Chapter 1430 Prime Saints Descend

When the two figures appeared above, Genesis Qi across the entire Cangxuan Heaven started to riot. This wasn’t caused by Zhou Yuan, but heaven sensed an extremely terrifying external force entering and produced an involuntarily resisting reaction. 

Sect master Qing Yang, Chi Jing, Su Youwei and others, who had retreated afar, also noticed the abnormal movements. They peered into the distance and discovered two figures that looked out of place in their heaven. 

A feeling of impending danger enveloped them all when they saw the two figures and fear filled their hearts. 

The two figures were so terrifying that it exceeded their imagination.

“They are prime Saints from the Sacred Race!” someone cried out hoarsely, trembling. Ordinary Saints were already unreachable to them, but the two figures that appeared in Cangxuan Heaven were top existences at the Saint stage!

In a world without gods, prime Saints and prime sovereigns were pinnacle existences in the Tianyuan World!

And two of them had descended upon Cangxuan Heaven!

Is the Sacred Race here to destroy Cangxuan Heaven?!

Many Cangxuan Heaven experts looked glum. They only got rid of Sheng Yuan after much difficulty but another two Saints had broken in. 

Compared to the two prime Saints, the threats brought by Sheng Yuan were considered nothing.

Everyone looked at each other, sighing bitterly. They understood that they couldn't do anything at such a time. On the contrary, if they were to step into the battlefield, their life and death wouldn’t be in their control. 

A battle of that level had to be left to the top existences of all-heavens. 

While many Cangxuan Heaven experts looked glum, Zhou Yuan studied the two figures who appeared before him with an unpleasant expression.   

One of the two figures was burly and strong and his head glistened like a mirror. His face was inscribed with azure runes and they flowed strangely around his face like living creatures. 

The other was dressed in a robe as white as snow but a black flame raged in his eyes like a black hole. People would feel terrified at the sight. 

“Mo Jie—”

“Hei Zhao—”     

Zhou Yuan uttered. He was very familiar with the information on the seven prime Saints of the Sacred Race and so he easily identified the two.

The azure runes on prime Saint Mo Jie’s face roamed around his face as he said with a gentle smile, “You're Zhou Yuan? You have brought a lot of trouble to the Sacred Race over the years. No one ever thought an ant would become the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven and ruined the Sacred Race’s years of planning?"

“Submit to the Sacred Race and hand over the Saint Stamp and we will spare your life,” said Prime Saint Hei Zhao indifferently as the black flames in his eyes blazed. 

Zhou Yuan smiled without saying anything. Instead, he answered with his action. 

He brought his hands together and the space surrounding the two prime Saints suddenly crumbled layer after layer. Boundless Genesis Qi suddenly whizzed over and crashed down on the two like a starry river. 

“You have a death wish.”      

Prime Saint Hei Zhao shook his head. A strand of black hair fluttered down and immediately set into flames. Then, the black flames rapidly expanded as it met the wind, becoming a sea of flames and incinerated everything around. 

As the black flames swept across the area, the collapsed space, as though touched by a divine hand, calmed down instantly and the vast starry-river-like Genesis Qi was instantly incinerated into nothing upon contact. 

After easily countering Zhou Yuan’s attack, prime Saint Hei Zhao flicked his fingers. 

Two giant black flame hands appeared both above and below Zhou Yuan, slowly closing in. It sealed the space and crushed into Zhou Yuan’s body.  

His body was instantly incinerated into ashes upon contact.

However, Zhou Yuan’s figure also appeared tens of thousands of feet away, staring at the two prime Saints with a darkened face.

“You are indeed worthy of being the Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven. You made full advantage of this place. The space moves with your heart like fleas.” Prime Saint Hei

Zhao grinned. 

“It looks like we need to let the new Heaven Master know that even the master of a heaven is worthless before us.” Prime Saint Mo Jie smiled as a ray of azure light shot into the sky from his bald head.

The azure light, as though formed some kind of illusory light wave, spread across and finally obscured the sky

“Sky Obscuring Azure Boundary.” Following prime Saint Mo Jie’s chuckle, Zhou Yuan’s expression finally changed because he could feel his connection with Cangxuan Heaven gradually blurring. 

The illusory azure light spreading across the sky seemed to have blocked his connection with Cangxuan Heaven!

Is this a means of a prime Saint? It really is mysterious.  

“Zhou Yuan, since you make our Sacred Race dispatch two prime Saints to deal with you, even if you died, your name will be passed on to future generations.”

“Oh, that's not necessary. If our Sacred Race wipes out all people in all-heavens, you will disappear in the long river of history. No one will remember you existed in the future of the Tianyuan World. The Sacred Race will wipe away all traces of your existence.” Prime Saint Mo Jie said with a smile.

As his laughter faded, prime Saint Hei Zhao raised his hand and a black spark whizzed out from his sleeve.

The black spark immediately transformed into an endless sea of black flames and incinerated everything into nothing as it gushed across the area. It teleported through space and appeared in front of Zhou Yuan. Everything was turned to ashes where the flames passed. 

Like the flames of destruction. 

Zhou Yuan knew the terror of the black flames. Even he would likely be turned to nothing if he was caught in the flames. However, there wasn’t a hint of fear or panic on his face. Instead, his eyes glinted with chilling fierceness. 

He gripped the Cangxuan Saint Stamp and the light runes on it suddenly grew brighter.

Just as the black sea neared him, the space surrounding Zhou Yuan suddenly tore apart and mighty forces gushed out like a starry river, violently colliding with the sea of black flames.


The terrifying impact from the collision caused all spaces to crumble, and Genesis Qi shock waves, surrounded with black flames, raged everywhere. Everything within a radius of a hundred of miles was torn apart.  

Prime Saint Hei Zhao narrowed his eyes at the gap that split the space. “Reinforcements are here?”

Streams of light flashed out from the crack and landed in front of Zhou Yuan. 

It was eight figures all exuding terrifying and earthshaking might. They were led by Zhou Yuan’s master, supreme sovereign Cang Yuan.

The other seven figures following supreme sovereign Cang Yuan were all experts at the double lotus saint stage!  

The Omega Shrine had dispatched all double lotus Saints who were free in order to deal with the two prime Saints.

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