Saints were able to trap two prime Saints with the help of the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. Their power was too remarkable. 

“Zhou Yuan, we just trapped them temporarily. Given their strength, they will soon manage to break free. It's just a matter of time.”

Cang Yuan inhaled deeply and looked at Zhou Yuan. “It depends on you whether we can survive this crisis.”

“What do you need me to do?” Zhou Yuan asked. 

Cang Yuan lifted his head and his gaze penetrated the many voids. He stared right at the Cangxuan Heaven Boundary Walls.

“You are in charge of Cangxuan Heaven but you haven’t yet reached the Saint stage. Therefore, it is difficult for you to mobilize the source qi of this heaven. Otherwise, if you instilled the heaven’s source qi into the Chaos Origin Sacred Killer Array, you no doubt can break the two prime Saints’ restraint and complete the array. At that time, Hei Zhao and Mo Jie wouldn’t dare to stay in this heaven anymore. This is also where your opportunity lies. As the Heaven Master, you should naturally receive blessings from your heaven. Zhou Yuan, calmly and quietly feel the Heaven Heart and integrate your will into the Heaven Heart. At that time, you will truly control Cangxuan Heaven.”

Cang Yuan turned his head around and gazed at Zhou Yuan, his eyes gleaming with anticipation “That could be your opportunity to reach the Saint stage!”

Zhou Yuan quivered with an undisguisable blazing look on his face.


That word stirred his emotions even more than when he took control of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp because that was the true lifelong dream of all cultivators. 

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