Chapter 1427 Hidden Hand Revealed

The tremendous purple fire lotus petals slowly closed, turning everything inside it into nothing. 

Countless Cangxuan Alliance experts watched the scene from afar. After a moment of silence, they erupted into earthshaking cheers. 

The culprit of the many calamities in Cangxuan Heaven was finally executed and the war in Cangxuan Heaven that had been going on for over ten years finally ended. 

Countless people were so moved that they cried tears of joy and excitement and even bowed respectfully to the slender finger exuding majestic aura in the distance.

They had been through a lot of ups and downs in the war with the Sacred Palace, and during that period, there had been countless battles of different levels. However, the Cangxuan Alliance won in the end, and the one who greatly contributed to this result was the newly-appointed Heaven Master Zhou Yuan. This was a fact that no one could deny. 

If Zhou Yuan hadn’t returned to Cangxuan Heaven at the most critical juncture and persuaded everyone to form the Cangxuan Alliance, it would have been impossible to fight against the Sacred Palace. 

Zhou Yuan was no doubt worthy of being called the savior of Cangxuan Heaven.

While cheers reverberated throughout Cangxuan Heaven, sect master Qing Yang and the others dazedly stared at the dissipating purple fire lotus. They could clearly feel Sheng Yuan’s aura completely gone from the world.  

“It finally ended?” They glanced at one another with complex expressions. Their rival, who they had fought for years, had become history. 

“Sheng Yuan is indeed more talented than all of us. In truth, I indeed thought he might become the next Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven,” said venerable lord Gu Jing. 

“Perhaps it’s because many people think he would, so he gradually lost himself when he couldn’t break through to the Saint stage,” said Heaven Sword Sovereign.

Sect master Qing Yang let out a long sigh. “Although he’s pitiful, he brought great calamity to Cangxuan Heaven and so we shouldn’t recall him fondly. Let him be buried by time along with the Sacred Palace.”

The several sect masters nodded their heads in agreement.      

Then, their gazes shifted to the young figure that exuded the majestic aura of a Heaven Master. Cangxuan Heaven now had a Heaven Master. Zhou Yuan now held the authority of this heaven and became the well-deserved no. 1 person of Cangxuan Heaven. 

“Now that the Sacred Palace is destroyed, there isn’t much reason for the Cangxuan Alliance to continue after this,” said Sect master Qing Yang with a smile, a light flashing in his eyes.

His voice had only just faded when a smile came to Heaven Sword Sovereign’s face and he disagreed. “What sect master Qing Yang said isn’t right. Although the Sacred Palace is destroyed, the Sacred Race that was behind the Sacred Palace still remains. It is said the Sacred Race is ready to act. Who knows whether they would start another world-ending war? Therefore, it is beneficial to continue the Cangxuan Alliance to provide protection to our Cangxuan Heaven.”

Venerable lord Gu Jing and Shan Qingzi weren’t stupid and so they immediately understood what Heaven Sword Sovereign was thinking. They both quickly nodded in agreement. 

“Haha, is there a reason why sect master Qing Yang is so anxious to disband the Cangxuan Alliance?” asked Shan Qingzi with a charming smile.

“Although Heaven Master Zhou Yuan is from the Cangxuan Sect, he is also the alliance leader of Cangxuan Alliance. Does sect master Qing Yang want to remove that identity of his so the Cangxuan Sect can enjoy special favor from him only.” Venerable lord Gu Jing didn’t try to conceal his thoughts. 

Sect master Qing Yang immediately flushed in embarrassment and he couldn’t help cursing the three old foxes in his mind. 

There was indeed some selfishness behind his proposal to disband the Cangxuan Alliance. After all, the relationship between Zhou Yuan and the Cangxuan Sect couldn’t be severed no matter what, and now that Zhou Yuan was in charge of the entire Cangxuan Heaven, if he looked after the Cangxuan Sect, it could help the Cangxuan Sect restore its former glory. However, if Zhou Yuan also had the identity of alliance leader, other people would take that opportunity to cling to him, such as the three old foxes right now.  

He originally thought that all forces would be happy to restore their independence after the Cangxuan Alliance was disbanded but it turned out that Heaven Sword Sovereign, Shan Qingzi, and venerable lord Gu Jing were so far-sighted and cunning. 

They wanted to firmly cling to Zhou Yuan, the most influential person in Cangxuan Heaven.  

Seeing the three sect masters’ guarded gazes, sect master Qing Yang coughed out loud and said, “What are you talking about? I merely suggested it. After all, you guys were always worried that your disciples’ sense of belonging to your sect would be affected when the Cangxuan Alliance establishment.”

Heaven Sword Sovereign said gently, “Sect master Qing Yang is worrying too much. The Cangxuan Alliance is the most desirable place in the entire Cangxuan Heaven with alliance leader Zhou Yuan leading the Cangxuan Alliance. We would only benefit from his glorious light.”

Shan Qingzi said, “Could it be that someone wants to treat alliance leader Zhou Yuan as his own property and not allow others to respect and admire him?”

The corners of sect master Qing Yang’s mouth twitched. Shan Qingzi looked beautiful and elegant, but she was a woman after all, and she spoke harshly and sharply.

“It’s good that everyone thinks the same way. After all, I can’t make the decision to disband the Cangxuan Alliance. It all depends on heaven master Zhou Yuan.” Sect master Qing Yang didn’t dare to say anything else. 

“If alliance leader Zhou Yuan has such a thought, we will beg him to not abandon all sects.” Heaven Sword Sovereign said sincerely.

Speechless, sect master Qing Yang didn’t say anything else. 

Now that the war had come to an end and the several sect masters were making plans for the future, Zhou Yuan continued to gaze at the huge purple fire lotus.

Sheng Yuan’s Saint Spirit had been completely incinerated. 

The altar was also destroyed.

The result made Zhou Yuan fall into a trance. When he left Cangxuan Heaven, Sheng Yuan was considered as his greatest enemy and he painstakingly cultivated to improve himself to return to Cangxuan Heaven and settle all grudges. He had finally achieved his goal and he felt a huge weight lifted off him. 

“The turmoil is finally over.” A voice made Zhou Yuan raise his head and he saw patriarch Cang Xuan’s figure becoming completely illusory. Patriarch Cang Xuan’s last clone in the world was about to vanish. 

 “I have to thank patriarch on behalf of all people in Cangxuan Heaven.” Zhou Yuan bowed solemnly and respectfully to patriarch Cang Xuan. He was only able to defeat Sheng Yuan because of the many tricks that patriarch Cang Xuan left behind.

Zhou Yuan had nothing but gratitude and respect for patriarch Cang Xuan. Back then, it was patriarch Cang Xuan who guided the lost youngster from the Great Zhou Empire to the Cangxuan Sect. 

In a way, patriarch Cang Xuan was Zhou Yuan's guide.

Patriarch Cang Xuan gazed at Zhou Yuan with a pleased smile. “Zhou Yuan, you did even better than I thought. You will no doubt surpass me in the future. This clone is really the last. We won’t see each other again after this.”

As his body became increasingly transparent, his gaze was cast towards sect master Qing Yang, Liu Lianyi and the others, whose eyes were red and welled with tears. 

Patriarch Cang Xuan waved his hand at them, and his transparent body finally dissipated, leaving behind an emotional sigh.

"Zhou Yuan, I leave the future of Cangxuan Heaven to you. I’m very lucky to have met you at the Saint Remains Domains.”

Patriarch Cang Xuan's figure vanished from the world and only his voice continued to echo.

Zhou Yuan stared dazedly at that scene. He understood that patriarch Cang Xuan, who really gave everything for Cangxuan Heaven, had truly used up all his tricks. 

From now on, they won't have a chance to see each other again.

Countless Cangxuan Alliance experts bowed down, expressing their respect for the former Heaven Master. 

After a while, Zhou Yuan settled his emotions and cast a glance at the dissipating purple fire lotus. He could feel everything inside it was incinerated into nothingness.


However, just when the fire lotus had completely faded, Zhou Yuan strangely felt uneasy.


Just as that uneasiness surged in his heart, a ray of black light shot out from where the fire lotus vanished, aiming towards Zhou Yuan. 

The strange black light appeared abruptly, but with one thought, several purple fire barriers appeared in front of him. 

But the strangeness was stranger than he thought. The purple fire barriers seemed to not exist to the black light. It passed right through them and directly struck Zhou Yuan in the face. 

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